Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Nobel Adoration

Today the Nobel Prize went in the toilet and can no longer be considered as anything more than an Oscar. This is revolting. What has Obama done to earn such a formerly prestigious award. The United States is more divided than ever, Afghanistan is going to be returned to Taliban oppression, Venezuela will be the model for future development of the USA.

This cheapening of such an award is evidence of the mindless nature of liberalism. Even the commentators view that this action is an effort to snub George Bush is ridiculous. This award further compares Obama to Carter: unfavorably. Obama's ego will be so inflated now it will be difficult to believe.

Normally the Nobel Prize is reserved for accomplishment. Now it is apparently to be used as an affirmation of a political view. The prize has become irrelevant today.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's Time to Start Watching

As Dylan noted more than 40 years ago the times they are a changin. That comment on the times was merely a footnote to the re-start of change that was postponed by World War II, and which might only be halted by World War III. The change being discussed is that occurring in the USA.

Many Obama voters are disillusioned by the policies they have caused to be pursued by their chosen President and his lackeys. This feeling is unjustified. Barack Obama spelled out, perhaps not in detail, his plans for the political life of this country. The press and television knew it but chose to look the other way. The electorate was so caught up in celebrity and the so called historic moment that it went to sleep basking in self righteous egolation ( a term invented today to describe self worth enhanced by the delusion of a sefless act worthy of praise).

That the culture of the United States is critically ill is not news. The nation has literally having a nervous breakdown. The behavioral standards are so blurry that the average citizen has no idea about how to react to events. Sexual perversions are only for the "lower classes", national security is an alien concept, corruption at all levels of government is so rampant that the public apathetically accepts it as normal.

Those elected to govern within the limits of the constitution are now separate from the general citizenry. This separation is so distinct that the only ambition of today's politicians is the acquisition of power. The intended use of this power is to enslave their fellows to an extent unimaginable even forty years ago. The erosion of liberty and freedom is accelerating yet the general public sits watching their country go to hell on television.

Why does this matter? A large segment of the population will eventually rebel once the out of control government policies hit home. At this point the elected elite is basing the model of governance on the Venezuelan scheme of Hugo Chavez: something that was unthinkable only fifteen years ago.

Americans, as a whole, are ridiculous and infantile. This assessment is true even at the highest levels. There is almost no honesty in public discussion. There is certainly very little thinking going on. Apologists for abortion claim the only intellectual honest description of its political aspects is that of choice. What are the choices? It is not merely life or death (though that would seem adequate) it is the choice to become pregnant and then use the law for birth control. There are rare exceptions to that choice aspect such a rape or incest. It is possible to have sexual relations without pregnancy; so what's the problem? Abortion is legal and is being paid for with tax dollar. That payment is the objectionable part of the issue. Personally abortion is murder, but as it is legal at the moment the participants should pay for the procedure themselves.

This one issue demonstrates why the nanny state is ascendant. Other examples are the slavish acceptance of the idea that climate change is bad or abnormal; that everyone is entitled to medical insurance; that immigration laws should not be enforced .

President Obama, from a long historical perspective, will be viewed as a self inflicted disaster far beyond Jimmy Carter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now "That We're Here Where Are We?

Here we are a little over three months into the reign of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. One of his idols, Abraham Lincoln (if Obama lore is to be believed) presided over a civil war that resulted in the preservation of said Union of States. It seems possible, if not likely, that Obama will preside over its dissolution. Of course the Marxists whose ambitions seem to becoming to fruition will disavow such an idea, there is enough disagreement in the country to make it feasible.

President Barack Obama is a liar, an excellent one, but one nevertheless. In these pages the point has been made over the years that what the liberal-fascists had been accusing the Bush Administration of doing was merely a projection of their own intentions. This observation is now being borne out. Dissent is now characterized as "Right wing Extremism". The Constitution of the United States is in the process of becoming a political fossil. Its very reason for existing, a codification of rules which if observed will assure the freedom and liberty of the individual within the group. The idea of individual rights is considered passe' among the intelligentsia; only their rights count.

The United States is moving into the realm of antiquated 19th century political ideas; that the state and its administrators now better how to regulate mankind's lives. As has been noted Plato has a lot to answer for as his ideas have been adopted and perverted into the political life plan of Marxo-Fascism. This idea is an old one and saw its greatest manifestations in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany; both now defunct. There is no intelligent life within the borders of the United States.

