Monday, December 03, 2007

A Believable Conspiracy Theory

It appears that Hillary Clinton, worried about her poll slippage, conceived and executed a plan that would reinstate her as the leading candidate for the Democrat Party. Last week in New Hampshire and nut-case schizophrenic entered the Clinton campaign headquarters and " held hostage" several people. Of course the campaign committee will deny the idea that they were behind the hostage situation, but will they be truthful?

The Clintons are well known for hard ball politics, deceit, revenge, anger, and one positive trait; determination. The syncophants that surround the Clintons will do anything for them e.g. Sand Berger stealing and destroying classified materials from the National Archive in an effort to protect Bill Clinton from scrutiny regarding Osma Bin Laden.

Today Hillary is being praised by her media cohorts as providing a shining example of leadership with her behavior during the "hostage situation". Further she demonstrated her compassion in allowing that the hostage taker was merely a troubled individual who needed help not harm. Various pundits have put forward the idea that Hillary could lose Iowa but not Iowa and New Hampshire. It seemed likely, before this incident, that she might indeed lose Iowa. Now such an outcome is more problematic as the welling of misplaced and phony sympathy is being heaped upon the candidate.

She might still come in behind Obama in Iowa as she has been slipping in both Iowa and New Hampshire. It is interesting that the hostage event took place in New Hampshire and not Iowa. Of course New Hampshire is much more accessible to national media, including CNN which apparently got the first call about this occurrence. New Hampshire is in the correct time zone to get the largest audience most immediately.

Clinton's stock is on the rise once again. Based on the dirty tricks the Clintons are known for it is not unreasonable to expect more such media events. It is easier to believe that the Clinton campaign deliberately stage this incident especially in light of the perpetrator's statement that had was compelled to act because he had no access to health care: a patent falsehood that fits in well with the campaign to socialize medicine in the United States.

Osama Bin Laden constantly claims sole credit for 9/11 and yet the 9?11 "Truthers" refuse to accept his word. How will they react to this claim about the Clinton campaign's responsibility for a fake hostage situation?


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