Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Energy Policy Joke

The United States Congress continues to live up to Mark Twain's assessment of the body as an exact replica of an insane asylum. The inmates, led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, have reached out to make a great impression on the starving around the world. Now that US agricultural production will be devoted to the energy business prices are naturally rising. The demagogue leaders of poverty stricken nations can now truthfully blame the United States for promoting starvation in their lands. The liberals must be feeling hurt that the rest of the world doesn't recognize their good intentions; "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", that reliable chestnut is always ignored by liberals.

While Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela mine the oil in the Gulf of Mexico American idealist nuts are working to ensure that the US cannot do the same. Rather wind power, solar power, geo-thermal power, corn power et al is being hailed as the salvation of the planet.

The campaign started in the 1950's as an educational forum to rid the US of litter has turned into a gigantic way of life for those who cannot find one anywhere else. The so called leadership of the American people is incompetent and largely impotent when it comes to uniting the nation in a sensible way. When it comes to resolving conflicting interests the task has become impossible. There is no shading in opinions these days. Everyone is correct and wrong at the same time.

The United States has plenty of fossil fuel ready to be extracted for use by the nation. As a matter of fact fossil fuels by definition are still being created; as long as fossils remain buried in the earth they will continue to be squeezed into liquid form. Why should one suppose that the earth is no longer having an effect on fossilized animals and plant since the process began?

If only the self absorbed, frightened, liberal wackos could abandon their sleeping pills and simply go outside and contemplate the universe, it would become apparent to them that mankind can never have a major impact on creation.

The new energy policy of the United States of America will be much more devastating to human life than any sun flare that slightly warms the earth.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Onset Of Another Religious War

Actually religious wars have never ceased as evidenced by "terror attacks" on non-Muslim parts of the world. Thanks to oil wealth and a continued ascendancy of Wahabbism, the confidence that the Caliphate can be re-established is at an all time high. The skirmishes of the past were merely probes the large scale attack is now on.

The more interesting occurrence is the recent warning or notice by Pope Benedict XVI that the hoax of Global Warming must only be considered something else when hard incontrovertible scientific evidence can be offered in support. This is the first rebuke to Pope Al the 1st from a nearly unimpeachable source. The leader of one billion Catholics around the world has the weight to criticize and be noticed.

Because atheists, agnostics, puny liberals, and other dupes need something spiritual, they have embraced Global Warming as the cult that it is. Pope Al Gore I is it putative leader, though he must guard his title jealously. As the ideas promulgated by this group of fanatics is defined as a "consensus of the informed" it is really simply a way to have a spiritual life and feel good about oneself.

There can be no consensus in science beyond that of granting that a particular area of research has promise and should be further explored. Political and economic change should not be suggested nor implemented on the hysterical leadership of the UN or the fears of the bewildered. The outlandish claims in the face of contrary evidence are clues to the false premise being advanced.

The scene today is similar to other end of world cults in which the leadership advise abandoning all worldly goods (with the exception of the leader's) and sitting on a mountain top awaiting the end on a specified date. So too do the Global Warmites predict an end date: by the end of the century. Does this sound familiar?

The intrusion of Pope Benedict XVI will be unwelcome by Pope Al the 1st and ignored in Europe for reasons of secular ego. Around the world the result may be different. The development of this latest skirmish will be interesting to watch while the rest of the world ignores the more serious threat of Global Islamofascism.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Atheism Why So Strident?

There seems to be within the human psyche a need for spirituality, though obvious it is denied vociferously by many. Religion today takes many forms and perhaps this is a not so recent trend. In the United States of America there is much pain caused and endured by the greatly misunderstood doctrine of separation of church and state. This idea has been completely twisted out of shape by those who want attention, are conformists, want to seem more intelligent than they are, maliciously want to hurt others, and those who want a religion but one that seems unorganized.

Separation of Church and State simply means that there will be no national religion established, maintained, and dictated by the government of the United States. This has nothing to do with all the things atheists have, are, and will complain about. All this noise of being excluded, having their feelings hurt, and being snubbed by society is just that: noise. What is really going on is their need to believe clashing with their need for attention. They speak of the intolerance by believers regarding the beliefs of atheists. Is this true?

At this point atheists are reduced to an undignified search for symbols; the Tree of Knowledge comes to mind as does the "Celebration of The Seasons". Atheism is the polar opposite of any organized belief system that includes a deity or group of deities. Therefore no symbols should be needed. Rather atheists should go quietly on their way ignoring the stupidity of believers instead of competing with them for the spotlight.

For most human beings such an action, while noble, is spiritually impossible. This is proved by the confused nature of societies around the planet. In the USA drugged out teenagers are shooting their fellows in hopes of gaining notoriety; a desperate idea as they are usually not around themselves to know if they were successful. In Muslim society the fear of non conformance is so great that those groups have not advanced beyond the 9th Century AD. Contact with other religious groups is generally proscribed by "modern" Islam and in some cases is punishable by death. The main thrust of Islamic politics today is world domination by any means.

Neither Hindu nor Muslim will tolerate the other when the chance to kill one or the other presents itself. In China the government is the religion all others are not or only barely tolerated; in the latter case only if such religions resemble parlor games. This tedious situation abides almost everywhere.

Today a new religion with a secular caste is being foisted upon its citizens by the state. This attempt will probably be successful though short lived. Its name is Global Warming, its high priest is Al Gore and his acolytes though myriad are chiefly represented by politicians looking for a way to preserve their power. Once the sun flares abate the crisis will pass and success will be claimed by the Church of Global Warming: it is false.

However as in typical organized religions non-believers are considered heretics and persecution is allowed. Atheists are betraying their beliefs simply by making such an issue of them. The existence of any belief system is what irritates them. Their sad need for attention and the intolerance of any but their own ideas is bringing them to the fore now more than ever. It is safe for them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Want To Change American Political Life?

Seldom are endorsements made in these pages, but this one is different and essential. Below is a transcription of a handout which will make clear the urgency:

"Wouldn't you love to see our representatives and senators in Washington accomplishing great things in an atmosphere of cooperation and productivity, without all the party politics and corruption that so often stops progress in its tracks?

I also have that wish, and I've given it a name : America 357.

For the last six year, the movement has been working at the grassroots level to get partisan politics out of the federal government. We've watched as party interests dominate decision-making in Washington. We've seen the undeserved influence enjoyed by lobbyists and others with enough money to buy preferential treatment from our lawmakers.....treatment the rest of us have a right to but can't afford.

And we have seen how all this degrades the quality of governance being delivered to average American citizens like you and me.

Do you agree that party politics has tainted our government?

America 357 was founded with a goal of uniting like-minded citizens who are prepared to stand together and demand that out politicians become accountable to us, the people, once again.

We, the people, elected them but you'd never guess it by their actions in Congress. That has to change.

There is a growing appetite in America for responsibility and accountability in government. We want to expand this movement into a nationwide revolution.

Do you believe in a peaceful political revolution?

Then please get involved in America 357 b y reading the companion document, which explains more about our goals (including why the number 357) Consider subscribing to our free newsletter.

By supporting America 357 you will help propel this movement forward into a much better future for all of us ; and you'll have the satisfaction of being at the forefront of a history making venture.

Let's make a promise to America. Let's promise we will wort to give her back the democratic principles that were her birthright from the very start. This is not only a gift to our nation but also to ourselves and future generations.

Together we can take the power out of party politics and put it back where it belongs: into the hands of the people. Together we can send a clear message to Washington : THE PARTY IS OVER! "

This article was written by Lee Scheaffer Founder and Director of America 357. It is highly recommended that anyone with further interest visit the web site

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Believable Conspiracy Theory

It appears that Hillary Clinton, worried about her poll slippage, conceived and executed a plan that would reinstate her as the leading candidate for the Democrat Party. Last week in New Hampshire and nut-case schizophrenic entered the Clinton campaign headquarters and " held hostage" several people. Of course the campaign committee will deny the idea that they were behind the hostage situation, but will they be truthful?