The masturbatory fantasies of the ultra extreme left are so turgid as to leave the rest of humanity out of the picture; the orgasmic shudder is the implementation of subjugation of the population. The tremendous expenditure of America's productivity has so weakened the nation that dissolution may be the only salvation of even a little of the original founding principles. Citizens of the United States are never to be subject to any government, rather the government is subject to the will of the people. No more.

The Marxo-Fascists actually believe that they will be able to maintain a place in the world while draining the nation's wealth and indenturing its people to the interests of foreign nations. China comes to mind. Since beginning these articles references to the sleeping dragon have warned of the rise of the Chinese Superpower. Oh, the American left hates the idea of the Superpower status of the United States. Fear not those days will soon be past. China, however, will never hesitate to use its power.

Perhaps China is our only hope as they will oppose Islam on a purely political basis. The Chinese will have no qualms in destroying any movement that attempts to modify or damage the power of the Communist Party.

President Obama is reducing the United States to a classroom experiment in feel good politics. It is to be hoped that the voters, who may have exercised that privilege for the last time, are satisfied with the cult of personality so common to true totalitarian societies.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The New Serfdom

It appears that feudalism is making a comeback and in a most unlikely spot: The United States of America. The popular vote has ceded authority to at best Fabian Socialist and at worst Marxist Communist with some kind of voo doo culture attached. This is the result of slow, determined effort by the Soviet Union to export its totalitarian ideas to the rest of the world.

In 1959 Nikita Khruschev visited the US and while at an exhibition of technology declared "We will bury you!". He meant that communism would, however slowly, take over the governance of the United States. Many Americans were frightened by this statement because even then the society was beginning to lose its attachment to the values which had made the country great.

Probably the single most important cause of the decline of the United States has been the lingering effects of slavery. The treatment of the black population from the beginning has been a slow growing cancer that now threatens to completely destroy the country. Marxists have seen this and put it to good use. The initial problem of having other human beings as property in a nation with the aspirations that are put forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution has never been resolved. While the natural idea of family coherence was gradually eroded among the black population another more insidious cultural disease was encouraged.

When families are sold in separate parcels to different owners and people are subjected to physical and mental abuse the disintegration of the group and even individuals cannot be surprising. Once the problem of the Civil War was resolved and slavery abolished conditions were slow to change. De facto racial segregation was institutionalized by President Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century. The official US government position until 1947 was that segregation was necessary. During this time the Democrat Party ruled the nation, as it does today.

At a time of economic crisis the Democrat Party of the 1930's began to emulate the Soviet Union a nation established in 1919. Academia around the world embraced Marxism as the panacea for government; thus denying the existence and properties of human nature. Another cancer had been loosed within US society. White guilt became the norm among intellectuals who were protected by tenure and wealth never needing to come to grips with reality.

Bigotry cannot be excused under any circumstances and neither can patronage. The Democrat Party destroyed the black family and forced a cultural segregation during the 1960's under the guise of promoting civil rights. The culture of dependency emerged at that time. The peculiar institution remains so today.

The United States was ripe for Marxist drift for an unexpected reason: its tremendous prosperity after World War II. Life in the US, up to then, had never been truly easy. Most of the population was eking out a living though there was always a small economic upper class. This class of citizen was generally well educated even the less capable finished a university degree.

After the War the citizenry were ready for a change, but it would be the "Baby Boomers" that would force it. While there parents were working the children, particularly the urban ones, were rebelling in mostly childish ways. Once this group began its university experience the Marxist culture of higher education was able to get a grip on most of them. This coupled with the so-called fairness impulse has made for a very destructive combination.

Again the 1960's saw the tremendous growth of welfare dependence in urban environs. The "families" got payments as long as there was no male living in the household. The home then became a mother and her children; often illegitimate. The role of black males became eroded and the father figure has disappeared. This is so pervasive that many black adults value their mothers tremendously and have no idea who or where their fathers are. This destructive behavior by government is still reverberating through society.

The simple examples of hip-hop, rap, and gangsta "music" is merely a form of self segregation. This segregation is to be expected once a group of people begin to realize that the largess of white politicians is really an attempt to continue to control black people. It has worked.

The education system in the US in pathetic when compared to expectations of excellence, but superior if the true desired result is a compliant citizenry. Today 90% of black voters choose the Democrat party and have for 40 years. Yet any examination of Democrat controlled states and cities reveals a miserable record if prosperity and social advancement is the goal. Every state in the Union controlled by Democrats, which is most of them, are in severe decline mirroring the nation as a whole.

