Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nancy Come Out Wherever You Are

Where is Nancy? According to the Wall Street Journal’s profile of the up and coming Democrat candidates there appears to be a move back towards the center by those who are expected to win their races. The obvious problem within the Party must wait for solution for the moment it is essential that the Party regain its power in the Congress. To that end the ultraliberal nut jobs who actually lead the party are missing in action at the moment.

This situation is reminiscent of the Republican debacle of 1992 when Pat Buchanan’s Culture War speech scared off center to center left base voters. The result was the presidency of Bill Clinton; for better or worse. The Democrats have finally learned a few lessons and this might serve them well. First they now know that they were not anointed by God to lead the US indefinitely; this even though they don’t believe in the existence of God. Second they also know to shut up around election time about their true beliefs and plans. To figure out what the Democrat Party’s true positions are one must obtain a fund raising letter and read it carefully. In these letters the party’s true ambitions, goals, hatreds, and fears are revealed. This is not the case with Republican fund raisers as they merely reflect what George Bush is saying all the time.

A Democrat success in November would historically expected, though perhaps not a landslide. Since the outcome will be typical of off year elections where the party out of power picks up seats to the discomfort of the leading party, a change is needed; more circumspect behavior will be needed on the part of the victors. To seize the ultimate prize, both houses of congress and the presidency, the Democrats must appear to be more centrist than their financial backers desire. If they reveal themselves fully they will lose badly in 2008. The United States citizenry is aging and that in itself is a problem for liberals. Excluding lawyers and college professors the aging left is dwindling and shifting its focus to the right of the political spectrum.

November 7 may end up as the ultimate anti-climax given the hype that is floating about these days.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Return of Harry Truman

Will 2006 be a Harry Truman year? Many of you might remember that Thomas Dewey was not predicted to defeat Harry Truman in the 1948 election; some newspapers actually printed the result that “Dewey Defeats Truman.” Of course that was incorrect but is it possible that once again the pundits and pollsters are wrong and that the Republicans can pull out an off year victory?

It is of course possible but what would a “victory” entail. Based on current thinking and poll results simply breaking even might constitute a win. Certainly retention of control of either houses of Congress would disappoint every one on the left and in the media. How likely is this to happen?

Considering the recent gaffe by John Kerry and its potential to get out the conservative base and the possibility of Michael Steele’s victory in Maryland there are certainly indications of life in the Grand Old Party. America does not want another Vietnam-style defeat on its record and even a pull out can not really be considered as such. Nonetheless the war is undoubtedly the single factor that could tip the balance to the Democrats. All the points raised by the Democrats are merely the same so called issues they raise every day in hopes that like a broken clock they will be correct at least twice a day.

The stock market is up and many shareholders are now worker bees with 401(k) plans whose value depends on the stock market. Auto sales have begun trending up with the decline in petrol prices. The real estate and housing market are in decline but as this is a lagging indicator the problem is probably not as great as it seems. The cable news outlets have made the hysterical broadcast of everything seem more important than it really is. No one has a chance to take a breath and evaluate their situation with relation to events as they might see them.

Should the electorate actually stop and take stock of the situation prior to the election then the Republicans will pull off quite a surprise. However should the voters decide that the fear mongers are correct it is likely that election predictions of a Democrat victory will come true.

Some think this is a good thing; hoping the Democrats will do something stupid and lose the 2008 ballot. This is naive and quite dangerous thinking.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Stumbles Again

John Kerry summed it up perfectly; anyone who votes Republican is stupid and needs the Democrat Party to run their lives. This kindness has been stated in less direct terms by Hillary Clinton and the rest but this stern reminder of Democrat intellectual superiority is remarkable.

Why anyone would trust them with the safety of the general population is beyond reckoning. The fact is that as a group the military population is generally better educated, better informed, more disciplined than almost any other similar class in the US. Of course Mr. Kerry is attempting to pass his comments off as a failed joke; the idea being that George Bush is too stupid to succeed as President let alone in such an adventure as Iraq.

It was revealed last election season that both Kerry and Bush had graduated from Yale and that Bush actually made better grades and had a stronger transcript than Kerry. Kerry’s behavior is confirming that. When the shoe is on the other foot liberals howl in pain about the unfairness of confronting their behavior. Never will they face their own problems in a responsible sense. The so called public interest media, e.g. Chris Matthews, hew strictly to the Democrat Party line and then wonder why the general public doesn’t tune in. Why put up with advertisements simply to watch propaganda.

The reason Fox News Channel is so despised by liberals is that Fox attempts to present and unbiased point of view; not always successfully. The other media members don’t even give fairness lip service. It will be interesting if John Kerry has single handedly energized the Republican base but don’t count on it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iraq the Bush Legacy

Iraq is a failure, a failure of planning and now of will. Many opportunities were lost as we all know, but the greatest failure was not taking the chance to capture and imprison al-Sadar. The Prime Minister of Iraq, al-Maliki is a complete loss for the United States. At this point there is little to wait for. Once the United States pulls out of Iraq tremendous violence against Sunnis will begin. This violence will be heavily supported by Iran and Syria.

The situation could fairly easily devolve into a Pan Arab or Pan Muslim war that will engulf the entire Middle East with consequences unknown. The war against terrorism is something that must be fought and will be whether liberals like it or not. The case for the war in Iraq was never clear or simple, and is now a flop.

The actual war has been over for three years; it is the occupation that is a failure. This failure must be laid squarely at the feet of George Bush and the people he relied on to succeed in Iraq. These are not impeachable offenses but undoubtedly the Democratistas will attempt such a legal coup d’etat. The success of such an action while not impossible is certainly dubious. Its benefits to the nation are non-existent.

Today the US military obeyed an order from al-Maliki and abandoned the checkpoints around Baghdad. This action clearly gives al-Sadar the upper hand and bodes ill for a secular democracy in Iraq. The Iranian model is the most likely outcome. Unfortunately the US withdrawal, if precipitous, will only encourage further attacks on the US homeland. These attacks will be facilitated by the Democrat Party, the ACLU, and Democrat hack judges. The general population will pay the price.

These will be the consequences of the invasion of Iraq, and that will be the legacy of George W. Bush.