Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No War On Terror

There are those who feel that there should be no war mounted against terrorists.  George Soros is one of them.  It seems that on the left there were no problems in the world until George Bush “stole” the 2000 elections.  All the while refusing to discuss the fact that the alleged disenfranchisement took place in Democrat controlled precincts. Soros and MoveOn.Org ignore all the incidents affecting the United States since the 1984 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.  We took no action then and in fact took no real action until after the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001.

George Bush drew a line in the sand at that time.  Had Al Gore been president we would be much worse off now than we are.  The Iraq war appears to have bogged down into police work at this point and a formal civil war is possible with the help of Syria and Iran.  The theory proposed by Soros and the like is the Kumbaya Theory which is if we love them they will love us.  The United States has never actually attacked an Arab country without provocation.  So how can the liberals think that we have created the problems? Muslims in the US go so far as to claim the World Trade Center bombing was done by Israel and the US government despite the fact that Bin Laden has repeatedly claimed credit and promised more.

It is frustrating to know that when the Democrats regain control of the government things are going to get much worse. The enemies of the United States see any compromise as the result of fear and weakness.  This is obvious from the behavior of Bashar Assad, the president of Syria. He has not made a peep until the US persuaded Israel to accept the UN cease fire, now he seems to consider himself as the new Arab leader.

These are dangerous times for many and various reasons.  The Arab people have nothing to lose because their lives are bound up in a religion that squashes their hopes and dreams and are dominated by governments that offer no opportunity for self realization.  This is something that the liberals either don’t know or won’t accept.  The only thing the west has in common with the Middle East is simple humanity.  Undoubtedly Muslims love their children but fathers are quite willing to murder their daughters if they exhibit behavior considered contrary to the religion.  They are then congratulated by the imams for their actions.

No war on terror?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why Can't Jamal Read

This is a question that has plagued the US education system for at least 60 years. The reasons are many and various but it comes down mainly to expectations. Many years ago a book called “Why Johnny Can’t Read” caused an uproar and began the inexorable degradation of the public school system. Of course this was not the intention and the real point was missed.

Among the solutions proposed and adopted was to throw money at the problem. This is the American Way. It was thought that teachers didn’t really know how to teach so they were required to get degrees in education (pedagogy is the term today) and pay was increased. All to no avail, things only got worse. Statistics showed that on the whole students in the US were way behind the rest of the world and when minority (African-American) student statistics were taken separately they were the worst.

Initially it was thought that black meant low intelligence, then there was cultural bias, then there was racial prejudice, then again not enough money, inadequate buildings, not enough money for teachers.  What was the problem and what is the problem now?

Somehow the nation got educated during the years of one room school houses, the use of public libraries, but most important the families emphasized education.  This was certainly true of George Washington Carver, W.E. B. Dubois, and many other African-American scientists and scholars who overcame their obvious disadvantages to rise to the top of the culture. The impetus is different today due to the culture of entitlement and absence of responsibility.

The education system in the US today expects poor children to fail and one normally gets the results one expects.  The minority culture has an aspect that encourages failure by the mainstream standards.  Don’t be like whitey is a refrain that is heard over and over again, even among Hispanics.  This dumbing down brought the phenomenon of Ebonics, the theory being that black children are so alienated they can’t learn to  speak English correctly.  That idea demonstrates the capitulation made by “educators.”

The schools are, in the main, directed and managed by people who start out to do good and end up damaging society.  An education is more than good self-esteem, it has end points that must be considered, set out, and met.  Simply wanting everyone to feel good about themselves and their comrades is ludicrous. Poverty is not an excuse for the school administration’s failure.  Families matter and must be part of any child’s successful education.

There are many college graduates that are not fully educated.  They have no social graces, are selfish, inconsiderate, and many cannot really read and write especially to their certified level.  The elites in this country actually want the masses to fail so that the competition for upward mobility, so roundly touted, will be much less and easier to cope with.  There is a very subtle but very strong streak of anti-intellectualism in the United States and this alone is enough to make certain that Jamal won’t ever learn to read.  That is unless his parents insist upon it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Angry White Men

There has been a trend emerging during the last few years, worthy of comment sooner perhaps, but now that it is firmly established comment on it is now demanded.  This trend is the whitening of the Democrat Party.  It almost seems as if the Democrat Party is reverting to the days when liberalism was actually neo-con.  Take a look at many of the photo-ops, the candidate support record, and the downright racist comments made by the leadership and an ugly picture begins to emerge.

