Friday, December 01, 2006

Promises Schomises

Democrat Party Leaders are now shying away from their early goals. The first of these setbacks comes as no real shock; they are trading the security of the United States for personal power within the Congress. Yesterday Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrat Party would not be implementing every recommendation of the 9/11 commission as promised during the campaign. Senator Chris Dodd dismissed complaints about this as naiveté on the part of the electorate as such promises are just campaign rhetoric.

The real difficulty that has arisen is that establishing new oversight committees will weaken the other committees already led by Democrat hacks. This is only the first of many changes that can be expected during the first “100 Hours” promised by Pelosi and her cronies. The amusing thing is that the Democrats are fending off Republican criticism of their behavior as out of place since the Republicans behaved the same way. So why elect Democrats?

The American public is extremely gullible; one only has to consider the content of media advertising to reach this conclusion. The US education system is so bad that one can not reasonably expect literate students to emerge from the schools. It appears that the education system is designed to benefit school administrators and provide a safe retirement for teachers. The curriculum is designed to teach testing end points and not to educate the populace. As the old saying goes “Garbage in, garbage out.”

It seems very likely that the electorate will be very frustrated with the Congress by 2008 and that this session will be as lame a duck as the remaining years of the Bush presidency.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Liberal - Iran Nexus

Howard Dean and Ahmadinejad are allies. Dean, speaking French to a Quebec crowd of Canadian liberals, criticized President Bush, crowed over the election results, and took a poke a Fox News; none of which actions is surprising. The liberals despise Fox News for the simple reason that Fox doesn’t give them a pass on the liberal’s inane behavior. To disagree with a liberal is to admit being insane. After all they know what is best for everyone.

Ahmadinejad is a slightly different bird. Of course he feels that with the election of a Democrat Party majority Iran will get a free pass on its nuclear program and anything else it wants. Mr. Ahmadinejad wants the US to write him a letter in response to missives he sends. No doubt Nancy and Harry will do so, perhaps inviting him to address a joint session of congress. Crawling before our enemies is going to be the new strategy for survival. Public opinion means everything in the United States. Of course by the time terrorists attacks shift public opinion back to the Bush Doctrine it might be a little late to take action.

The recent comments by Charlie Rangel and John Kerry illustrate the prevailing view of military service among Democrats and their allies on the wacky left. The allies are groups of Americans who have never grown up and are unwilling to face the harsh realities of life. Many of them are wealthy enough to have sycophants that isolate them from such nerve wracking events. Once we can no longer defend ourselves we will join the Euros in begging to be left alone. This is not a plan the Islamofascists can live with. World domination through Sharia is the only acceptable end.

Howard and Mahmud are looking forward to sharing a hookah in Tehran or perhaps a hooker in New York.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The True Religion

Christianity is the world’s only true religion. This statement is true prima facie based only the behavior towards it. Christianity is persecuted in its home country and feared around the world. Why? An examination of its tenets reveals a religion of true peace and love, though many of its adherents do not subscribe to all its principles.

In the United States for example Christianity is assumed to be the national religion event though such a thing is forbidden by the Constitution. The strictures laid against Christian expression cannot be found with regard to any other religion. In fact the symbols of Judaism and Islam are rarely, if ever, forbidden. This lack of attention indicates that Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others are really on a level with Transcendental Meditation in terms of their cultural impact.

Christian leaders have always abused their power, and great it must be, examples are many from the reign of Constantine, the renaissance popes, the inquisition, Henry VIII and his relatives, to modern day Jim Jones and David Koresh, yet the kernel of truth still shines through. One of the most unfortunate aspects of Christianity is its sectarian nature and these sects reliance on the fear found in the Old Testament. Of course Christ claimed that his ideas were fulfilling and replacing the Old Testament; statements that got him killed. The fact that most Christians cannot live simply by the New Testament is troubling, but in terms of human nature quite understandable. The basis for control in Islam is fear, so it is in many Christian sects. Still the power of a simple idea, Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself, makes the religion that expounds it inherently true.