The Clintons are well known for hard ball politics, deceit, revenge, anger, and one positive trait; determination. The syncophants that surround the Clintons will do anything for them e.g. Sand Berger stealing and destroying classified materials from the National Archive in an effort to protect Bill Clinton from scrutiny regarding Osma Bin Laden.

Today Hillary is being praised by her media cohorts as providing a shining example of leadership with her behavior during the "hostage situation". Further she demonstrated her compassion in allowing that the hostage taker was merely a troubled individual who needed help not harm. Various pundits have put forward the idea that Hillary could lose Iowa but not Iowa and New Hampshire. It seemed likely, before this incident, that she might indeed lose Iowa. Now such an outcome is more problematic as the welling of misplaced and phony sympathy is being heaped upon the candidate.

She might still come in behind Obama in Iowa as she has been slipping in both Iowa and New Hampshire. It is interesting that the hostage event took place in New Hampshire and not Iowa. Of course New Hampshire is much more accessible to national media, including CNN which apparently got the first call about this occurrence. New Hampshire is in the correct time zone to get the largest audience most immediately.

Clinton's stock is on the rise once again. Based on the dirty tricks the Clintons are known for it is not unreasonable to expect more such media events. It is easier to believe that the Clinton campaign deliberately stage this incident especially in light of the perpetrator's statement that had was compelled to act because he had no access to health care: a patent falsehood that fits in well with the campaign to socialize medicine in the United States.

Osama Bin Laden constantly claims sole credit for 9/11 and yet the 9?11 "Truthers" refuse to accept his word. How will they react to this claim about the Clinton campaign's responsibility for a fake hostage situation?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Irrational Left: Confused and Feeling Abused

Following a bumper-stickered 10 year old Jeep Wrangler one might suppose it was being driven by a friend of the earth; if the publicly displayed thought can be believed. That is until the driver's window comes down and out comes a burning cigarette. The symptoms are classic.

All liberals are bleeding heart liberals at some level. Even when they claim to be conservative liberals their true colors are revealed as they explain how their view of family values, immigration, and defense of the nation. The essence of their arguments always return to objection to talk radio and their strict adherence to so-called " ancient American values". These people are in need of a new religion and have found it through Global Warming.

It is amazing how people who purport that Evolution is more than theoretically correct can reject the idea of a disinterested creator. Darwin, the original proponent of Evolution, was a devout Christian with capacity of imagination. If Evolution is correct then the idea of cyclical climate change as natural phenomenon follows logically.

Today more and more climate scientists are losing faith in the dogma promulgated by Pope Albert I. He is now calling for the abolition of opposing points of view or dissenting analysis of climate "data". This despite the fact that such data is sketchy at best and distorted at worst.

It is impossible to definitively ascribe climate change to human activity.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Savage Nation

After many years of listening to Talk Radio, right and left, the conclusion I have reached is that Michael Savage is the most interesting, entertaining, least pretentious of the lot. Rush Limbaugh is brilliant but beats the horse to death hour by hour attempting to fill up the time. Sean Hannity is the worst when it comes to an exchange of ideas often shouting down his callers in a vain attempt to replace substance with noise.

Neal Boorts is probably the most reasonable, even he brooks no foolishness, and will at least listen to differing views. Michael Savage is in another class altogether. He does not mince words, is politically completely incorrect and often hilarious in his repartee'.

Liberal hosts a la Alan Combs and Alan Handleman are way too earnest and obvious in their attempts to out right the right on the left. Al Franken ( what is it with Al's?) is merely pedantic and lacks a sense of humor; very strange in a comedian.

Perhaps that lack of a sense of humor, absolute on the left, is the main reason for the success of the right leaning shows when compared to the ratings for the lefties. Even Sean Hannity has a sense of humor, though it can be difficult to detect at times. The apparent success formula in Talk Radio is to realize that all human beings are pretty much ridiculous and that life spans are short.

The obvious fear on the left of the right to free speech makes it clear that they are way to concerned with living forever. Why else the calorie police, the seat belt police, et al? In the minds of leftists there can be only one way to think: their way. All other thought must be stifled. Even Al Gore recently said that with regard to Global Warming the "Fair and Balanced" approach to discussion must be abandoned. He meant it.

As proponents of the evolution theory the left is self-contradictory. If evolution is true then survival of the fittest and natural selection obviate any need for regulation of human behavior with regard to choice of food, vices such as drinking and smoking, seat belt use etc. Let the worst of us die by our own choice. The joy of living is just that: living.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The New Look of The USA

Times are about to change in the United States of America. Should the expected Hillary Clinton presidency take place and the control of congress remaining with the Democrat party the stage will be set for the the greatest political, social, and financial changes in at least the last 70 years. The transformation of the US from a "Can Do" society to a "Take Care of Me" society will be getting started. The irony is that this change will be based on a "Fairness Doctrine" that will allow the super wealthy (Democrats and Republicans) will continue to enjoy their privileges and peruisites at the expense of the rest of society. The John Edwards idea of two societies will be brought to fruition, imaginary as it is at the moment.

It is likely that Constitutional changes will be made that will eliminate most of the Rights currently enjoyed by US citizens once the corrosive effects of socialism take hold. Today's wealthy actually feel that the minimum wage job holders are grateful for their jobs and don't aspire to a better life. That this is so for some seems to prove the rule for all others.

The only hope may rest in home schoolers, parachial schools and other institutions that don't sell the brand of social schemes espoused by the NEA et al.

The hypocrisy of the left is matched only by the cowardice on the right; not to mention blissful ignorance in the middle. It is very disappointing to those who have a view of pragmatic optimism as the behavior of unthinking liberal aherents run over any reasonable arguement.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why The Democrats Accuse Bush of Dictatorship

As this year has passed the public have been treated to various instances of praise for Hugo Chavez, the soon to be dictator for life in Venezuela. Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and other liberal luminaries have sung Chavez's praises. Yet Chavez is about to receive powers that will enable him to imprison critics without charges and for an indefinite period. Recently Robert Redford , during a speech in Italy, lamented the loss of personal freedoms in the United States.

While this behavior may not seem odd to many, it is revealing if considered in the context of liberal plans for the USA. Already at "elite" colleges and universities free speech is only allowed if the choir already agrees with the preacher. The "intellectual left" does not want to do much thinking. For this reason the left calls George Bush a dictator. In reality this is behavior projection, and unwitting at that.

When or if Hillary is elected president the change will be slow be inevitable. The Democrat Party will attempt to move in the direction of Venezuela, Cuba, and Putin's Russia. This may seem far fetched to most but it is true. Be wary and observe; all the Democrat leadership's actions since taking power have been the mirror image of what they have accused George Bush.

Bush is no prize but he is at least relatively honest. There is no integrity on display by the left in the US. Emotional outrage that their ideas are not accepted by all. This is the behavior of children and that is what the citizens of the Americas are up against. All the adults are going home and leaving the kids to demolish the playroom.

In the United States today not one right has been lost. In fact several have been invented e.g. the right to privacy, the right to abortion on demand and the right to health care. Since none of these "rights" are listed in the Constitution they have been deduced as inherent because a voting group wanted them.

Many of the protections under The Bill of Rights will be lost over the next twenty years or so, depending on how fast the liberal majority feels safe in moving. The fact is that the body politic is in decline and the possibility of Civil War is not inconceivable.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's a New Pope In Town

Pope Albert I has arrived as the first pontiff of the world's newest religion: Global Warming. The Holy See is somewhere in the state of Tennessee in the USA, though Pope Albert I is frequently on the move in his Lear Jet. The Pope was elected in the normal manner, secret ballot, and was confirmed by the Nobel committee; something a little more unusual. Apparently the Nobel committee has usurped the place of the traditional College of Cardinals.

Global Warming as a creed is still developing but traces its origins to Germany in the early 1970's when the Green Party first emerged as a political force. The Green Gospel has been evolving, much as did the now archaic Christian, Judaic, and Muslim dogma proceeded centuries ago. As might be expected in the era of higher technology, that is relative to biblical times, the message and its development are gaining momentum as the former social ties to religion have frayed.

