Saturday, February 11, 2006

Winter Olympics

Ah! The Winter Olympics are here at last. While these Games will be tainted with some sort of scandal, they will be most entertaining. The Winter Games have become more important than the Summer Games. The events garner more interest simply because so many recreational athletes participate in them. Skiing, skating, cross-country skiing, and others are no longer relegated to their countries of origin. This also explains why there are now so many different nations putting teams forward. What used to be the almost exclusive province of the Europeans is now a true world competition.

The medal count will certainly be more diverse and the results more interesting due to the suspense created by the appearance of well conditioned athletes world wide. So far there is no appearance of the financial scandal of Salt Lake City, and we can hope that the figure skating will not be marred by corrupt judging. There will be cheating, there always is.

The need for approbation is so great in human nature that winning by cheating is often tried. The problem of course is that winning in this fashion is not winning at all. The most famous examples, once revealed, have left ashes in the mouths of the victors and stained their national honor. They can no longer be taken seriously in competition, which is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to the human psyche.

The East German transformation of women athletes to quasi men, the Russian victory in the 1972 basketball final, the South Korean silver medal in boxing, are all examples of national interest taking the place of sportsmanship and true achievement. These incidents may be favorably compared to Islamic violence. In both cases the actions are predicated on weakness, fear, and the feeling of being powerless in the world at large and specifically at home. All these hopes and fears are exposed under the pressure of the international spotlight. I hope these games will offer us an insight in the true meaning of sport, which is that hard work and discipline will be rewarded in the marketplace of competition. The best, like the truth, will out.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Al-Qaeda's Next Attack

I predict that OBL will mount another attack on the USA and that we will be surprised. I am amazed that no such attack has taken place since 9/11/2001. Since it has been nearly five years since the last successful major attack, the timing seems right for another. It will be easier now that Al-Qaeda knows some of the methods used by the USA to thwart such actions, and will be easier still if the demogogues in congress have their way. This applies equally to Democrats and Republicans who put their personal power and perogatives above the safety of the nation and its people.

As citizens we expect our government, hired by and paid for by us, to protect us. That is the primary function of any government. The other jobs that can be taken on like environmental policies, welfare, etc., are of secondary concern. During every conflict the presidents of the United States have excercised extraordinary powers. From Abraham Lincoln who suspended haebeus corpus, Woodrow Wilson who got the Sedition Act passed and imprisoned war critics, to Franklin Roosevelt who not only spied on US citizens, but actually imprisoned 30,000 in concentration camps because of their ethnicity, we agreed to allow such actions.

During the Civil Rights struggle Kennedy and Johnson frequently engaged in illegal wiretapping to monitor the activities of Dr. King, and of course Nixon did it as a matter of policy to keep track of his personal political enemies. Nixon was the catalyst for the notion that congress should rule and the president should be a ceremonial ornament.

The War Powers Act was passed, over the objection of the Ford White House and was vetoed. It was overruled. FISA and the War Powers Act are probably unconstitutional and will be so found when they are finally challenged. When the next Al-Qaeda attack is successful within our borders the protestors will be blamed. This may or may not be fair, but it will happen. The problems created by this action will be much more severe than most think.

A new, successful attack will create a backlash that will be hard to control. Laws will be passed authorizing all kinds of defensive measures and restrictions that will be far worse than those minor problems complained of now. The internal divisions of a democracy and the free expression thereof are the hallmarks of freedom. They are often viewed as weakness by those that would never allow such things in a population ruled by them, be it Al-Qaeda, Wahhabbists, Baathists, Communists, or Facists. The real strength of a democratice republic is that such freedom of expression creates mutual respect, in the long run, which may not be obvious. We can put aside our differences to defend ourselves; we have in the past and will do so now and in the future.

Totalitarian governments misjudge freedom and liberty for weakness. For that reason a truck bomb will explode in Manhattan, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, or somewhere, maybe in each place. The reaction to such an event will be over the top and devasting to the Arab nations. The problem of Iranian nukes will be resolved almost immediately after the next Al-Qaeda attack on the United States.

Not again!!

Well, there they go again. The Democrats, especially Jimmy Carter, are still lost in the wilderness. They still cannot believe that a majority of the American public have rejected them. The odd thing is that the Democrat party is anti-democracy. They remind me of the Mexican ruling party that was displaced for the first time about 10 years ago. The lack of class and taste runs high among the Democrat leadership. Was Coretta Scott King’s funeral the place to dishonor George Bush, something that can be and is done everyday, or to honor the life of the woman who stood by her husband through thick and thin? A woman who raised two children to be good citizens and leadersafter the assassination of Dr. King, and should be recognized, and honored for such instead of having her coffin be a platform for showing off in such a childish manner.

Jimmy Carter, the worst American President ever, played true to form. He has a tin ear and a giant ego. If he is a representative of Christian and American values, give me atheism and Hugo Chavez. The Democrats are worried that the slaves will leave the plantation and start thinking for themselves. That they will be ungrateful for the gains made at the behest of whites in the Democrat party. Blacks are too stupid to make it without the help of the Democrats, stay home boy it’s a tough world out there. That seems to be the prevailing opinion among feel good leftists. Here, have some food stamps, don’t get a job, we’ll take care of you, just be sure you vote Democrat. Don’t worry about those illegal immigrants taking your place at the cotton gin, there’s plenty of tax dollars to go around.

