Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What happened to Caylee Anthony?

The trial is over, a success for the defense, an the media fed outrage has started. Of course it won't last long but the mob mentality is interesting to observe. Yes, there are certainly more questions than answers, the main one being if not guilty what happened to Caylee.

The prosecution and the police have much to answer. The Anthony family appears to be a degraded one, this is especially true if the child's death was accidental. The simplest solution would have been to call 911 and report it. The situation was allowed to spiral out of control (maybe) and subject the father and brother of Casey Anthony to the most disgusting accusations. Accusations which the defense never offered any evidence nor is it expected to do so. The body or remains thereof were identified within reason. How did they get to the place of discovery? Why was an accidental death distorted by a cover up? Why the charade about searching for the child in hopes of finding her alive?

Without doubt the truth will emerge over the years, perhaps quite soon as Casey cannot be retried for the crime if there was one. There are a few lessons to be learned or relearned. Usually a family murder is committed by a family member. Police investigators are often not capable of a real investigation, particularly if the case becomes complicated. The compulsion by authorities to clear a case put someone, anyone on death row is a force not to be under estimated.

Trial should not be televised or transmitted over the radio. There is too much temptation for the actors to become just that. The emotional bias of broadcast events detracts from a real examination of evidence. There was little enough of that on offer. The public is generally incapable of resisting media manipulation; this much is obvious from the anger about the acquittal. It is also why political life in the US in agonizing.

When the next "Trial of the Century" rolls around, turn off the television.

Monday, July 04, 2011

We're All Socialists Now

It seems that the editors of Time Magazine and their Sorosian supporters are willing to give up our liberty and freedom so that they may enjoy dominating the rest of us. Today, Independence from Britain day, is the one event in our history that should be celebrated and held sacred. Without it no doubt there would have been more than two civil wars.

Liberals have no idea about the meaning of freedom or liberty. Conservatives are not willing to fight for either  principle. This brings us to our situation of confusion, self-doubt, and various hate(fear) based behaviors on a national scale.  Apparently many citizens will give up freedom for the chance of being protected by the government. These people vote away their freedom of choice. At the moment the United  States is a mini-Orwellian culture. Almost everything the government postulates as truth is in fact the opposite.  Their is very little evidence of the fourth estate, the media, doing its job. Rather these journalism school graduates are parrots for the rulers.

In the United States the citizens are not ruled they are represented; at least that was the idea. European Progressive Ideas, introduced to the US in the mid-19th century have corrupted the constitutional basis of American freedom. The tremendous influx of middle and southern Europeans during this period provided a malleable voting base for progressives. Slowly the welfare state emerged and with it freedom and liberty made their exit.

Because the constitution is denigrated, not explained to youngsters, and fake socialism embraced by the "leaders", the USA finds itself adrift in a sea of slogans without basis. The government is going to created jobs. This is impossible. Jobs are created by a free people innovating to produce goods and services other free people want and are willing to pay for. This will not happen in the USA again for quite awhile.

Independence Day should be a day of contemplation; unfortunately that requires the ability to think . Thinking is a faculty that has mostly been lost among the emotional response to life problems.

I urge everyone to strive for independence. It is not an easy thing to attain, but is easily lost.