Saturday, October 28, 2006

President Pelosi

There will be at least one impeachment proceeding if the Democrat Party takes control of Congress. There is a master plan behind their thinking that is quite simple and frightening. The goal is to make Nancy Pelosi President of the United States of America. How can this be? Quite simply, once George Bush is de frocked then step two will begin: the impeachment of Dick Cheney. If that move is successful, which it could be given the Democrat Party goals, the next in line is the Speaker of the House.

Oh the brilliance of the plan is breathtaking. That is why Nancy is lying low at the moment, hoping that the electorate will not catch on. This idea might be considered a bit of stretch by some, in particular Hillary Clinton whose aims would also be defeated, but such a plan is not impossible. Most people would not dream this big let alone plan so scrupulously and be willing to exploit the craziness of the far left.

It is possible that a Bush impeachment would not succeed; it would be dependent simply on the margin of electoral victory. Suppose it did succeed would it be a surprise if the 2008 election was postponed? Would it be a terrible shock to have the postponement extended indefinitely say pending the end of the war on terror? What laws might be passed to ensure Democrat Party control along the lines of Castro and Chavez?

Crazy it might sound, impossible it is not. Democrats always project their behavior on those they criticize. Therefore by accusing Bush of stealing an election they are showing the world that not only have they previously thought about taking such an action, they are also ready to do so.

Rush Limbaugh An Honest Agent

The recent uproar over Rush Limbaugh’s comments about stem cell political ads has been amusing and a bit depressing. Limbaugh’s comments have been criticized quite unfairly and inaccurately. Anyone who listened to the program on Tuesday and then monitored the media coverage must have wondered where the commentators got their ideas. USA TODAY, for example, had a half page article with a front page teaser about the situation.

The article contained very little that could pass for truth and quite a lot of exaggeration and distortion. Even that would not have been a problem if it had addressed even a bit of what Limbaugh said about the stem cell portion of the story.  The advertisements themselves are dishonest and distortions of the truth. Yet not one main stream media outlet took note of this fact.

There is no problem with media members having political opinions but when printing them a disclaimer should be added. When a news story is news let it stand on its own and report both sides of the story. There are people who think that stem cell research is illegal in the US, this from a report on NBC News that inferred that conclusion. It is cloning that is illegal. This is the impression created by false or faulty reporting. This type of activity must be deliberate because while some in the media might be stupid certainly not all are. Some might be honest but most are not. These are two conclusions that may be safely drawn.

Further Michael J. Fox rebutted Limbaugh by saying his ads are not political in nature and that with regard to Parkinson’s he is apolitical. These statements are patently untrue and yet went unchallenged by Katie Couric during the interview. Such behavior shows disrespect to the audience and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the media. This might seem to be a fruitless exercise of expression but when confronted by the “Big Lie” one must keep pushing back.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Children of The Corn

The election must be over as Nancy Pelosi has announced that there will be no impeachment proceedings. Of course that is not true, even if the Democrats do win a majority in Congress. John Conyers has his heart set on destroying Bush and in the process severely damaging the United States.

The Children of The Corn are about to take over legislative power in the United States. Anyone who enjoys roller coasters and horror movies is going to love the next two years of American political life. The shrieking ultra left wackos are coming to Washington, DC and they want to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them. Of course they will be disappointed and even a slight disappointment sends them into paroxysms of nutty behavior.

Nancy Pelosi has a good chance of being rejected by her colleagues if she continues on this line. If she fails to allow her party to drag the country into a morass of party petulance she too will go by the wayside. The ultra left, Michael Moore, George Soros, et al, have a Stalinist bent which should appeal to the North Koreans. Central control over the economy is one of their goals. This childish outlook reveals the shallow nature of their views. All these ideas have been tried, failed, and rejected; even in the People’s Republic of China.

Wiser heads in the media are going to be surprised at what they have wrought with their dishonest reporting and slanted stories of recent events. It will be too late. Two years of insanity must be endured if the Democrats win power. The 2008 election will most likely see the end of the Democrat Party as it is now configured. The citizens of the US will undoubtedly turn them out and send them back to grow up.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The chilly blast of northerly winds fast upon Halloween is giving us a hint of the winter days ahead. This year’s crop of acorns is heavy and the sound of them dropping is reminiscent of distant rifle fire. Fall is a time for reseeding of lawns, bulb planting, and leaf raking.

Many years ago autumn had a special aroma that of burning leaves. Nowadays leaf burning is forbidden in the interest of clean air; it’s a loss that is not worth the gain. Fire danger to the neighborhood might be a more serious consideration, but the problem was not framed that way. The immense piles of leaves were havens for children playing outside, running, jumping, and sinking to the bottom were pleasures youngsters can’t even imagine let alone experience. Pedophiles and child killers appear to be lurking everywhere now, taking some of the fun of growing up away.

Even the simple act of walking, unescorted, to and from school is an activity that has disappeared. Putting on one’s stocking hat, a warm jacket, lunch bag or box in hand then setting out on the adventure of walking through the neighborhood to school is not going to happen very often.

Each fall and winter we think of things past and look forward with hope to spring and summer, it’s a cycle that can’t be broken.