Saturday, July 29, 2006

Taxes for Power

Beating a dead horse is never much fun, unless it keeps showing signs of life.  Dennis Kucinich, Democrat from Ohio, has proposed a partial nationalization of the United States’ oil industry. Under his bill the US government would confiscate “excess profits.”  This of course is a sure way to guarantee that oil prices will go higher as supplies dwindle due to lack of interest on the part of the oil companies.

The emergence of this bill dovetails nicely with the view that liberals can’t be trusted with economies.  They will inevitably destroy the good life because their definition of the good life is them telling everyone else how to live.  What in the world are excess profits?  In a competitive world a company can never make enough money if it wants to survive.  Kucinich has stated that the oil companies are running the US, in particular Washington, if true why is he still being heard from?  His actions are admirable from one point of view and that is at least he is telling the truth about himself and his views; something most Democrat politicians will never do.  They prefer the bait and switch tactics of promise to make changes and then just enjoy the privileges of power.

The human race must prefer monarchies in its heart of hearts.  The strong leader be he a king, dictator, prime minister, or president is admired and respected.  How else can Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Laden, be explained?  Muslims really do believe all the gibberish about martyrs and the 72 virgins whether liberals like it or not.  Not only will they die willingly when instructed to do so by their leaders they look forward to it.  This makes them a very difficult enemy to defeat: they win by losing.

The Democrats are hell bent on destroying the US economy simply to blame it on the Republican penchant for spending.  The rather simple minded view of many Americans that the government should and can take care of them is the result of 40 years of Democrat rule which ruined the public system of education and reduced the amount of critical thinking that goes on.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Land Purchase Reveals

Cindy Sheehan’s duplicitous purchase of land near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas reveals a character trait of left and ultra-left thinkers: they are inherently dishonest when it comes to achieving their goals.  This is true from Cuba to Venezuela, to Brazil, and to Argentina.  It will be true in the United States if the crowd is ever able to obtain power.

The ultra left loves Castro, Chavez and the like and will emulate them if ever they come to power.  These countries have no economic life to speak of; yes Venezuela has petro-dollars but not much else.  In Argentina the new regime is perverting the courts in much the same way the left has done in the United States for decades.  The result is false imprisonment and the welcome mat for Fidel Castro; one of the world’s premier communist dictators.  Only Kim Jung IL can be considered worse.

The left in America promise to eradicate poverty, they have doing so since 1933 and redoubled their efforts in 1965 when LBJ launched the war on poverty.  Like all other wars on social ills it has been a spectacular failure.  Poverty is listed as the number one problem facing children who are “at risk” in the public schools.  The real problem is too much administration, disinterested instructors, apathetic parents, and cultural resistance.
All this is courtesy of political correctness; a euphemism for a scheme to prevent criticism on the basis of fairness.

The George Soros’ of the world show their deceitfulness everyday and proudly demonstrate their intellectual dishonesty when they compare anyone who disagrees with them as Nazi’s.  They are so caught up in their dreams of power and self-importance that they cannot do anything simply for the good of all.  If after 73 years poverty programs continue to enrich the vendors and administrators, leaving out the poor, why should the left is trusted to get anything right?

In the United States the right wing politicians continue to miss opportunities to get the job done.  They are cowed by political correctness and the enjoyment of the perks of power.  They too are intellectually bankrupt caring only to be re-elected and increase their personal net worth if possible.  George Bush is undoubtedly a good person, but for a 59 year old man he is pretty na├»ve and trusts the judgment of cynics a little too much.

There seems little to expect from these two groups somehow the average American will soldier on despite the Susan Sarandons, the Nancy Pelosis, the Anne Coulters, and the rest of those who would divide and destroy civil society.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Threat is Real

Al-Zawahiri must be taken seriously.  His message today makes clear several things that have been discussed here and are currently being discussed around most of the world.  It is imperative that the threats from Al-Qaeda be evaluated at face value.  They are threatening attacks worldwide that won’t stop until Israel ceases to exist.

Nothing the do-gooders try will ameliorate this problem.  The solution is the complete abandonment of support for Israel; the Europeans took this action many years ago.  The United States will never abandon Israel; it cannot. In fact it would be no surprise to learn that the United States is encouraging Israel and is certainly replenishing the military supplies being consumed in this conflict.

It’s very interesting to hear the translation of the video message from Al-Zawahiri the stilted nature of the phrasing and the use of archaic language illustrates exactly what century these people represent.  They are about 800 years behind the West culturally.  While obvious it also points up the seriousness of the threat and the futility of negotiation.  These are people who are willing to die to the last man; the West is practically unfamiliar with this concept.

The fact that no major terror operation has occurred in the US is no reason for complacency.  Soon there will be suicide bombings in Shopping Malls, on the crowded streets of major US cities, and other violence.  What then?  We will have to wait and see but a reasonable prediction is that even the ultra left will join in the battle.

Confusion at the top

John Kerry has said that if he were president the current conflict between Israel and her enemies would not have happened.  How can this be?  Does Mr. Kerry mean that he is able to control Iran and Syria?  On the other hand Howard Dean is accusing Mr. Maliki, the current Iraqi Prime Minister, of anti-Semitism.  Which side are the Democrats on?  Over the years they have tried to influence Israel to give in to their Arab, and now Muslim enemies.  Now, with elections approaching, they are backpedaling.

The Arabs and Iranians are not really anti-Semitic as they are also a Semitic people but they are anti-Israel and that is the problem.  The Muslims will never stop attacking Israel this is the salient fact that must be faced; there is no peaceful solution to the problem.  Politicians in the United States and the entire non-Muslim world are in denial.  Both American political parties are approaching the situation from the wrong angle.  Our enemies are determined to wipe us out.

There are no moderate Muslims.  It is acceptable according to the Koran to deceive one’s enemies.  If there are Muslims who want a peaceful co-existence then they should make an effort to expose those that don’t.  They should inform authorities about the activities of terrorists. The non-Muslim world should propose a plan for peace but prepare for war; a bloody disastrous one.  It is almost certain that Iran will use nuclear weapons once it has the ability to do so.

The liberals in the US and Europe naively suppose that a religion that is taken very seriously by its believers will ever succumb to what they regard as a weak and decadent society.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

British Open

The R&A must be feeling a bit embarrassed today.  The tournament was superb, but the crowds were rude and certainly not knowledgeable about golf.  To top it off the course was defaced by some people demonstrating either for or against something.  In my opinion it should be another 39 years before the Open comes to Hoylake again.

The Royal Liverpool course is wonderful; too bad it is near Liverpool.  It seems that Liverpudlians have no sense of decorum.  The drama created by the match between Tiger Woods and Chris DiMarco was disgraced by the crowd’s behavior.  The spectators can only be called crowd or mob based on what happened.  The players had to back away on each shot and start again; it’s amazing that they were able to perform so well.

Perhaps it was the unusually warm weather that irritated the fans; after all it did get up to 80 degrees during the tournament.  During the next PGA Championship in Medinah, Indiana, the temperatures will reach 100F but there will be no such outrageous behavior as was witnessed today in England.  It has been said that English society has been coarsened; it seems to have been borne out today.

Still, Tiger Woods once again proved his mettle under adverse conditions.  His control of his emotions and his golf swing was a sight to behold.