The new Pope and his followers however have revealed the banality of human nature. This new religion already has its proponents of inquisition and punishment. The rooting out of heretics is essential to the safety of the new religion. This was also the case of the old religions which frequently expressed this through the concepts of blasphemy and apostasy. Even today Islam attempts to maintain control of its adherence through the fatwa death sentence for those who raise doubts.

The call for disbarment of heretical meteorologists, college professors and any other dissident makes this comparison apt. The apparent vacuum left in the lives of those who have declared God to be dead has made it necessary to find something else to hold onto that requires faith.

The chance to rise through the episcopal ranks has reached the Hollywood elite, the heights of Eurotrash proponents, and every other opportunist who recognizes a chance to make a buck from the fears of the gullible. Every event on earth is directed by Global Warming in much the same way as the faithful were kept in check by disasters that were God's revenge for earthly sins.

Technology might advance but human nature evolution moves much more slowly. It is far easier to shrink atoms and use nano science than to get humankind to make an intellectual jump past dishonesty.

Of course the climate is changing. The moment the climate stops changing will signal the demise of the planet and most probably the solar system in which it revolves. The earth's climate is determined by numerous factors not the least of which is the heat of the sun. This temperature is currently at a high point in its normal cycle.

Beware Greeks bearing gifts is a good rule to live by when encountering Global Warming Evangelists; make no mistake that is what Pope Albert I and his acolytes are doing.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Global Warming Boredom

The only thing about predicting the weather is that it cannot be reliably forecast. All the hysteria about a ferocious hurricane season has turned out to be a flop. Farming in Greenland is back to normal, that is conditions that existed in the 14th century of a green and viable farmland with a temperate climate are back.

Some group is now offering a $100,000 prize for anyone who can scientifically prove that human activity and not the universe is causing "climate change". Of course there is climate change, always has been and always will be, and perhaps the increased number of living beings on the earth is having a minor impact but the simple rotation of the earth and the variations in proximity to other celestial bodies during its annual transit have a much greater and obvious one. Fluctuations in solar activity are also part of the cause of any change; the sun has been in a state of much greater radiation and heating during the past ten years. When this increase begins to decrease there will be another version of climate change: global cooling.

North Carolina, where this is being written, depends on hurricane season to make it through the summer without a devastating drought. No hurricanes means no rain, or at least not enough for gardens and farms to flourish. Like the Nile floods in Egypt the hurricanes in summer cause damage but bring renewable water resources in its place.

One can be forgiven for ignoring most of the babble from prognosticators for whom climate change is merely an opportunity to foster a political agenda. These governments and academic plodders want to pass laws to correct the life of the universe. What is really going on is an attempt to gain control over the masses; who obviously can not be trusted to live their lives wisely.

Already the results of various politically correct behaviors are having a negative effect. For example the "food police" have taken all the taste out of food. No fat means no taste. Yet obesity is a worse problem today than it was ten years ago and will continue to worsen. Most low fat foods have a large amount of sugar used to add taste or a reasonable facsimile thereof. There are many other examples of how life has changed for the worse thanks to "do-gooders".

Once the climate change gurus have their way human kind will be less free and less productive: but probably fatter.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bridges to Nowhere

Hurtling through space in confusion is not the experience one expects to have while crossing a bridge on the way home. Alas as events in Minneapolis have shown such things might become more common. Those with existing bridge phobias, and there are many, feel a little less crazy at the moment.

The reaction of the media, congress, and the general public is a bit puzzling since the problems with the infrastructure of the United States have been remarked upon many times in the past 30 years or so. What is the surprise? For many years the bridges in major American cities have been the subject of concern and derision. As an example Manhattan's 59th Street Bridge was falling apart in the mid-1980s as were other spans around the country. Some bridges had maintenance stepped up or resumed. Many cities has postponed the work to save money, or rather apply the funds to vote getting projects like welfare.

Maintenance is not glamorous or interesting, even though it does require workers thereby creating jobs; something one would imagine even politicians would notice. The preference is to build new bridges like the new Ted Stevens bridge in Alaska. This 250 million dollar project connects an obscure island to the mainland allowing its 50 residents access during the summer. In winter they cross over the frozen lake so it is only a part time bridge. It's possible that the money could have been spent more wisely elsewhere but Stevens called in favors and got his way. Now it seems he might be on the way to prison so perhaps the bridge won't get built after all.

The public has the right to expect that structures paid for with tax dollars should stand the test of time. In Europe there are bridges and tunnels that have been in constant use for more than 2000 years, why can't the US build them to last at least 200 years? Corruption in public works is endemic of course, so much so that it has become a joke. It's hard to laugh when someone is killed because someone else wants to get rich.

What can be expected in the after math of the I-35 bridge collapse? Most likely there will be hearings, blame assignment, promises, outrage, and then a return to the status quo until the next disintegration; which will probably sooner than one expects.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hilarity Continues

The new "Hawkish Dove" Barack Obama has left his nest and squawked out his intentions. Apparently stung by Mrs. Bill Clinton's comments which pointed out his naivete and lack of "gravitas", Obama outlined his new strategy for peace. This daring plan calls for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and their reassignment as invaders of Pakistan.

Of course the left leaning NPR media embraced his remarks as "strong" and predicted that Mrs. Bill Clinton will have to say something similar as the Democrats are known to be weak on national defense. Being weak on national defense is one thing but the call for an invasion of an ally on the simple basis that that ally is not capable of controlling its own territory is something else and something quite new for the United States.

Further the children now in charge of the Democrat Party and the US Congress are playing romper room with the nation's ability to detect terror plots against the homeland and other places. The Bush administration has been begging for a FISA court procedural streamlining for months. The Democrats have been foot dragging at the behest of the ACLU, MoveOn.Org, and others whose whining complaints border on the ludicrous. Now, on the verge of their aptly named summer recess, the Democrat leadership is willing to work on passing the necessary changes. Work, not promise to change. The impetus for this course correction is the fear that an attack might occur during their recess period and the blame would fall on them for failing to make intelligence gathering and sharing less difficult.

There is a fly in the ointment though. The sticking point is Alberto Gonzales and his role as attorney general in obtaining future wiretap warrants. Apparently the caveat is the Mr. Gonzales may not do his constitutional job if the Democrats are to fix the existing system. The Kindergarten Cops of the Democrat Party are going to take their ball and go home if they can't have their way. These people can not be trusted to protect the nation.

The ultra (loony) left actually believe that if Islam should succeed in its goal of world domination they would be spared. This collection of infidels which includes adulterers, atheists, pedophiles, drunks, drug users, and the rest will be the first to go. There will be no love only convert or die.

Barack Obama now has no chance of being nominated as the Democrat Party presidential candidate. He had only a slim one to begin with. Charges of US racism have been leveled at the Republican electorate, but only Democrats can nominate for their party. Does this mean that if they fail to nominate Barack that Democrats are racists?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Light Begins To Dawn

The controversy over Iraq is beginning to resemble a Kafka novel. One may fairly imagine the members of the looney left wondering just what their lives mean. After basking in the election results, unreasonably, they flexed their muscles and bullied the Democrat Party leadership into heading for the precipice. Yesterday a notable shift began.

The main allies of the uber liberals is the print media and some television outlets. These friends have begun to shift away from defeat by proxy in Iraq and now realize the imminent danger to the Democrat Party such a result would present. Of course Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don't get it because they need the money provided by the slobbering masses of MoveOn.Org and the Daily Kos. The brilliant people on the left are apparently self diagnosed as their is no evidence that they are able to communicate their ideas and emotions in any civil fashion. Their behavior continues to resemble toddlers. One can only hope that they will hold their breath and turn blue.

