Thursday, January 18, 2007

Al Gore and the Danes

In today's Wall Street Journal a couple of Danish newspaper editors describe their attempt to interview Al Gore while he is in Denmark promoting his ridiculous agenda. Global warming is a good thing; if not for global warming 10,000 years ago there wouldn't be much of a discussion today.

The Journal article points out, from an expert point of view, the weakness of Gore's argument: to whit it is basically a lie. So much is made of scientific consensus, something that is not science only theory, upon which the world is to base its social and economic decisions. During the recent past, say the 14th century, the consensus among scientists was that the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe. It is well to reflect on the impact of consensus as reality when considering one's own opinion.

Al Gore is a phony as is the liberal arguments about global warning; even the hated UN agrees with that last assertion. Liberal environmental arguments have devastated the African continent where since the banning of DDT deaths from malaria exceed 2 million people a year.
Tuberculosis is rampant as is AIDS; which may a viral mutation of some other species yet unknown.

Americans are easily stampeded because the gene that promotes critical thinking seems to be spread rather thinly throughout the population. Why else would liberals be elected on a platform of nothing and then claim a mandate for something while the electorate looks on bemused?

Global warming is a good thing and not a threat; read the editorial and other skeptics and decide for yourself.


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CentFla said...

I tried to read the column that you site but it is in the subscriber area and I could not access it. I was able to read news accounts of the column and it was explained a couple of times that the writer of the two (the other being a scientist) was the one that Gore refused to meet with. I guess he simply had too many people to meet with and he drew a line.
I am no fan of Al Gore, but I am commenting to ask why you claim global warming is a good thing. You drop that comment without explaining it. Surely you are not comparing the global warming that ended the Ice Age to a warming today that would - if the doomsdayers are correct - flood my home in Florida are you?
Recently on Cavuto's show a guest host David Asman said that "my next guest says if what's happening in New York is global warming, he's all for it," Michael Farr, president of the investment firm Farr, Miller & Washington responded, [b]"Well, now, hang on, David. First of all, global warming is a very serious issue, and it could have devastating effects. That we are having a milder winter is a really good thing for the economy, and milder winters are always pretty good." Farr later added, "Global warming is not a good thing. Global warming is a tremendously bad thing."[/b]
Is this the kind of thing that you are basing your "Global Warming is Good" theory on?

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