Religion arose in the mists of time to answer the questions about death, drought, warring tribes, and so on. The priestly class gained power by developing answers to these questions and maintained power by keeping education a secret process. From there developed more worldly politicians with armies that could check the priests influence through violence. This corruption naturally led to priestly interpretation in favor the local chieftain. As cultures developed religions became more sophisticated instruments of the state holding all in thrall under the guise of righteousness. This is true from China to Peru, from Rome, to Istanbul, from Baghdad to Jerusalem, from Boston to Los Angeles, only one has the spark of human longing: Christianity.

This is not an argument about whether Christ is God or not. It is simply an observation that the strength of the Christian message is in its recognition that most human beings want peaceful and harmonious relationships with one another. Those exceptions rise in political heights in search of the power to dominate their fellow man. By definition the impulse to power is irreligious.

During the Christmas season repression is at its height, but all year long the fear that someday people will indeed Love Each Other As They Love Themselves will happen and thus de facto depose the powerful works its way to eliminate any such possibility. For that reason alone Christianity must be considered the only true religion.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joe Loves Hugo

Joe Kennedy II, named for his great uncle, is doing a deal with the devil one which his namesake would likely never endorse. The original Joe Kennedy, son not the father, was killed in action during WWII and has been revered as a hero ever since. He died fighting oppression, his great nephew is endorsing a dictator and garnering positive PR in the process. Kennedy and Hugo Chavez have done a deal to provide heating oil, through CITGO, at a 40% discount. This will undoubtedly benefit those who qualify this winter in the colder regions of the US, but what gain will the citizens of Venezuela gain?

Venezuela has sunk in terms of living standards since Hugo took over. He and his mentor, Fidel Castro, are still attempting to spread Marxist style socialism if not communism. The do-good, feel-gooders of the liberal wing love this idea. Utopia always sounds good even if it never pans out. Fidel will soon be , if not already, dead. This will be a great tragedy for the Democrat supporters of this tyrant. They are switching their allegiance to Chavez.

The Kennedy- Chavez nexus is supposedly a non-profit effort but salaries must be paid etc, so profit is in the eye of the profiteer. Chavez hopes to rehabilitate his tarnished image though he is probably going to be disappointed in the long run.

Those conservatives who stayed home or voted Democrat in protest are now getting what they wanted; too bad for the rest of us.

Rangel, Waxman, Dingell, and Durbin are examples of what the future holds; bitter partisan clashes, revenge, and general congressional chaos. This might be good as no legislation is likely to be passed during this period. Rangel's proposal to reinstate the draft is a typically hypocritical view of life. This system was started by Democrats during the First World War and repealed by them immediately after the Vietnam era.

The Kennedy-Chavez proposition is just one more example of this kind of opportunistic thinking and behavior.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Brief View

The crazy part of the year is here. Beginning with Thanksgiving weekend the workplace will slowly grind to a halt; stopping completely during the final two weeks of December. The world of course will continue its celestial journey and on the ground events will continue to unfold. The Democrats are marshalling their complaints against the Bush administration; fundamentally a dead issue as Bush cannot be re-elected and the Democrats control Congress.

The KGB, now known as the FSB, is providing fodder for novelists and screen writers in what appears to be a takeover of Russia. Czar Vladimir Putin I and his cronies are robbing the country blind and murdering anyone who objects or causes scrutiny of the FSB. The lingering death by poison of a former Putin associate is only the latest victim of this purge. There have been at least three other political murders apparently sponsored by the state in the last few years. It is doubtful that any real elections will take place in Russia for the foreseeable future. While this behavior tracks well with Russian psychology the implications for world stability are not so clear. Russia has always been dominated by a strong leader, never has there been a time when democracy of any form has flourished. Such ingrained attitudes make it easier to accept a fait accompli than it is to protest it.

In Iraq the situation is degrading into a “last man standing” scenario in which the political will of the American people is so weak that it is very likely that many Sunnis will be exterminated in the next few years. The Shia will indulge in ethnic cleansing on scale not imagined since the Second World War. The question will then be what is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, et al to do? A Pan-Arab war would devastate the region but will injure Iran and Iraq more. With Turkey on one side and the rest of the Sunnis on the other a squeeze play would result in nuclear retaliation; the rest can be imagined.

The world economy is chugging along with China and India realizing their financial power by simple virtue of their populations. This growth will be impossible for the existing governments to control and so more turmoil there. China is hoping for a good PR result from the Olympic Games but they are so corrupt that only a morbid curiosity about how China will deal with the influx of foreigners will be of interest.