Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sheila Jackson-Lee Almost Gets It Right

Unemployment payments should have a new, more accurately descriptive name. The one thing liberals cannot admit is that their policies have wrecked the United States of America. It is likely that prosperity which is felt at every strata of society will be a long time returning. The environmentalists, the animal rights activists, and most other interest groups are only interested in themselves and not the well being of the nation.

Jobs will not be created to the extent necessary to lift the lower tiers of society upward until employers can afford to hire more workers. Big government is causing big problems. The culprits are the liberals and progressives of Democrat and Republican stripes. We must face the fact that for quite awhile to come unemployment "benefits" will be nothing more than wealth transfer from the middle class to the non-working class of citizens. The rich will never be deprived of their wealth. They are needed to prop up the professional politicians who are robbing rather than serving the public.

At this point the average government worker is paid more than the average worker whose taxes pay for the government. Does this make sense? Government is divorced from the governed at this point and change is not in the air. The new term for unemployment "benefits" should realize this fact and make it clear. Perhaps the term used should be Not Employed Citizens Pay. Of course recipients will be eligible for all other benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. It is unlikely that the USA will be a shadow of its former self in the near or distant future.