Friday, October 26, 2007

Why The Democrats Accuse Bush of Dictatorship

As this year has passed the public have been treated to various instances of praise for Hugo Chavez, the soon to be dictator for life in Venezuela. Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and other liberal luminaries have sung Chavez's praises. Yet Chavez is about to receive powers that will enable him to imprison critics without charges and for an indefinite period. Recently Robert Redford , during a speech in Italy, lamented the loss of personal freedoms in the United States.

While this behavior may not seem odd to many, it is revealing if considered in the context of liberal plans for the USA. Already at "elite" colleges and universities free speech is only allowed if the choir already agrees with the preacher. The "intellectual left" does not want to do much thinking. For this reason the left calls George Bush a dictator. In reality this is behavior projection, and unwitting at that.

When or if Hillary is elected president the change will be slow be inevitable. The Democrat Party will attempt to move in the direction of Venezuela, Cuba, and Putin's Russia. This may seem far fetched to most but it is true. Be wary and observe; all the Democrat leadership's actions since taking power have been the mirror image of what they have accused George Bush.

Bush is no prize but he is at least relatively honest. There is no integrity on display by the left in the US. Emotional outrage that their ideas are not accepted by all. This is the behavior of children and that is what the citizens of the Americas are up against. All the adults are going home and leaving the kids to demolish the playroom.

In the United States today not one right has been lost. In fact several have been invented e.g. the right to privacy, the right to abortion on demand and the right to health care. Since none of these "rights" are listed in the Constitution they have been deduced as inherent because a voting group wanted them.

Many of the protections under The Bill of Rights will be lost over the next twenty years or so, depending on how fast the liberal majority feels safe in moving. The fact is that the body politic is in decline and the possibility of Civil War is not inconceivable.

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monkbiker said...

You're right, the possibility of civil war is certainly not inconceivable. Read "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup Of America" by Thomas Chittum.
When and if the rational people in America get sick and tired of the unending series of minor outrages that are being perpetrated upon them on an almost-daily basis, you'll see it.
At this point, the only answer I see is to throw out every elected politician in every office across America. The only people left in a gov't building should be the ones who take out the trash and vacuum the rugs.
We should hold new elections - the only requirement is the person should be an American citizen and have never held office before.

We should start over from scratch.