So now with the "surge" succeeding the howls of pain are related to the politic situation. This is of course natural and reasonable. The Iraqi Shia want revenge, a time honored behavior in Islam, and will string out reconciliation as long as possible. Apparently the Sunnis are waking up to the fact that if the US leaves they will be exterminated by their peace loving Islamic brethren. So cooperation with allied forces and rejection of Al Qeada has become a worthy strategy. Some of the more mature left wingers realize this too and want to avoid being blamed for the genocide that will follow their recommended course of action.

The middle and right wing of American politics must not deride this return to rationality by some members of the left. Rather it must be welcomed as a unifying act on the part of fellow citizens and a hopeful sign that the United States will preserve its interests without further damaging its influence.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Russ Feingold: Idiot Savant or simply अन idiot

Russ Feingold is a brilliant man, this is known to be true because Harry Reid has said so. Feingold qualifications include a Rhodes Scholarship, a Harvard degree, and membership in the US Senate; so far so good. He is also a member of the Democrat Party which brings into question his ethics if not his IQ. Basically Russ Feingold is a demagogue in every sense of the word.

His statements are quite revealing as is his proposal to censure President Bush through a senate resolution. The so called illegal wire taps that provide surveillance of calls from foreign countries are his main issue. The other seems to be outrage that such a stupid person as George Bush was able to dupe the entire Democrat Party into going to war in Iraq. Feingold knows these accusations are baseless which is why he is grandstanding the censure motion.

He and his comrades love to use the phrase that the American People are outraged and that they, the Democrat Party, are the only true representatives of the public. While patently and clearly not true the Democrats are making themselves believe it.

Apparently they cannot be counted on to protect the nation from terrorists if they do not want to listen in to enemy phone calls. Of course the Democrats don't believe that there is a threat or that one will exist subsequent to the end of military action in Iraq. It is difficult to believe that adult citizens of the United States can truly be so naive; rather it is wishful thinking derived from fear.

Feingold, Pelosi, Reid, et al should lead the nation instead of following George Soros. The Democrat Party has disappeared and been replaced by something unknown but recognizable.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Keith Ellison Liberal Confusion Poster Boy

The recent controversy about Keith Ellison's diatribe against President Bush missed the point completely. The fact that a Democrat, ultra-liberal, MoveOn.Org type would bash the president is not a news story or even remarkable. What is amazing about this incident is that Keith Ellison claims to be a convert to Islam. Why is that something to raise eyebrows?

The occasion of Ellison's "stinging" anti-Bush comments was a meeting of atheists to which Ellison had been invited to speak; he of course accepted. In Islam the most serious capital crime, of which there are many, is Atheism. The punishment of a revealed atheist is immediate death and is the obligation of any and all Muslims to carry out. It is bad enough to be a Muslim in a world the Allah has allowed the presence of billions of infidels to persist, but to have a believer address a group of atheists in the United States is enough to have the prophet wondering how his instructions could be so distorted.

The Koran encourages tolerance of infidels if they adhere to the instructions found in the Holy Bible. The preference is that all non-Muslims convert to Islam. The dream is that the near future will bring such mass conversions or mass killings of infidels. Keith Ellison is obviously some sort of apostate as he is willing to associate with people who constantly affront Allah and the Prophet.

This situation also illustrates the hypocrisy of American atheists in particular and atheists in general as well. The well known contretemps about Ellison being sworn in using the Koran was silly, but to atheists should have been anathema. Yet here they are having wine and cheese while Ellison condemns the US and the president. There is no problem with atheism in the Democrat party as the leadership considers any religious person naive and dangerous. Religion is just another tool in the box for the Democrats and Ellison's behavior illustrates this perfectly.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scooter and other things

Recently controversies have been raging over a variety of subjects, what's the point of it all? The one idea running through all the outrage being expressed is the frustration of ultra liberals that some Americans object to the liberal agenda. The idea that Scooter Libby is somehow cheating the liberals of a surrogate jailbird is just plain silly. Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger lied about their actions; one under oath, the other a federal investigator. Their punishment, suspended law license in the former case and probation for the latter. Scooter Libby was caught up in a witch hunt about a crime that never was. Is this the American Way of Justice?

Now it's back to get out of Iraq. A bigger mistake is not possible at this time. The very fact that Cindy Sheehan thinks she can intimidate Nancy Pelosi demonstrates the foolish lack of thought behind the "anti-war" movement. There is no such movement but rather a smokescreen of maniacal opposition to George Bush's presidency. Admittedly George has failed to live up to his potential and is actually closer to liberals than he is to conservatives. Should the US pull out of Iraq it would validate Bin Laden's assertion that America won't fight that the nation has no stomach for defense. Further it would lead to another Shiite controlled Islamic state, the other being Iran. Why would that be a problem? The other Islamic states are primarily Sunni based, a strong Shiite militarily powerful state would probably lead to civil war and force drilling for oil in ANWAR.

Arabs (Muslims) respect only force as that is their only experience of relating to the world. The very basis of Islam is that any non-believer is an infidel and once the opportunity to embrace Islam is refused such a person must be killed. That is the long and the short of it. This kind of thinking is unfamiliar to "Westerners" because civilization is the hallmark of peaceful people. There is a constant reminder that philosophically Islam is a religion of peace and that life is sacred. There is constant evidence that this philosophy does not apply to non-Muslims or even certain Muslims within the Islamic family. Go figure.

Ah Homeland Security, the panacea that veils the true weakness and vulnerability of the United States. After the recent effort to grant amnesty to at least 12 million illegal immigrants failed, Michael Chertoff ruefully concluded that he would have to enforce laws currently on the books. What a completely lame performance. Prior to the legislative loss the public had been informed that such actions were not feasible.

The real danger is that the current border situation has made it possible for terrorists to enter the US and simply bide their time. This is the reason for Chertoff's recent "gut attack". No attacks for more than five years is a situation that is about to change in a major way. The obvious targets are everywhere: shopping malls, office buildings, petroleum storage areas, etc. All are vulnerable because citizens of the US are being led to believe that there is no war on terrorism and even if there were one the government is all knowing and protective.

Believing politicians has always been risky but never more than today.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Alfred E. Neuman Effect

The What Me Worry attitude is one that most people ignore but should probably adopt as a way of coping with their lives. The constant bombardment by various forms of media and activist groups raising awareness of problems the aren't really problems is enough to drive anyone crazy. Climate change, is it a problem? The answer is not only no but it is a normal phenom onmen that occurs to the earth as it travels around the sun hurtling through cold dark space. If the climate didn't change there would be no human beings around today to worry about what is going to happen to the weather in 500 years.

Overweight, so what? The food police excuse their behavior with the dismissive " We only want you to be healthy" as if it is really their responsibility to worry about anyone but themselves. If people want to eat themselves to death as a means of finding happiness then let them. What is more annoying to a "Just do as I say"?

Illegal immigration, why is this a problem? Let'em in a make them speak English. No bilingual society is needed. Go to Europe and find out which language is spoken where. There are no special arrangements made for tourists or immigrants. Speak my language or else.

Hyphenated citizen's; what's the point? Heritage is one thing but keep it private; no parades please. Who really cares if one person is Latvian-American and another is Irish-American? Getting a job is much more important to one's well being. Winning the lottery wouldn't hurt either.

Don Imus, another wasted chance. Freedom of speech is wonderful just let them keep talking and let them reveal how stupid they are. Rosie O'Donnell is a prime example that one needn't be intelligent to get noticed. The fans of such individuals are on the same neanderthal level as their idols, again so what? It's obvious that the average human being is actually quite a bit below average in every category that counts.

Get over it and get on with life.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A New Religion?

Rush Limbaugh has characterized the adherents of the Climate Change Panic as members of a new religion. Is he correct? If one thinks of the current craziness in terms of a primordial time then yes it might be an accurate description of events. It has long been held that religions emerged as a way of explaining the terrifying and wonderful events that occurred in the lives of pre-historic and then historical known cultures. Floods, storms, forest fires, plains fires, droughts, were all ascribed to various gods even to the extent of naming the particular fire-god et al.

