Monday, December 10, 2007

Want To Change American Political Life?

Seldom are endorsements made in these pages, but this one is different and essential. Below is a transcription of a handout which will make clear the urgency:

"Wouldn't you love to see our representatives and senators in Washington accomplishing great things in an atmosphere of cooperation and productivity, without all the party politics and corruption that so often stops progress in its tracks?

I also have that wish, and I've given it a name : America 357.

For the last six year, the movement has been working at the grassroots level to get partisan politics out of the federal government. We've watched as party interests dominate decision-making in Washington. We've seen the undeserved influence enjoyed by lobbyists and others with enough money to buy preferential treatment from our lawmakers.....treatment the rest of us have a right to but can't afford.

And we have seen how all this degrades the quality of governance being delivered to average American citizens like you and me.

Do you agree that party politics has tainted our government?

America 357 was founded with a goal of uniting like-minded citizens who are prepared to stand together and demand that out politicians become accountable to us, the people, once again.

We, the people, elected them but you'd never guess it by their actions in Congress. That has to change.

There is a growing appetite in America for responsibility and accountability in government. We want to expand this movement into a nationwide revolution.

Do you believe in a peaceful political revolution?

Then please get involved in America 357 b y reading the companion document, which explains more about our goals (including why the number 357) Consider subscribing to our free newsletter.

By supporting America 357 you will help propel this movement forward into a much better future for all of us ; and you'll have the satisfaction of being at the forefront of a history making venture.

Let's make a promise to America. Let's promise we will wort to give her back the democratic principles that were her birthright from the very start. This is not only a gift to our nation but also to ourselves and future generations.

Together we can take the power out of party politics and put it back where it belongs: into the hands of the people. Together we can send a clear message to Washington : THE PARTY IS OVER! "

This article was written by Lee Scheaffer Founder and Director of America 357. It is highly recommended that anyone with further interest visit the web site

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