Friday, September 01, 2006

Who's Really Stupid

There is a march today in Illinois that has as its objective the immediate naturalization of 12 million illegal immigrants. Once again the Democrats are caught between their ambitions and reality. How can the Democrat party, the party of Labor Unions, support the wage degradation caused by illegal immigrants. It is just one more manifestation of the liberal desire to gain power and impose their will on the nation. Both parties are at fault for not enforcing the laws that are currently enacted.

Republicans have always been portrayed as the friends of exploitative capitalistic business, while the Democrats are the friend of the working class. If these paradigms are true then let’s go after the corrupt Republican business people. Alas this cannot be done because the wealthy liberals got their money from somewhere and most likely exploited labor in the process. Yet their union supporters, actually party adjuncts, are being betrayed. Cheap labor is just that no minimum wage bill is going to help a worker making $20.00 and hour when he can be replaced for $11.00 an hour.

Why is this happening? Simply, the ultra-liberal and liberal elites feel it is their right to rule and tell the rest of the stupid citizens how to live correctly. Of course the answer is more complex in the final analysis but only in the sense of how these elites think they got the right to dictate.

For example Wal-Mart is the biggest target on the Democrat hit list. Is this the case because the company was started in Arkansas by “Crackers” in an area that is generally Republican; with the Clinton aberration of course? What if Wal-Mart hired undocumented workers? Undoubtedly they do, even if inadvertently, would the Dems still be going after them? The answer is yes because this is a sop to Labor. It seems that the white males who run the party have it made and the worker bees such as the blacks, unions, feminazis, et al simply do as they are told. The white male Democrats like Kennedy, Reid, Corzine, and the rest out number any female members in the suites of power. Why doesn’t this obvious contradiction cause problems?

The strength of the Democrat Party is based on class hatred, excluding the wealthy Democrats of course. How can these people buy into the notion that George Bush is stupid when they, the rank and file, put up with such behavior from their leaders?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Voters are shareholders

Voters are shareholders, and as members of a capitalist society should act accordingly. This means that when the management team is not measuring up to its potential then it is time for a change. There are two major political firms in the USA, with many other smaller ones trying to get bigger. While the Republicans and Democrats command the largest market share it might be possible for some others to form partnerships to challenge the dominance of the Big Two.

Why should this be necessary? At this point in the political life of the United States a point of stasis has been reached. There seems to be no way forward and certainly there is no way back. The elected managers of the country are managing their careers instead of managing the business of governing. This presents a grave danger to the ultimate survival of the nation.

The Democrats are very good at suggesting that more sacrifice is needed on the part of the citizenry. They are not so good at sacrificing themselves. When the leading lights of the liberal left include Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Harry Reid, and company it is obvious that the left is in no position to lead anyone anywhere. Pronouncements won’t make things happen or make them true. The statements emanating from this group are so crazy that one wonders how anyone can take them seriously. Well many people do, just watch the traffic go by and check out the bumper stickers. They are proud of their stupidity.

Republicans have nothing to brag about. When called upon to act they wilt from the heat of a possible mistake. Polls rule the lives of Republican lawmakers, where the real power is, as Bush seems to decline in popularity the party representative’s move to the left. The national media have done a good job of Bush bashing and many people are suffering from Bush news fatigue. In fact George Bush is probably the first honest politician the United States has had in many years. This will be his downfall.

Bush’s earnest desire to lead the nation to successful growth makes him a formidable competitor and the Democrats fear him. Why else would their mantra be simply “Bush is too stupid to lead.” What this means is that he is too honest, and to a degree a bit na├»ve. He seems to be genuinely compassionate, something liberals spout but fail to deliver. The mid-term elections are near and all shareholders have an obligation to vote and take charge of their lives. Simply allowing the proxies to dominate (not voting allows those who do to rule) will not produce a satisfactory management team.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Democrats In Soon

It seems very likely that the Democrats will regain control of at least one part of congress either the Senate or the House. This means two things: lame duck status for George and probably impeachment proceedings. While bad for the Republicans it might be good for the rest of us. These congressional clowns won’t be able to pass many laws that will be detrimental to the country. If this happens the Republicans have only themselves to blame.