Later of course a single god emerged from the crowd as sophistication and political expediency demanded a match between religion and secular life. Only Judaism and Islam have only one god, Christianity has three (albeit inhabiting one god body) which makes it a throwback to paganism; a corruption of Judaism as it was absorbed by the Romans. What makes the current religion or cult of climate change any different?

Thanks to the amount and immediacy of news coverage events seem more important now than they ever were. Contributing to the panic is the relative shortness of human lives;especially relative to geologic time. Most people living today seem to think that floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc have only begun to occur since their own birth. Just today news viewers are being treated to the horror of Greensberg, Kansas which was destroyed by a tornado on Friday. Yet during the coverage it was barely reported that it has been nearly 60 years since a similar event occurred. The populists of climate change will claim that the force of the tornado was caused by Global Warming.

The self-appointed high priests of Climate Change preach a do as I say, not as I do theology. As in any religion the ultimate goal is control of the members. The Al Gore's, Laura David, and Sheryl Crow's of this movement consume large amounts of energy through the use of private jets, large vehicles, gigantic houses that suck up electricity while admonishing the rest of the world to conserve.

This religion even has its own set of indulgences: the carbon offset credit. All energy consumption sins are forgiven by the purchase of a carbon offset; which in itself is nothing more than a modern version of the Emperor's New Clothes. Carbon offsets were originally developed as a loophole for energy producers to avoid penalties for not reaching the anti-pollution targets. In the beginning power company A could purchase government tax credits from power company B. This helped A when it didn't want to spend capital upgrading its plant. Power company B got credit for doing so and allowed to sell credits to earn income.

Now the situation is taking on the trappings of mysticism and morality plays. Like pieces of the true cross or saints bones movies, books, and songs are being published and distributed to hype the idea that climate change is real and that mankind is to blame. Nothing could be more ridiculous given the size of even Earth's small universe. The Climate Change Pope, Al Gore, is being anointed in the form of a Nobel Prize nomination. When it comes to Global Warming there is a pressing need for more atheists.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Liberal Outrage Over VT Shooting

If the situation weren't so difficult the liberals reaction to this shooting would be laughable. Chris Matthews made a statement last night that was so ridiculous that is was stunning in its arrogance. "Its as easy to buy a gun in Virginia as it is to buy a pizza." What a pompous ass, though the obvious needs no reiteration. The larger question is what are these media hotheads upset about?

These are the same self-appointed geniuses who support all forms of abortion including partial birth abortions. They oppose the possession of firearms by anyone but themselves. Again this is the Platonic legacy discussed a couple of days ago. Only the superior are able to govern others and further they shall not be subject to criticism rather they will do the commentary themselves about others.

This column does not support the death penalty; instead it proposes the building of enormous, remotely situated prisons where those convicted of murder may be housed until their richly deserved deaths. This plan would actually be a living death as no contact with the outside world would be permitted and no parole possible.

The shootings at Virginia Tech is a symptom of a self- indulgent culture. It is a culture that makes possible the consideration of taking one's own misery out on others. Suicide is every one's option but the self serving murder of others and then killing one's self is cowardly and despicable. Yet soon there will be books, movies, and perhaps recording glorifying such and act.

Today the US Supreme court outlawed partial birth abortion; undoubtedly the talking heads will be out in full force. Their only problem will be deciding when to go after guns or after the supreme court.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Platonism Realized: Again

Plato would have a lot to answer for should he still be living. His ideas have reached through the ages and find themselves alive and well in today's liberal antics.

Plato posited the theory that while all citizens are useful to the state only a certain few were worthy of ruling. These few, harking back to Plato's own family of dictators, were the elite of society; cultured, educated, wealthy, intellectual and above the fray when it came to physical work. If this sounds familiar it is because that is the mantra of the Democrat party today. From John Kerry , Ted Kennedy, to Hillary Clinton the idea is that the ordinary American is too stupid to be trusted with government. Only the Democrats and their lackeys are considered fit to function.

This ideology is nothing new Platonism spawned monarchies, oligarchies, communism, Nazism, fascism, and now modern liberal thought and action. Plato thought that any art that criticized the governing class should be banned on the grounds that such criticism is inherently subversive. Today's liberals feel the same way: there can be no argument with their ideas because, as superior individuals, they are naturally correct and can not be wrong.

This approach to governance is the same as Marxism et al with only minor variations. This is the reason that the loss of the Presidency in 2000 was deemed illegal; no party is allowed to exercise power except the Democrat Party. Confusion reigned as the lower classes usurped the logical, rightful rulers. In 2007 it appears that the universe is about to right itself as Hillary Clinton seems destined for the presidency.

It is well to remember that most of the failed dictatorships in the 20th century all had the word Democratic in there somewhere; The Democratic Peoples Republic of Germany as an example. The electorate should be wary of such titles which quietly delude people into thinking of a participatory government. Today's Democrats are Orwellian in their use of doublespeak demanding their right to be heard while stifling all other debate.

Plato be damned.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's All Very Tiring

The recent uproar over Don Imus is rather silly. Where was the outrage when Richard Pryor jump started this downward spiral? It's sad but true that the average person thinks the world began when they were born; most people have no sense of historical or social perspective. Before Richard Pryor got going the most outlandish humorist was Lenny Bruce and he was hounded to his death because of his views.

After Richard Pryor got started the floodgates opened spewing foul language, racial and ethnic slurs from such notables as Eddie Murphy, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Rock and a multitude of lesser lights. Oh the jokes were hilarious especially if you enjoy the terms nigger, bitch, ho, cracker, spick, and sexual references. Very funny indeed.

Of course hip hop lyrics were the next logical progression so why not? Things got so out of hand that Al and Tipper Gore, (remember Al Gore) got legislation passed that required warning labels on records and CDs. That was during the 1980s; my how time flies. Was this condition of American culture simply a result of outrage against the conditions of virtual apartheid that existed well into the 1970's? Such a thing might be expected after a couple of centuries of slavery and repression, but if it is the case how does one explain the acceptance of Emimim?

Don Imus is an idiotic badly behaved person whom society rewarded handsomely for being exactly that. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are basically extornists and self appointed world representatives of the African-American component of the United States. They have no shame and very little personal morality based on their public behavior. The majority of the US is afraid to confront these two clownish actors because whites cannot criticize blacks. As an example take the recent Duke Lacrosse team fiasco in Durham, North Carolina. Jackson and Sharpton were in the vanguard of the virtual lynching of the accused, a nice irony, and now that the entire case has been shown to be a complete lie they refuse to apologize for their actions and comments. Why is this the case?

Most likely it will take many more years for the racist social wounds to heal in the USA but at least some are trying; though the "Black leadership" is not among them. Hurricane Katrina is blamed on George Bush; Ray Nagin is not assigned any responsibility for his failure to lead his city. The majority of black politicians are quick to play the race card to absolve themselves from simple human failures when they are caught.

It is not all right for one African-American to call another African-American a nigger. This expression is common; so much so that it goes practically unnoticed. This acceptance of demeaning speech within the "hood" and the use of the "race card" robs the African-American population of its humanity, reducing them to mere cartoon characters. This is the true tragedy of the Don Imus case.

This is a liberal problem you will never hear a conservative talk show host use language of this sort.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Conspiracy Theories and Political Damage

How to comprehend the apparent insanity of the conspiracy theories on the left, and to a limited extent on the right? The best way of course is in the context of psychiatric treatment for those that espouse such nonsense. From another view there is the clear assumption that those who spout these ideas are not only confused but imbued with the feeling that as they are superior beings, the rest of the population is simply in the dark.

Of course the real purpose of such prattlings is to do political damage to the Bush Administration and to present the Democrat or liberal ideas as reasonable. But does this actually work? The 9/11 attack came roughly nine months after Bush's inauguration; was that time enough to put such a plan in place and execute it? The basis for the theories is apparently the failure of the building materials to withstand the severe heat of the fire engendered by the fuel explosion. This from the same people who espouse radical climate change ideas; putting forth the proposition that building materials used in the 1970's should remain immutable against extreme heat in 2001. One has to wonder about the competence of such individuals.

