Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Atheism Why So Strident?

There seems to be within the human psyche a need for spirituality, though obvious it is denied vociferously by many. Religion today takes many forms and perhaps this is a not so recent trend. In the United States of America there is much pain caused and endured by the greatly misunderstood doctrine of separation of church and state. This idea has been completely twisted out of shape by those who want attention, are conformists, want to seem more intelligent than they are, maliciously want to hurt others, and those who want a religion but one that seems unorganized.

Separation of Church and State simply means that there will be no national religion established, maintained, and dictated by the government of the United States. This has nothing to do with all the things atheists have, are, and will complain about. All this noise of being excluded, having their feelings hurt, and being snubbed by society is just that: noise. What is really going on is their need to believe clashing with their need for attention. They speak of the intolerance by believers regarding the beliefs of atheists. Is this true?

At this point atheists are reduced to an undignified search for symbols; the Tree of Knowledge comes to mind as does the "Celebration of The Seasons". Atheism is the polar opposite of any organized belief system that includes a deity or group of deities. Therefore no symbols should be needed. Rather atheists should go quietly on their way ignoring the stupidity of believers instead of competing with them for the spotlight.

For most human beings such an action, while noble, is spiritually impossible. This is proved by the confused nature of societies around the planet. In the USA drugged out teenagers are shooting their fellows in hopes of gaining notoriety; a desperate idea as they are usually not around themselves to know if they were successful. In Muslim society the fear of non conformance is so great that those groups have not advanced beyond the 9th Century AD. Contact with other religious groups is generally proscribed by "modern" Islam and in some cases is punishable by death. The main thrust of Islamic politics today is world domination by any means.

Neither Hindu nor Muslim will tolerate the other when the chance to kill one or the other presents itself. In China the government is the religion all others are not or only barely tolerated; in the latter case only if such religions resemble parlor games. This tedious situation abides almost everywhere.

Today a new religion with a secular caste is being foisted upon its citizens by the state. This attempt will probably be successful though short lived. Its name is Global Warming, its high priest is Al Gore and his acolytes though myriad are chiefly represented by politicians looking for a way to preserve their power. Once the sun flares abate the crisis will pass and success will be claimed by the Church of Global Warming: it is false.

However as in typical organized religions non-believers are considered heretics and persecution is allowed. Atheists are betraying their beliefs simply by making such an issue of them. The existence of any belief system is what irritates them. Their sad need for attention and the intolerance of any but their own ideas is bringing them to the fore now more than ever. It is safe for them.


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