Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dems Gone Wild

Is the Democratic National Committee so nervous, even the face of victory, that they must resort to censorship? Howard Dean is making the rounds of black broadcasters begging them to get out the vote “In your own interest” because finally seniority is coming to elected black representatives. Of course one them is an impeached Federal judge but that shouldn’t worry Democrats.  Then here comes ABC, one of the Democrat Party stalwart media helpers.  How could this happen … The Road To 9/11?

The howls of pain, even though Bill Clinton claims that no one on his side has even seen it, Billy boy called Eiger the head of Disney to plead for a no-broadcast. Why? Was there any outcry about fairness when Howard Dean was recommending Fahrenheit 911 as the definitive reason to vote Democrat? Then here comes Cindy fantasying about aborting an unborn George W. Bush, are these people really so horrible? It seems that they are and the nation will pay a stiff price for reinstating them.

What are these people afraid of? Are they projecting their own behavior when they think about the Bush administration? Of course they are facile in their claims of international dislike of the United States, but if its true why when they come back to seat of power and ego should that change. They are still Americans aren’t they?

Here’s what’s going to happen the day after the elections if the Democrats get control of the house: George Bush will have impeachment proceedings instituted against him. If the Democrats get control of both houses GWB will most likely be convicted and removed from office. That puts Dick Cheney in charge. Victory? What about the state of the nation? Taxes will be raised, the military will have its budget cut, and the US will run out of Iraq. The Iraq War was won, the peace was lost.

The United States will be seen as weak and vacillating; vulnerable to attack without answer. When terrorists blow up another two or three thousand people the Democrats will send the FBI to investigate and warn the bomber not to do it again or something bad will happen to them. Once they stop laughing another bomb will explode.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A trial for terrorists

A trial for terrorists is a difficult issue clouded by the term Prisoner of War. After a recent Federal Appeals Court decision, politically motivated, struck down the methods planned by the Executive Branch for trying terrorists in military tribunals, the government is trying to get new laws passed the will make this possible. Will there be an end to the war on terror? If so the prisoners must be released at that point. Are they prisoners of war or criminals? If they are the latter then they must be tried and if convicted imprisoned for some period.

The method of trial chosen is that of a military court, with rules of evidence competent with that setting. These trials will most likely but held in secret, but maybe not. The secrecy would prohibit political grandstanding, but would lead to questions about the legitimacy of the convictions. The same end of punishment can be gained by declaring these captives prisoners of war and holding them indefinitely until the war on terror is declared over. That could be a very long time indeed.

There is a problem with this plan in that is reduces the need for the terrorists to cooperate with the US government as a ploy for earlier release. If the information gathered from these individuals has been or is helpful they should be released earlier in compensation. Their release should not be precipitous but calculated to protect their lives and the USA simultaneously. Undoubtedly such captives would be killed by their confreres upon their reentry in the world of IslamoFascism.

The real social and political difficulty in the United States is the desire on the ultra-left to make heroes of those who would kill all non Muslims and those in the middle and right who want to protect the country and do the right thing at the same time. Can this be done? The ultra-left and their intimidated left compadres are in a tight spot. Their heroes: Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Che Gueverra, Ghaddafi, and the rest are in direct opposition to main stream American opinion and view of what is correct.

A good guess is that this question will be resolved to no one’s satisfaction by the Supreme Court in due course.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Labor Day weekend

The Labor Day weekend raised some interesting issues some of them frustrating to conservatives. The promotional momentum is with the Democrats and they know it. Their behavior is becoming more confident as the polls show that they are ahead in nearly every category. Beware the polls! There might be a con game afoot with the mainstream media leading the way. The constant barrage of bad news must of course wear anyone down, but it is Election Day that will produce the final poll numbers.

In this respect the Republicans are in danger if they cannot motivate their core voters to take seriously the chance of losing control of the House and Senate, despite the fact they have been mostly unwilling to exert such power as they have. The Democrats are so confident that they have begun proposing the end of funding for the military action in Iraq, something that Tim Russert had said would not happen. Speeches are being given listing Republican failures over the last six years, a litany that would not have occurred without the strength of polling data; some of which purports that the majority of Americans trust the Democrats more on national defense. That is an assertion that is worth some skepticism.

The Democrats willingness to use and abuse power when they get it is well known. Should court nominations arise while they control the Senate, rest assured that the nuclear option will be used by them if needed to achieve their ends.

During the Labor Day Celebrations many columnists urged businesses to raise wages, without considering if the business could afford this action. It is simply a feel good action on the part of the writer. Illegal workers demonstrated against arrest for violation of the law. “Don’t arrest the workers” read some signs; a really pathetic attempt to evoke sympathy. Where were the union activists pleading for the admission of illegals? Where were the liberals demanding that low wages be stopped so that union workers could maintain their position in society?

The Republicans have failed to protect the borders of the United States and the results will be obvious in the next few years. Undoubtedly IslamoFascists sleeper cells are here and waiting orders. It may sooner, but most likely the attacks will begin after the Democrats take charge. The enemies of this nation know that the liberals and ultra-liberals feel guilty about their place in the world and will do anything to appease these murderers. The recent suggestion by Al-Zawhiri that all non-Muslims take the time to convert to Islam was not a joke. Michael Moore and his followers don’t take these people seriously so great is their outrage at their own country.

Coming soon to a mall near you will be the self-exploding, naïve, Muslim. Be wary.