Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Liberal Outrage Over VT Shooting

If the situation weren't so difficult the liberals reaction to this shooting would be laughable. Chris Matthews made a statement last night that was so ridiculous that is was stunning in its arrogance. "Its as easy to buy a gun in Virginia as it is to buy a pizza." What a pompous ass, though the obvious needs no reiteration. The larger question is what are these media hotheads upset about?

These are the same self-appointed geniuses who support all forms of abortion including partial birth abortions. They oppose the possession of firearms by anyone but themselves. Again this is the Platonic legacy discussed a couple of days ago. Only the superior are able to govern others and further they shall not be subject to criticism rather they will do the commentary themselves about others.

This column does not support the death penalty; instead it proposes the building of enormous, remotely situated prisons where those convicted of murder may be housed until their richly deserved deaths. This plan would actually be a living death as no contact with the outside world would be permitted and no parole possible.

The shootings at Virginia Tech is a symptom of a self- indulgent culture. It is a culture that makes possible the consideration of taking one's own misery out on others. Suicide is every one's option but the self serving murder of others and then killing one's self is cowardly and despicable. Yet soon there will be books, movies, and perhaps recording glorifying such and act.

Today the US Supreme court outlawed partial birth abortion; undoubtedly the talking heads will be out in full force. Their only problem will be deciding when to go after guns or after the supreme court.

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