Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Light Begins To Dawn

The controversy over Iraq is beginning to resemble a Kafka novel. One may fairly imagine the members of the looney left wondering just what their lives mean. After basking in the election results, unreasonably, they flexed their muscles and bullied the Democrat Party leadership into heading for the precipice. Yesterday a notable shift began.

The main allies of the uber liberals is the print media and some television outlets. These friends have begun to shift away from defeat by proxy in Iraq and now realize the imminent danger to the Democrat Party such a result would present. Of course Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don't get it because they need the money provided by the slobbering masses of MoveOn.Org and the Daily Kos. The brilliant people on the left are apparently self diagnosed as their is no evidence that they are able to communicate their ideas and emotions in any civil fashion. Their behavior continues to resemble toddlers. One can only hope that they will hold their breath and turn blue.

So now with the "surge" succeeding the howls of pain are related to the politic situation. This is of course natural and reasonable. The Iraqi Shia want revenge, a time honored behavior in Islam, and will string out reconciliation as long as possible. Apparently the Sunnis are waking up to the fact that if the US leaves they will be exterminated by their peace loving Islamic brethren. So cooperation with allied forces and rejection of Al Qeada has become a worthy strategy. Some of the more mature left wingers realize this too and want to avoid being blamed for the genocide that will follow their recommended course of action.

The middle and right wing of American politics must not deride this return to rationality by some members of the left. Rather it must be welcomed as a unifying act on the part of fellow citizens and a hopeful sign that the United States will preserve its interests without further damaging its influence.

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