Why are there no African-American or Latino leaders in the party?  Ned Lamont is just the latest in an elitist takeover of the party.  This is supposed to be the picture of the Republican Party.  The Noam Chomskys of the left are so busy kissing up to the Arabs that they have lost sight of their socialist values.  They are being marginalized to the extent that the party is losing its way.  What are the Democrats going to do after 2008 when George Bush is retired?  The ultra-left party hijackers are a single issue crowd: get rid of Bush. This attitude demonstrates how petty, juvenile, and that they lack the capacity to think clearly.  The Constitution of the United States will get George out of office.  What is the plan for the nation after the Democrats cut and run in Iraq?

The enemies of Western Civilization (which most likely includes Michael Moore & Co.) will see this retreat (change of direction) as weakness and push forward all the more.  At this point Harry Belafonte should be re-examining his opinion about the position of Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice as Bush “house slaves.”  From the pictures surrounding the leaders of the Democrat Party it appears that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharp ton, and others are the “house slaves” of Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and the rest.  The Democrats have reduced themselves to demagoguery and are absent of any ideas that have not already be co-opted by George Bush.  They are whistling past the graveyard, and scaring people in the bargain.

One cannot base one’s philosophy of life on bumper stickers but this seems to be the only basis of liberal thought these days.  For example a recent sighting showed that liberals think that if more money was spent on education than defense the world would be a better place.  The education portion of the Federal budget is already considerably greater than that of the defense department.  The results are clear for anyone to see.  The world is not appreciably better.  Another called for regime change in Washington, supposedly a clever twist on the war in Iraq.  In 1998 President Clinton called for and got a resolution from the Democrat controlled Senate demanding regime change in Iraq.  No anger was voiced by George Soros and friends at that time.

Angry White Men Who Own Limousines are the face of the new Democrat Party.  During the 2004 New York race for governor the Democrats refused to support an African-American candidate because he might lose.  The white candidate lost anyway; why not make a positive statement of where their values really lie; perhaps they did.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Who's Best on Terror

Now that Joe Lieberman has been tossed out by the Democrats there is much speculation about the effect this will have on the party’s chances in November.  The guessing is that the Republicans will be perceived as being the party that will best protect the US.  This is probably mostly true but there are cracks in the fa├žade.  The only Republican that is tough on terror is George Bush, a misunderstood man if there ever was one.

Does anyone think Mit Romney will be able to George’s shoes?  Who else is waiting in the Republican wings that can be trusted not to give in to political pressures?  Even George is feeling the heat at last.  The commentators have got it wrong, the Republicans are not tough on terror, they aren’t even tough on Democrats, only George Bush has been tough on terror.

As for the Democrats Lieberman’s defeat and their reaction to his decision to run as an independent tells us all we need to know about the party.  Without exception his “friends” and “colleagues” have bemoaned his decision.  Silly questions are being asked about his behavior; “Is this the way a loyal Democrat behaves?” or “What kind of Democrat is he?”  This after he was all but abandoned by the party, causing Lanny Davis to wake up and conclude that the Dems are not what they used to be.

The left can be assured that if they come back to life that they will every opportunity to placate our enemies.  Of course the rest of us had better keep an eye out for truck bombs and the rest for some time to come.

US Abandons Israel

The United States has abandoned Israel and George Bush has surprisingly succumbed to European public opinion. The ultra left has demonstrated in favor of Hezbollah through the streets of San Francisco. This is a dark day for the USA. The IslamoFascists will see this as weakness, which it is, and plan their behavior accordingly. We may expect more attacks and brutality. Fear is the one emotion that will defeat anyone, particularly uncontrolled fear.

Look out below! The wacko left is begging for its life but their appeal will avail them little if Islam takes over. The first people into the execution chamber will be the transgender population, then the adulterers (Right or Left), alcohol consumers, women dressed incorrectly, etc. Mike Wallace proved this during his interview with the Iranian President Ahmaneijad. Wallace came away with the impression that the President was a reasonable man and that his bark is worse than his bite. Wallace is like many really old people he has lost his nerve and wants to please and not take any chances.

All citizens of the USA should decide that there is a lot at stake beyond out quipping your fellow citizens. Pretending everything will be okay won’t make it so. Israel is our only ally in the Middle East and they are our proxy promoting democracy. It should be obvious to all except those who refuse to see that simply voting doesn’t bring freedom. The Europeans were correct in saying that the Arabs are not ready for democracy their culture simply won’t permit it.

By abandoning Israel the United States has given the Arab states and their terror tools a big confidence boost. These people understand only one thing and that the strong prevail. Showing weakness does not promote peace.