While the Democrats are duplicitous and completely untrustworthy they at least stick to their guns. The Republicans have turned out to be gutless wonders that prefer the perks of governing more than the responsibility of governing. What is really needed is some kind of independent movement that can lead the country in the way George Bush started out doing.

One other benefit of the Democrats in power is that everything will change. When they are in charge all the things that they have been criticizing will still be going on, but since they will be doing it there will be nothing wrong. When another hurricane devastates part of the nation, FEMA will still not respond adequately. Why have we forgotten Hurricane Andrew? The people affected by that storm didn’t get any help for days. Was that because Bill Clinton was a bumbler?

The mainstream media will be able to relax a bit as they will have complete access to their masters in the Party. Talk radio will have a field day which will make it even more interesting. All leaks will become government press releases. Our enemies will rejoice and feel that they can attack with impunity. Iraq will fall into even greater turmoil. It will be amazing, perhaps it will be the end of the Democrat Party.

One can always hope.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ryder Cup Thoughts

After watching the WGS tournament held at Firestone Country Club last week it’s clear that the US is fielding a rather weak team. Tom Lehman is a poor choice for Captain and he will have difficulty motivating players who, on the regular tour, have a hard time motivating themselves. One redeeming feature is that the European team, while marginally stronger, also has members that play mostly for themselves.

Ian Woosnam will make a very good Captain as he is quite a fighter and a very determined individual. There are excellent players on both sides but the player who is and who should be expected to be far above the rest is Tiger Woods. He has already taken on defacto assistant captain’s role by contacting the younger team members and attempting to bond with them. Tiger might actually end up as the shadow playing captain.

In the last several weeks Tiger has faced competition from members of both sides and has prevailed. Just yesterday he held off Stewart Cink for his fourth straight tour championship. The conditions were good most of the week and Tiger overcame a distinct problem of four straight bogies that would have unhinged a lesser person. At the same time none of the other players could play well enough to eliminate Tiger while he was faltering. Emotionally Tiger is at the top of his game, the question is can he maintain this peak performance at the Ryder Cup?

The course at the K Club is not as difficult as the Firestone course. The disadvantage for the US Team is that the play will be in Ireland. These professionals are used to traveling to be sure, but several members are struggling at home. Phil Mickelson seems to be self-destructing after his US Open meltdown. Stewart Cink couldn’t put Tiger away when he had the chance. None of the other US Ryder Cup players were even in contention.

The European Team members who were in contention faltered badly under the pressure of a Tiger comeback. Luke Donald, who faded badly in the PGA Championship, couldn’t hold on. Paul Casey had a firm grasp on the victory and let it slip away fading to -7 at the end. The Ryder Cup is nothing like a regular tour event and so things might play out differently. The so-called American weakness in the alternate shot format is overrated. Why shouldn’t professional golfers be able to cope with whatever situation is left them?

The tournament will be a good one and the result is far from certain. The victory will be a close run thing whichever side prevails. Don’t be surprised with a tie, which is actually a defeat for the US as the Europeans will retain the Cup.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Delusional Democrats

It’s been suspected for quite awhile now that the leadership of the Democrat Party is at least partially delusional. As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches they are going even crazier. Harry Reid has made the statement that New Orleans was not hit by a natural disaster but by the incompetence of the Bush Administration. What next? What about the rest of the states hit by the storm? What about those affected by Hurricane Rita?

The wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Democrats wouldn’t be so bad if they would only take responsibility for the actions of their leaders such as Ray Nagin and Governor Blanco. The criticism of the Bush administration’s handling of the aftermath is mostly well deserved, but the horror was made worse by local politicians who were either jockeying for credit (Blanco)afraid that Bush might get some good press, or simply paralyzed in the face of events (Nagin). The media didn’t help by all the false reports of murders, rapes, etc. To this day there have been no retractions or apologies for their behavior.

Next week we will be treated to all kinds of sob stories and heroic tales, but hardly any of the truth will be told. This is the case with almost every big event in this country each of them is twisted by the media partisans of both sides. This makes it very difficult to even guess at what’s going on. Even the pictures of the scene are suspect; we are shown only what will fit in the lens of the reporter’s and crews of the news teams. If there are areas of tranquility they are not news and therefore not mentioned.

It would be easier to respect members of the left if they simply tried to make sense instead making attacks that most reasonable won’t take seriously.