Further should one take seriously the idea that the United States Government is at the bottom of the attack then one must look at the Clinton Administration as the culprit. This of course is ridiculous but using the logic of the theorists certainly apt. For years the public has been treated to the idea of the stupidity and incompetence of the Bush administration; it is liberal dogma that the Republicans are completely incapable of rational action or successful completion of any project. Only liberals and democrats are capable of such acts.

This being so where then can the blame lie for the 9/11 attacks if not at the hands of Al-Queada? Logically the only force able to plan and execute such a complex action was the Clinton White House. Were the documents destroyed by Sandy Berger the actual planning documents? Was Al Gore to use these attacks as a way of apologizing to the Islamofascists for the "excesses" of the United States? Arthur Schulzberger jr. made such a statement to college students at a commencement address this year. Schulzberger is the publisher and owner of the New York Times newspaper and certainly not a fan of the USA.

Those who would absolve Bin Laden, even after his admission, are simply too childish to realize the full implications of their ideas. Only their chosen representatives would have the intelligence, the time, and the motive to cause such a disaster. Liberals like to think of themselves as worldly but in fact they are incredibly naive and unaware of the rest of the world.
The Hollywood nuts can be forgiven simply enough on the basis of the heavy medication most of them are on. What Rosie and Martin must be taking would embarrass Rush Limbaugh.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rosie and Martin Thank God for Them

Rosie O'Donnell is the best example of stupidity being paid for stirring the pot. Unfortunately it appears that Rosie actually believes what she says. Her latest foray into the world of original ideas is that terrorists shouldn't be feared because they are mothers and fathers too. This is on top of her assertion that the United States Government is responsible for the attack on the world trade center and that the Iranian abduction of British military personnel is somehow similar to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

One might agree on a certain level that terrorists are not to be feared, a certain wariness is appropriate, but any terrorist caught in the act should be killed; mother or father notwithstanding. Fearing terrorism gives it a partial victory ignoring it or pretending terrror is without malevolence is stupid. Rosie O'Donnell and Martin Sheen are prime examples of the shallowness and downright gullibility of people who are insulated from reality by their warped egos and synchophantic lives.

Even the admission of the actual planner of the World Trade Operation and that of Bin Laden as the excutioner has fallen on deaf ears in LA LA Land. These are the people that the voters of the United States want to lead the nation what a joke. These are the same type of believers who sell all their posessions and head for the mountain top waiting for the end of the world. Climate change, conspiracy theories, tremendous rage and hatred for their fellow citizens, coupled with severe national inferiority complex are the hall marks of today's liberals.

Visit any liberal blog and you will find regurgitated opinion from the likes of Bill Maher, Al Frankenheimer, et al, expressed using profanity and hopes for the deaths of fellow human beings. All this from those who profess to only love and have no experience with hate yet they wish for the deaths of Tony Snow, Dick Cheney, and George Bush.

Their lack of substantive thought is masked, in their minds, by the shrillness of expression. Sound and fury but no light.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberal Ecstasy

Can any day in recent memory be more joyful to the left wing crazies? Today is their RED LETTER Day. Scooter Libby, former attorney for Marc Rich, was convicted on four out of five counts of obstruction of justice. Of course the media and the Democrats have construed this as a condemnation of the Iraq war, as if they needed another one, and have exalted Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson.

Forget the facts of the matter, that Richard Armitage outed Valerie (Plame) Wilson and that there was no case to pursue. Rather use the logic of Joseph Goebbels and tell the biggest lie possible guaranteeing that at least part of it will be accepted by the gullible general public. The American public is the biggest loser as the justice system continues to take hits to its credibility.

One might be reminded of 15th and 16th Royal Houses of Europe when considering the current state of politics in the United States. Certainly there are no dynasties, well except for the Clinton and Bush ones, but today's politicians are more concerned with jailing their opposition than actually proposing some solutions for the real problems facing the nation. It is doubtful that George Bush will have the courage to pardon Mr. Libby as he has apparently completely lost his way.

The lunacy evidenced in American political life might be dispriting if not for the literary history of the nation. From Mark Twain to H.L. Mencken we are assured that things might be more obvious but not so different today. The uber libs are juvenile delingquents in their behavior. Asserting their moral and intellectual superiority while publicly wishing for the death of another human being and fellow citizen; Dick Cheney. At the same time one of the left wing gods, George Soros, is investing millions in shares of Halliburton. He now owns two percent of the company. It might be supposed that his actions are for the good of the company and not simply to recoup the millions he lost supporing

The nation is indeed adrift with no reasonable leader emerging on either side of the spectrum. Hillary is attempting to be blacker than Obama while he is trying to simply be black. What a world.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Organized Religion Inherently Fascist?

In the NEWS today, among other inane actions, is the assertion on the American left that Christian Fundamentalists are Fascists. Examination of that claim barely stands up, though some irrelevant parrallels might be drawn. Fascism has become a buzz word for anyone who may oppose or disagree with the loony left, or even the not so loony left; but what is it?

Fascism was founded by Benito Mussolini in Italy during the early 20th century. Originally a Marxist, Mussolini became disenchanted with Soviet communism soon after the First World War. His party, the Fascists sometimes known as the Black Shirts, succeeded to power through the electoral process. This was the model Adolf Hitler would follow a decade later. The Italian Fascists were considered right wing because Mussolini disapproved of the Marxist model this corruption of language persists to this day. The Fascists take their name from a symbol of ancient Rome the fasces which is two bundles of wood faced by two wood axes.

The Fascists in Rome, Germany, and Spain were essentially socialists and demanded that the individual link his identity with that of the state. This is sometimes called "corporateism" from the root corporeal or body. This linkage eliminates capitalism which is a celebration of individualism making Fascism itself a rather weak version of Marxism. Fascists and Communists became deadly enemies not over ideology but for political power.

In Russia this power resulted in the deaths of some 30 million citizens starved as their farms and produce were seized to feed the workers in Stalins industrialization effort. In Germany this power resulted in the deaths of 6 million Jews, mostly Polish, and hundreds of thousands of others. Italian Fascism became the model corporate state where everything worked except the people, its national ambitions resulted in the subjugation of Eithopia in an attempt to reestablish the Roman Empire.

Spain became the battle ground for these competing states with Russia supporting the Spanish communists (ironically known as Republicans) while Germany and Italy supported Franco their dictatorial comrade in arms. Thus came about the left vs. right paradigm.

In the US today the left are still communists cum socialists whose modern heros are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton; all Marxists of the first water. So here come the attacks on their opponents using pejoratives without thinking. It is apparently a must that any Republican leader is a direct if not genetic descendant of Adolf Hitler: a misnomer if ever there was one. Flailing out with accusations does not make the accusation true or even worthy of consideration.

The latest shot is a book claiming to document the case against evangelical Christians as Fascists. This column has accused certain Muslims of Islamofascism and here is why. Fascism as a corporate or single body ideology demands that the individual give himself for the group and that the group or corporation is the highest manifestion of that particular ideology. In this regard all religions are fascist in nature as they are all socialistic in nature.

Shared values are not always those of violence and that is where the distinction and the differences part ways. The Soviet Union, Italy, Germany, and Islam assert their right to conquer those infidels that get in the way of righteousness, the Motherland, the Fatherland, or whatever symbol is needed to motivate the cannon fodder.

The American left is so morally destitute that today they cannot distingquish between Fidel and Hugo's ruinous grip on their countries from the freedoms enjoyed in the United States. It's too bad that these people have never had to fight for the freedoms they enjoy, but it is also wonderful that they had the choice.

The Problem With Lineal Thinking

Lineal thinking is a common fault among human beings. The reason is quite simple; no real thought is required. This phenomenom is manifested by sports writers, liberals, some conservatives, and it is particularly true of those who espouse "Global Warming" as truth. Lineal thinking makes upsets in sports possible, at least in terms of predictions, as forecasters invariably rely on the teams with the most "rings" as favorites. This method ignores the natural progression of gain and loss by franchises which frequently renders the number of past championships irrelevant.

