Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberal Ecstasy

Can any day in recent memory be more joyful to the left wing crazies? Today is their RED LETTER Day. Scooter Libby, former attorney for Marc Rich, was convicted on four out of five counts of obstruction of justice. Of course the media and the Democrats have construed this as a condemnation of the Iraq war, as if they needed another one, and have exalted Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson.

Forget the facts of the matter, that Richard Armitage outed Valerie (Plame) Wilson and that there was no case to pursue. Rather use the logic of Joseph Goebbels and tell the biggest lie possible guaranteeing that at least part of it will be accepted by the gullible general public. The American public is the biggest loser as the justice system continues to take hits to its credibility.

One might be reminded of 15th and 16th Royal Houses of Europe when considering the current state of politics in the United States. Certainly there are no dynasties, well except for the Clinton and Bush ones, but today's politicians are more concerned with jailing their opposition than actually proposing some solutions for the real problems facing the nation. It is doubtful that George Bush will have the courage to pardon Mr. Libby as he has apparently completely lost his way.

The lunacy evidenced in American political life might be dispriting if not for the literary history of the nation. From Mark Twain to H.L. Mencken we are assured that things might be more obvious but not so different today. The uber libs are juvenile delingquents in their behavior. Asserting their moral and intellectual superiority while publicly wishing for the death of another human being and fellow citizen; Dick Cheney. At the same time one of the left wing gods, George Soros, is investing millions in shares of Halliburton. He now owns two percent of the company. It might be supposed that his actions are for the good of the company and not simply to recoup the millions he lost supporing MoveOn.org.

The nation is indeed adrift with no reasonable leader emerging on either side of the spectrum. Hillary is attempting to be blacker than Obama while he is trying to simply be black. What a world.


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