Mrs. King’s funeral was a warning to the faithful when it should have been a day to reflect on what has been accomplished and at what price. The King family is one the most heroic American families, much more so than the Kennedys who are a group of cynical rich criminals. The King family has sacrificed and basically lived for others, the Kennedys, the Jacksons, and the Sharptons of the world live for themselves, and desire to rule others.

Black Americans should be a term that does not exist, but it does and will as long as the race card gets played by politicians. Why is the Bush administration the first to have a multicultural and multiracial government with real power being in the hands of the competent minority memebers instead of the white males?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spying? - Of Course We Are

Hypocrisy on the American Left reigns supreme.  The USA and the rest of Western Civilization is at war, this much is true even if many will not admit it.  The current violence supposedly engendered by Danish cartoons makes this manifest.  In my opinion it is simply an excuse to burn something and to kill someone.  As I have said political violence is generally the result of feeling powerless because either your views are not espoused by the population in general or because the regime is a police state in which the free expression of political views is prohibited by force.

In the United States we are giving up our safety so that politicians can posture and grasp for power.  I guess the US has evolved to the point that the Hitlerian accusation of decadence has finally come to pass. Russ Feingold, who on the basis of his name alone would be immediately executed by Muslim fundamentalists, is one of the weakest senators currently serving.  He is the archetype Wisconsin liberal who in the 60s would have said “Better Red than Dead.”  Do the liberal bloviators, Republican and Democrat, really think the American public wants to be attacked by Al-Qaeda or anyone else?  Yet, using a false premise, they are willing to risk it to usurp the president’s ability to protect the nation.

Of course we are spying on our enemies.  They are spying on us too, only they just have to turn on the television; a low risk espionage operation at the least. Senator Spector is a little schizophrenic in his views, he feels safe now that he has shepherded two nominees to the Supreme Court safely through the process.  Now his true colors can be flown.  I don’t expect him to get in the car with Ted Kennedy, that’s too dangerous, but he and Lincoln Chaffee will find their way to placate their Democrat soul mates.

Who in their right mind actually believes the tripe being bruited about by the Left regarding the NSA surveillance?  It’s difficult to believe but the Left is letting its hatred for George Bush to endanger the general population of the country.  This will not win them votes.

Monday, February 06, 2006

You read it here first

You read it here first; four weeks ago I predicted the Super Bowl would be contested by the Steelers and the Seahawks and that the Steelers would prevail. What, no applause? Oh well, I was still right, though I must admit I had a few worries during the game. At one point, Herndon’s interception, I thought that young Ben had thrown the game away. Pun intended.

The first half was a see-saw battle that saw the Steelers ahead by four points. The touchdown was very iffy from the view on television. The teams battled on. The halftime program was pathetic. I have been a Stones fan since 1964 when I was a junior in high school they were great then and they are not now.

The second half of the game was better, but I doubt that the game will go down as the most thrilling. At least Jerome Bettis got his Super Bowl ring, much deserved and the Steelers became only the third franchise to win five Super Bowls. Anyway back to normal today. Another article to stimulate your thinking is on its way later today.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Muslims Aren't Ready

It’s obvious that Muslims are not ready for the modern world.  Political cartoons are often hurtful to those whose view they attack, however there is no excuse for violence in response to them.  The impulse for discourse does not exist in many fundamentalists world view.  They are right, you are wrong, and therefore you must be killed.

I reiterate a previous thought that violence is often the only path the powerless see open to them.  Their leaders or should I say miss-leaders make this alternative seem to be the only road to be taken.  Clearly the best option is to work to gain some kind of power within the society in which they find themselves.  This is actually the key to the success of the USA, groups can get political attention, but they must work for it.

Take Hamas for example, if this group would take a chance and repudiate their wish to destroy Israel, then the future of current and unborn Palestinians will be much brighter.  A big step has been taken in the elections, and Fatah has learned a powerful lesson: unity is better than splintering to retain control.  Alas Islamic Fundamentalists live in a world where only they count.  No amount of accommodation will placate them.  Even when educated they cannot escape their security blanket of Allah’s will.  Fatalism ne’er won social well being.

The violent response to criticism is completely hypocritical of course.  Islamic press cartoons are completely disrespectful of all infidels.  The fact that that word is still current demonstrates the attitude of Muslims towards the rest of the world’s people.

I would venture one more position.  Islam, as it is being bruited about the Middle East violates its own principles. The current crop of Muslims has elevated Mohammed to the level of Allah.  Blasphemy is reserved for deities only, unless Islam has more than one God, editorial cartoons are not a transgression.  One cannot blaspheme Mohammed as he is not divine.

On that note I bid you farewell for now, but leave you with this question: beyond Judaism is there a single religion that is truly monotheistic?