Thursday, April 27, 2006

Do People really think

Gas prices will probably continue to rise for several years.  Of course this is due to the situations in China and India but there is something else to consider.  The politics of gasoline are disgraceful.  It is easy to belabor the democrats (oops no pun intended) but the complexities of their coalition make coherence a difficult thing to attain.  By definition they are opposed to energy independence, by inclination they harp on the social problems caused by high fuel costs because they can’t help themselves.  The Republicans are cowards, like abused dogs, around the Democrat demagogues and are too frightened to take a stand.

The public has to suffer, so what, the public is partly responsible for the high price of gasoline by having abdicated their responsibilities.  Why is this true?  Most US citizens have been trained to not think critically when the exact opposite is what is needed most.  Most people take what is presented in the various media forms as true without questioning if the story makes sense.  Is it true that drilling in ANWAR will be a bad thing?  Is it true that all Republicans are corrupt and no Democrat is culpable?  Is it true that 400,000 people a year die from lung cancer, obesity, etc?  Is it true that someone else should make choices for the majority?

Until the public stops waiting for the elected government to act before polls come out or stop taking bribes from lobbyists the situation will change very little. There was a very interesting perspective on this issue. Senator Reid was quoted as saying that lobbyists had blocked a certain bill, the commentator pointed out something that most people let slip by: lobbyists can’t vote only senators and representatives can.

As long as the public takes the wacko left seriously single issue politics will continue to cripple our society.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is there happiness?

Why do certain people succeed in professional selling and others fail?  The answer is fairly simple: to be successful at anything it must be something you would do for the fun of it.  Without oversimplifying the question personal satisfaction must be at the heart of any human activity.  A person considering the field of professional sales must make quite a few decisions first among which are : is problem solution something pleasurable, is meeting the needs of others enjoyable, is educating customers in the chosen field stimulating, integrity , a sense of humor, and a certain joie de vive are essential to success.

Anyone who answers positively to the above questions can not fail. Professional selling is one of the highest paid professions for a reason; it is difficult.  The same can be said for any profession because success requires constant learning, and commitment to excellence.  That may sound trite but think about how much excellence is found in everyday life.  There isn’t as much as one might think especially under close examination.  Many people work for the money instead of for the fun and life enhancing experiences work can bring.  Financial success is relatively easy to achieve, personal happiness is another thing altogether.