In politics lineal thinking is best demonstrated by the continued endorsement of failed Marxist ideas by the political left. These people feel guilty because they have prosperity, mostly unearned, and don't want to face the"poor". The idea that every one is created equal in terms of ability and intellect is patently false and not really believed by those who spout such ideals. Equality begins and ends at the starting gate, the race will go to those who are prepared and skilled.

As for "Global Warming" the idea is so fatuous that on this morning's news shows the weather is the predominant story. The snow, in winter, is a large surprise. The polar ice packs' expansion is a mystery to liberals, but not to those who expect it every winter, and the antarctic's freezing seems to confuse the theorists. Nature is not a constant except that it is constantly changing. It is a problem for those who think things should remain the same as their lives are the only ones that count despite the preceeding milennia.

The original idea behind climate change was a hypothesis that wondered about the impact of hydroflurocarbons on the ozone. Now it is a full blown hoax with a thousand year timeline that makes it impossible to measure in the current human life span. Al Gore is a charlatan of the first water as is Jimmy Carter with George Bush coming in a close third. None of these individuals could care less about their fellow man; only their self agranddisement matters.

The lemmings that make up most of the world's population get what they voted for so no complaints are accepted here.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Seeking Equilibrium

The human race is always seeking equilibrium. This means that most people want little or no change in their lives. The primary example today is the mass hysteria called Global Warming. Yesterday the UN, the world arbiter of ethics and intellect, issued a report stating that there is a 90% possiblity that global warming or climate change is caused by human activity. While this assertion won't pass the laugh test it is being taken seriously by those who prefer to live in fear rather than enjoy the short life span allotted to all.

On top of the ridiculous weeping and gnashing of teeth, Al Gore has been nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize further trivializing such institutions. The most telling aspect of the UN declaration is the "90% possibility" which means that there is still much uncertainty regarding the existence of the situation. How many people would travel aboard an airplane with only a 90% possiblity of a safe landing? Do the math. If only 90% of daily aircraft take off and landings were the case then there would be 100,000 crashes out of every 1 million operations.

The most insulting part of the entire controversy is the idea that 6 billion human beings can have a larger impact on the universe than any other consideration. The UN panel predicts another 1000 years of climate warming yet the daily weather can not be forecast with much accuracy. The local weather yesterday and today was supposed to be heavy snow and ice with freezing rain. It did flurry and rain but no ice.

Because humans don't live very long there is a tendency to think the present is the past and future. As the earth cycles around the sun it is not in a static environment. The sun gets warmer and cooler, volcanoes erupt, the earth is either closer or further away from the sun's influence, the moon exerts a pull on the earth's oceans. All of these phenomena are natural and cause change on the earth. Climate will only continue for a thousand year if the earth explodes, or is destroyed by a meteor shower or some or silly proposition. Otherwise climate change will continue forever; warming and cooling.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Time For Marches

Anyone observing the "Peace" demonstrations or rallies this weekend could only be struck by the small number of participants, the relative agedness and the same old tired leadership. Of course there were the usual rowdies who follow such events when there are no tail gate parties happening. The expected terrorist wannabes, with ski masks cloaking their identities, marching in ragged formation like some romper room Hamas members made their appearance.

It is dispiriting to see such activities promoted with so little originality; even down to spitting on a disabled soldier. These people are stuck in a time warp so vague that they have no real notion of what they are about. The old "hippies" are still protesting against Vietnam and the draft; both Democrat Party boondogles. They accuse the present government of lying to get into war when that is actually what President Johnson did with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. They want to "bring our soldiers home where they will be safe" as the spit on the soldiers who do come home. This is a famous Vietnam era tactic to shame "baby killers". Demonstrators for Peace think nothing of destroying property or injuring others in the quest for an existenial answer. Even bringing back Jane Fonda won't make life more real, but rather surreal.

Jane Fonda, a traitor of the first water, is now feeling forgiven; but she never can or will be. During the 1960's high school graduates, boys of 18, and men from 20 to 36 could be and were drafted to fill the US military's ranks. Kennedy, and Johnson thought nothing of using this tool as an instrument of policy it was natural. The early protests, while vocal were small until Dr. King lent his moral authority to the fray. At that point the civil rights and anti war forces were joined bringing all social types together. The Vietnam war like the Iraq war was fought politically with an effort to be sensitive about killing or injuring civilians. Nothing could be worse for winning a war.

So today the world is treated to spectacle of destructive, rude, poorly educated masses demonstrating their lack of manners and intellect in a pathetic effort to prove that they are alive. This is analagous to PETA protecting animals while killing them in secret.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Global Warming or Climate Change

This blog is fulfilling its mission as it is disturbing some, and provoking thought in others. The fact that scientific consensus is not science does not deter the adherents of so called global warming. That this is a topic near and dear to many is not surprising everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning, liberals more than most, so this "science" is as good as the next thing. Perhaps the homeless advocates would prefer a warmer environment for their clients but it just isn't going to happen.

In the United States the population lost its raison d'etre during the 1960's. During that time controls were loosened to the extent that the need for them was lost. Today on the Laura Ingraham program was a lost soul from that period. Still hating her country still hoping for a Marxist solution to her life. The top ten polluted spots on earth are in Russia, China, India, and the Czech Republic of which only Russia is a Kyoto signatory. Sign anything but give them nothing seems to be the motto of the former Soviet Union; don't be surprised if like AT&T they reclaim their satellites.

One reader commented that today's global warming cannot be compared to the end of the Ice Age. Why not? Is it possible that natural processes stop just because the uber-gauche prefer that this should be the case? Of course today's warming trend is a continuation of what occurred 18,000 years ago if it weren't we would be experiencing global cooling (which was predicted by climatologists during the 1980s). Without doubt humankind is having an impact on the trend there are more people and animals breathing than ever before.

It cannot be known until after the fact if the current accelerated warming trend will be bad or good. What is known is that consensus science is purely theoretical and not axiomatic

Pilgrims Progress

This will be an ongoing discussion published from time to time until Islam takes over completely and all such publication is stopped. Just kidding, in keeping with the last article about Islamofascist pilgrims. They are making progress against the civilization and culture of the infidels. An example of this is the recent that the Chinese government has made regarding the New Year. For the first time in recorded history a chinese government, be it imperial, warlord, or communist, has deferred to a cultural sub-set within its borders.

This is the Year of the Pig, one of the chinese astrological signs that rotate as annual designations, and because Muslims consider the pig unclean no special reference or celebration is permitted in China this year. Earlier the point was made that these pioneering Muslims are finding themselves in a precarious position but are determined to bring the infidels home to Allah or kill them.

When considering the Chinese government's concession to Islam one must consider the numbers. More than a billion people consider themselves Chinese citizens living in China. Even if there were 200 million Muslims, which there are not, the number would still be small, even minute. So what is the government afraid will happen? This decision to down play the Year of the Pig is a major action. These annual designations have been in place for all of Chinese history, which in itself is considerable and much older than Islam. It is now likely that the pig will be completely displaced and some other animal will take its place.

What other changes are in store for those who will not take a stand and fight for their own cultural heritage. Will National Islamic Television have special months like National Christian Culture Month to remind its viewers of the contributions Christianity made even if Christianity has been made irrelevant?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Modern Day Pilgrims

One might consider today's Islamofascist immigrants, legal and illegal, as modern day pilgrims. Once they reach the shores of Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States they survey the territory with hope and dismay. All around them they see abundance and opportunity all provided for them by Allah. They also see this abundance in the possession of infidels; an insult to Allah and Islam. Beyond that these infidels are barbarians in need of conversion to Islam so that their souls might be saved.

