Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now "That We're Here Where Are We?

Here we are a little over three months into the reign of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. One of his idols, Abraham Lincoln (if Obama lore is to be believed) presided over a civil war that resulted in the preservation of said Union of States. It seems possible, if not likely, that Obama will preside over its dissolution. Of course the Marxists whose ambitions seem to becoming to fruition will disavow such an idea, there is enough disagreement in the country to make it feasible.

President Barack Obama is a liar, an excellent one, but one nevertheless. In these pages the point has been made over the years that what the liberal-fascists had been accusing the Bush Administration of doing was merely a projection of their own intentions. This observation is now being borne out. Dissent is now characterized as "Right wing Extremism". The Constitution of the United States is in the process of becoming a political fossil. Its very reason for existing, a codification of rules which if observed will assure the freedom and liberty of the individual within the group. The idea of individual rights is considered passe' among the intelligentsia; only their rights count.

The United States is moving into the realm of antiquated 19th century political ideas; that the state and its administrators now better how to regulate mankind's lives. As has been noted Plato has a lot to answer for as his ideas have been adopted and perverted into the political life plan of Marxo-Fascism. This idea is an old one and saw its greatest manifestations in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany; both now defunct. There is no intelligent life within the borders of the United States.

The masturbatory fantasies of the ultra extreme left are so turgid as to leave the rest of humanity out of the picture; the orgasmic shudder is the implementation of subjugation of the population. The tremendous expenditure of America's productivity has so weakened the nation that dissolution may be the only salvation of even a little of the original founding principles. Citizens of the United States are never to be subject to any government, rather the government is subject to the will of the people. No more.

The Marxo-Fascists actually believe that they will be able to maintain a place in the world while draining the nation's wealth and indenturing its people to the interests of foreign nations. China comes to mind. Since beginning these articles references to the sleeping dragon have warned of the rise of the Chinese Superpower. Oh, the American left hates the idea of the Superpower status of the United States. Fear not those days will soon be past. China, however, will never hesitate to use its power.

Perhaps China is our only hope as they will oppose Islam on a purely political basis. The Chinese will have no qualms in destroying any movement that attempts to modify or damage the power of the Communist Party.

President Obama is reducing the United States to a classroom experiment in feel good politics. It is to be hoped that the voters, who may have exercised that privilege for the last time, are satisfied with the cult of personality so common to true totalitarian societies.