The culture of dependence has dumbed down the desire to achieve social mobility; something the economic and political elites have discouraged from time immemorial. We are seeing the absolute corruption of the political system of the United States and are losing something that most likely will never be returned. The American population currently between being unborn and 40 years of age will be economic serfs for their entire lives. They will gradually descend to a poverty level unimagined by the optomistic self-reliant individuals that built the country.

Politicians have no desire to serve the nation; rather this class and those who aspire to it feel the nation should serve them. This is so obvious that it is painful.

Barack Obama recently stated that "Only the government has the resources to fix the economy". The government has no resources. The contract between the governors and the governed was originally the certain citizens would be trusted by the others to represent their interests and preserve the nation. Mostly the government was supposed to stay out of the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This quaint idea is dead, praised only in the abstract by the current ruling class.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Night Out

The dust has begun to settle and a clearer picture of the future of the United States is emerging. The events of the last few weeks have been amazing to say the least. The actions of a Democrat controlled congress have provided incontrovertible evidence that the party cannot be trusted with power. In an orgy of ego and recklessness the Democrats have turned 200 plus years of self reliance into the dustbin of history. It is unlikely that the USA will be able to recover its position in the world for a number of reasons.

First the enormous borrowing of money to satisfy their clients the Democrats have placed such a strain on the economy that the climb back will require generations of a shrinking workforce to accomplish. This condition presumes that the enemies of the United States will remain on the sidelines waiting for a recovery. Of course that is not going to happen.

Another problem is that the constitution of the United States barely exists at this point. It is merely a historical reference point and a convenient excuse to take some action or other.

Last night President Obama, though garner praise from the chattering classes, produced a pedantic, boring, and deceptive picture of the present and future. He and his minions are quite simply liars. The American public is so bereft of thinking ability and consumed with media generated fear that they are like children reaching for their parent's hand at the shopping mall.

The reality of job losses and reduction in business activity is a fact, but its main drama is played out on these directly affected. The political class is merely taking advantage of a difficult situation to advance schemes that have been rejected for decades. The vagaries of the business cycle are well known, yet today's media act as if such things have never happened and are impossible to change. No doubt certain areas of the country are in worse shape than others, a visit to shopping areas in some parts create wonder about where exactly the disaster is occurring; in places like Michigan it is obvious.

Despite President Obama's claims to the contrary government produces nothing. Government by definition is non-productive in its role of maintaining public order, arbitrating disputes, legislating within the bounds of the constitution and can provide a good or service at a profit. Profit is needed for reinvestment in production and incentives for employees to continue to be productive.

It is amusing to recall the reference to Karl Rove as George Bush's brain. Who is Barack Obama's brain? Based on recent behavior it is George Soros and company who are deciding what actions Obama should take. It is fairly clear that Obama has no leadership skills and unclear that he will be able to develop and assert such skills.

This is a good time to be old in America for now the best of times have passed. In the coming months a decline will set in economically that old the ditch diggers in the world will not be able to hold off. This decline will be aggravated by physical attacks on people and places by the Islamofacist enemies already embedded and waiting for the order. The Democrats and their leaders have convinced themselves that the past eight years were an illusion and that the USA would have no enemies if only Al Gore had been elected instead of George Bush. A bitter surprise is waiting.

The cultural decline of the United States is accelerating so quickly that it is becoming unrecognizable. That decadence is the norm is not even considered remarkable. Child pornographers, child rapists, and the like are nothing more than a news item; often not even being imprisoned for the murder of children. Such a society can not preserve itself. The gradual disintegration of the nation has begun to pick up speed and as usual California provides the template of what the future holds.

Barack Obama is a fraud and more closely resembles Hugo Chavez than he does Abraham Lincoln. He parrots ideas of the past and ignores the chance to lead a nation crying out for leadership while he brushes aside any rational opposition. The Pelosi-Reid orgy will create the hangover of the century though it is doubtful that the general population is intelligent enough to understand what a real disaster is brewing.

Today's situation is like all such conditions: the result of small mistakes ignored. The Democrat social policy of a house for everyone regardless of ability to pay has created the current situation. Their dishonesty in denying blame is exacerbating the panic. The panic can be laid squarely on George Bush. His failure to lead at the end of his term has opened the door the a socialist republic undreamed of by most citizens even twenty years ago.