All around these brave immigrants are examples of murder, abortion, drunkeness, incest, profanity, adultery, homosexuality, disrepect of men by women, women brazenly exposing their flesh, pornography, and the list goes on the primary offense being a lack of true faith. Is it such a surprise that these pioneers would take it upon themselves to subjugate the land and bring its inhabitants into the true faith? The methods are irrelevant because the end is so just. Why should infidels be so blessed when Allah's children are often poverty stricken? Why should true believers suffer at the hands of savages? The obvious answer is that Allah has led them to the promised land and it is their obligation to take it in hand.

This is the reason for rapid mosque and madrasa construction around the world, in particular Europe and the United States. It is the reason money is sent to the Old Country to fund new immigration and weapons for use against the savages who refuse to convert. It is the reason that Muslim women police officers in England refuse to shake hands with the male chief during a graduation ceremony as it violates the tenets of the true faith. Pioneers in the wilderness must endure considerable hardships; and today's Islamic pilgrims are no exception.

In today's world the savages have a chance to present a united front but it seems likely that the same political problems that beset the Native American population will also weaken or destroy today's natives. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries the Native Americans were unable to overcome their own internal disputes to expel the Christian invaders. So might it be in a disunited America each province embracing differing ideas of what makes the nation.

One thing is certain the Islamofacists are united, determined, and will persevere.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Al Gore and the Danes

In today's Wall Street Journal a couple of Danish newspaper editors describe their attempt to interview Al Gore while he is in Denmark promoting his ridiculous agenda. Global warming is a good thing; if not for global warming 10,000 years ago there wouldn't be much of a discussion today.

The Journal article points out, from an expert point of view, the weakness of Gore's argument: to whit it is basically a lie. So much is made of scientific consensus, something that is not science only theory, upon which the world is to base its social and economic decisions. During the recent past, say the 14th century, the consensus among scientists was that the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe. It is well to reflect on the impact of consensus as reality when considering one's own opinion.

Al Gore is a phony as is the liberal arguments about global warning; even the hated UN agrees with that last assertion. Liberal environmental arguments have devastated the African continent where since the banning of DDT deaths from malaria exceed 2 million people a year.
Tuberculosis is rampant as is AIDS; which may a viral mutation of some other species yet unknown.

Americans are easily stampeded because the gene that promotes critical thinking seems to be spread rather thinly throughout the population. Why else would liberals be elected on a platform of nothing and then claim a mandate for something while the electorate looks on bemused?

Global warming is a good thing and not a threat; read the editorial and other skeptics and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey Genius its rapist not raper

I had an ill thought out correction from a loyal reader concerning the use of language today. I'm not certain which post the corrector was correcting but I do know that his/her correction was uncertain. Apparently I had made some reference to the recent abduction of the boys in Missouri and used the term child raper. The reader preferred the term rapist. To me it's a distinction without a difference. The next statement was a question about where I had been educated "...where did you go public school?" the unfortunate answer is no. I spent 12 years of confinement in the Catholic School System where, even with a superior IQ, I did poorly.

I love comments from readers no matter what the content: we all like to think we are smarter than everyone else. In fact, in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. All this not withstanding, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Unusual Usual Tactic: Blame The Victim

In these pages there has been a great deal of discussion about the abysmal level of the American education "system" in that it has systematically failed its clients. In today's Wall Street Journal Mr. Charles Murray opined that it is not the system's fault but rather that the clients are too stupid to learn in the first place. Is this a surprise?

In the United States the liberal, or so-called progressive mentality is to blame the victim and champion the offender. Beyond the failure of the public education system is the most recent example. Why didn't the kidnapped eleven year old boy, Sean Hornbeck, attempt to escape as he grew older? In Vermont last week a child molester was given the minimum sentence, this is the same state that gave a child raper 60 days in jail because the system didn't know how to rehabilitate the criminal.

In today's article Mr. Murray puts forth the idea that most of the children are too stupid to learn therefore it cannot be the faulty teaching and money grubbing administrators to blame. He goes further and says that the supposed success of the stern discipline and academic achievement of the years prior to 1970 were a myth. This is a sop to the idea that standards had to be lowered to admit minority students. Therein lies the true myth.

Today's children are lucky if they can read at the fourth grade level by the time they leave high school. Many college "graduates" are functionally illiterate. Is is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of American children are retarded? Tempting, yes, reasonable no; Mr Murray goes on to destroy his own argument. During the Great Leap Forward in American education universities began to drop the ABCDF grading system in favor of pass/fail. Some schools had no failures. The idea that IQ could even be a measurement was considered laughable because it was racially biased in favor of white students.

How then do we account for the large numbers of pre-boomer students still living who are more literate, more articulate, more educated than today's education system victims? Even with segregated school systems the demands of families and teachers for excellence produced citizens that could think critically and are still doing so. The NEA has failed the children and the nation. No longer are good teachers and leaders promoted to supervisory or administrative positions. Most come to these jobs from college doctoral of education programs which place emphasis on the business of education and not on education itself.

A nation that does not educate its children is suicidal. A nation that does not demand excellence from both sides of the blackboard is irresponsible. For a union apologist to blame the lack of native intelligence as the basis for academic failure on such a monumental scale is absurd. Absurd but typical of liberal thinking that promotes the idea that the system can never be at fault.

California: It's Time For A Woman Governor

With all the liberal ecstasy over the ascendance of Nancy Pelosi to the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives it is a good time to pause and think about what it really means. Of course the American public allowed itself to be duped by the Democrat Party with regard to its political goals and ambitions, but it is hardly surprising when the herd follows its instinct to avoid trouble. The appalling state of the average US citizen’s ability to think critically will likely result in more difficulties in the future.

Still with so-called feminism apparently in the ascendant there is one question that has not been answered, and perhaps never asked. Why has the governorship of California never been held by a woman? It is well known that California represents all that is progressive and is the last bastion of reason and goodness in the United States; so why not elect a woman to the governor’s mansion?

While this question might seem to be a puzzle the answer is really quite simple: Democrats, liberals, ultra-liberals, still support white male dominance. The party is top heavy with old, white males, including former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. The Democrat Party’s failure to support any major effort for national or state office by “protected class” citizens is disgraceful but unavoidable. This tendency bodes ill for Barak Obama’s political ambitions. Already the media is broadcasting beefcake pictures of Mr. Obama at the beach; can his candidacy be taken seriously? JFK was a one time senator and then was elected to the presidency; will Mr. Obama be allowed to fill Kennedy’s shoes?

With all the drivel emitting from the self-described arts crowd in Hollywood it seems that some effort should be made to live up to the prattle and get a woman in the governor’s chair. A likely candidate would fit the profile of a white lesbian weightlifter with a Hispanic surname whose previous experience might include a period as a sexworker in San Francisco, a grief counselor in Los Angeles, an Ebonics teacher in Oakland, and finally a city council member in Modesto.

Hats off to Nancy Pelosi, of course the men will still run things behind the skirts, and it might take another hundred years to get a woman governor in California.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When Not If

US border security is more than preventing illegal immigration of Latino workers; it is essential to the safety of the nation in its efforts to combat infiltration of Islamofascist terrorists. Once the attacks begin in earnest, which will most likely be sometime in the next two years, the New York Times will dub it an insurgency against the odious Western Oppressors. The other media will follow suit thus confusing and weakening the resolve of the citizenry to stamp out such murderers.

By casting the terrorists as legitimate attackers entitled to respect based on their oppression and the sanctity of their religion it will be politically incorrect to resist with other means than simple police activity. There will be calls for internment or deportation of Muslims which will further confuse the issue as the weight of collective guilt will make such actions impossible.

Just how much the violence will be noticed at first is a consideration. The violence in Iraq is reported and exploited by the media in an attempt to frighten the American public. In reality the United States is much more violent than Iraq certainly in ratio. Four people were shot, one killed, in Denver, CO and so on. New Orleans, Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, all have records of gang violence and simple mayhem that out do Baghdad most of the time.

Any US based terrorists will thus have to announce and take responsibility for their actions or they will be lost in the crowd.