Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gay Marriage No Amendment Needed

Gay Marriage: That designation is the first problem to resolve in taking on the issue of what marriage is and who cares.  I could care less if men want to kiss and have some kind of sex life with other men, and I feel the same way about women who have homosexual urges.  The sex acts are not the issue.  The problem that should be addressed is making sure that birth rates increase and those healthy families raise children to healthy adulthood.

If one has to define a state of being with a qualifier then the assumption can be made that it is derivative and probably not as strong as the original.  What is needed for homosexuals is a legal method to own and transfer property, which what this controversy is really all about.  Love, sex, adultery, swingers, are all part of marriage but not part of the legal system that supports it.  Homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous as a group, though there are many swans among the goats; it is possible that a legal framework that benefits homosexuals as a group and society as a whole would moderate this behavior.

There is no heterosexual marriage, only marriage.  This is a social norm in all societies, even Mormons, that has made it possible to have a civilization no matter what the culture.  In Muslim cultures the threat of homosexuality to society is seen as so great that the penalty for “We’re Queer and We’re Here” is death.  Western Civilization has long tolerated homosexuality and even celebrated it, along with pedophilia and other questionable practices.  That this is so today is made obvious every day by television newscasts of some pertinent event or other.

The tactic we are seeing is the same as most liberal causes, first the guilt trip then the legal codification of whatever is being promoted.  This is true for smoking, drinking, eating, driving, cutting down a tree, and all the other joys of life that have been attenuated by the left wing seekers of immortality.  Honesty is not a hallmark of such agendas, so let’s start now.

Who a person is  having sex with, excepting children, acts of violence, and the mentally incompetent, should not a factor that restricts their ability to be a productive member of society and they should have all the legal property rights the rest of the group enjoys.  There is one condition that is objectionable and that is the adoption of children by homosexuals.  That is an area that should be forbidden.  Homosexuals cannot reproduce without some outside agency’s intervention; there is a reason for that and it should obvious and left that way.

Iraq: Now What

Watching action, adventure, or spy films these days is equivalent to being a fan of pornography.  It is all fantasy and the real thing is much better or worse depending on the genre and one’s predilections.  The action hero always wins and the porn stars are really acrobats.  With the war in Iraq winding down to a contest between the US and IED’s  on the one hand, and the Wahabbi Sunni’s versus everyone else on the other, death, destruction, and horror have lost their power to do anything other than frustrate.

That the attack on Iraq by the United States was ill-advised, poorly planned, and over assumed is obvious now.  At the time there were signs that such might be the case but they were too vague in the circumstances surrounding 9/11 to gain much traction.  In the end it will be the bane of George Bush’s historical perspective despite all the good things he has done in the past 6 years.  He now seems to be running out of gas.

Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld seem to have underestimated the difficulty in subduing a few Arabs in Iraq, which is certain to have been their early assessment of the problem.  Even the Democrats thought so at first and were screaming in pain that Iraq was a political war that would eliminate them from power for years to come.  Now, of course, they love the war as it puts them in the best position to supplant the Republicans in recent years.  The United States economy is doing well, the Democrats are on the wrong side of illegal immigration, abortion, gay marriage, taxes, and a host of other issues.  The war, which is not even a war anymore, is the one issue that might give them the edge.

The American people are tired of sacrificing their children for the freedom of people who don’t want it and who are unwilling to help fight for it.  The attitude in the USA is becoming one of “Let them (the Iraqis) kill each other to their hearts content.”  This attitude has nothing to do with the vacuous Hollywood anti-war nuts, this is a judgment based on three years of work with little to show for it.

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz will most likely bear a large share of the historical disdain for today’s situation; Bush will bear the rest.

Friday, June 02, 2006


“War crime” is an oxymoron as war by definition encourages bad behavior.  We don’t know yet what happened at Haditha but the rumor and propaganda is already out of hand.  I don’t condone anyone killing civilians deliberately and I understand how it can happen accidentally especially considering the Iraqi situation.  Of course no one cares about Sunnis murdering Shiites, or Kurds killing Arabs, or Arabs killing blacks in Darfur, but don’t let the USA even have a small mistake and the world will jump on it promptly.

The citizens of the United States have a right to armed forces that can behave properly, and I think we do.  In every group there will be people who can not stand up to the stress of being shot at from various angles and combatants that look like civilians.  The fact that the armed forces are going to retrain their members in the ethics of warfare is ridiculous.  While good behavior must be constantly reinforced, if the training didn’t take effect when initially given it probably never will.

The most disturbing thing about Haditha, beyond the obvious, is that Marine Corps officers would lie rather than discipline their troops.  This abdication of responsibility is a more troubling aspect of the problem than simply a public relations one.  It seems to indicate a breakdown of morale, stemming from frustration of combat and lack of societal support from home, which could bear bitter fruit.  The last thing the United States needs is more self-hating liberals who tar everyone, but themselves, with the same brush.

The Vietnam debacle is and was overdone in the press and society.  Those soldiers were doing what the country, most of us, wanted.  Oh, today we deny it, but I was there at the time and remember quite well what happened.  The main reason for student outrage was the draft.  Today’s military is purely voluntary and though some deny it, everyone knows what they are signing up to do.  Thank God they do sign up.

Even one atrocity can not be tolerated but it can be put in perspective.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wackos on the Move

I see the nutjobs on the left are at it again.  Al Gore just can’t get over himself.  I have come to the conclusion that what makes a liberal, in part, is outrage over the fact that each life has a beginning and an end.  This explains their dictating to the rest of us how to live; because they don’t plan to die. No smoking, no obesity, no speeding, wear a seatbelt, worry about global warming, blame America for the faults of other nations, feel guilty about your prosperity, give in to anyone who seems angry with you, it was somehow your fault anyway.  

The latest effort by Al Gore to scare us is a failure.  “An Inconvenient Truth” is anything but and it may in fact become an inconvenient flop.  That the earth is warming is a given, that mankind is causing is not certain.  The earth is hot inside, volcanic eruptions prove this, the earth has been around for billions of years, mankind only a few million.  It is unlikely that mankind will be here in even a million years: the earth will be.  This inconvenient truth is what is angering the wacko left.  The fact that human beings are not the most important things in the universe is anathema to them.

Every liberal knows what is best for you, better than you do.  We have seen this play out in Cuba and will soon see it in Venezuela and Bolivia.  All these places will self destruct as did the Soviet Union and as Russia is doing now.  You think you should be able to do what you think is best for you?  Don’t be ridiculous, only intellectuals know what is best for you.  Why do you think there is a term for “The Common Man”?  The intellectual a social elites feel that they occupy the other side “The Uncommon Man.”  Believe me when I tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.  I know these people well and there are some uncommon people among them, but most are very common with large bank accounts and phony degrees in things like Education, Women’s Studies, Economics, Sociology, and the like.

We must simply tolerate their behavior, childish as it is, because that’s how you give children the confidence to grow up.