Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here Come the Missiles

I guess the ultra left wing thinkers around the world are celebrating the launch of seven missiles by one of their idols Kim Jung Il II.  That great beneficiary of the North Korean people, a communist, and a terrorist is one of the darlings of the left.  Why is this?  Why do the Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Pelosi, types so admire this kind of government?  Let Castro put journalists in prison for 75 years and there is not a peep from the left.  Let George Bush follow-up on the Clinton doctrine of regime change in Iraq and they go crazy.

The Democrats heap praise on Hugo Chavez as he ruins Venezuela and castigate George Bush as he protects them and every other citizen of the USA.  The Europeans dilly-dally with Iran while the Iranians mock them.  China and India are the world’s worst polluters yet the left constantly and persistently blame the USA for all the world’s problems.  What would happen if Greenpeace re-located its headquarters to Shanghai or Mumbai?

Would criticism of the government’s policy of the Peoples Republic of China be accepted with aplomb?  It is more than likely that such critics would be imprisoned or banished.  India, being a democracy, would be different but not much.  Unless the critics were Hindu it is within reason that might be assassinated.  Much the same could be expected in Iran if the critics are not Muslim; or even if they are.

Members of the ultra left wing arrogantly assert that they are working to save the world and thus have no reason to be concerned about the United States; the place where they live, prosper, and are protected from harm.  The freedoms available in the USA make it a very desirable place to live.  These people are very insecure because their fellow citizens discount them for the most part.  They must take their concerns to Europe where their ideas have currency only because the Europeans have forgotten who won their freedom for them.  Gratitude is nearly always replaced by anger.

Now the world’s nations must unite because unlike the Iranians the North Koreans are led by an insane dictator who really might launch a nuclear attack.  Radiation and explosions don’t know which part of the political spectrum is being destroyed.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday America

The United States will celebrate its 230th birthday tomorrow.  Despite apparent internal divisions the nation is still strong and prosperous and a benefit to the rest of the world.  The founding fathers devised a strong model for a civil society that can change with the times yet maintain its sense of community.  Even today with the pressures of illegal immigrants civil discourse is continuing.  The democratic tradition of self-expression is operating smoothly.  Of course there are those that dispute this and they are primarily self-directed and disappointed that their views are not taken as gospel by the rest of us.

Speaking of the gospels is the United States truly founded on the Christian tradition?  The most likely conclusion is yes but with some qualification.  Many of the Founders were Deists and while they believed in the existence of a Creator it is not clear that they were Christians in the modern sense.  The separation from England was practically forced upon the rebels, members of many Christian sects based on the Judaic tradition.  From there we get the Ten Commandments and some legal structure.  Most of the legal system is based on English common law and Enlightment thinkers from England and France.

The United States is a shining example of what is possible.  The rest of the world is envious of the American achievement.  Americans are bewildered by this but they should not be confused.  When any person, institution, or nation is more successful than others anger, jealous, even hatred can result.  This is because all people are not created equal except in the sense of opportunities that are available.  Americans are hard working by culture, willing to take risks, happy to lend a helping hand, even die for some one else’s freedom.

Citizens of the USA are products of many cultures and have embraced the one tradition of the US Constitution.  This makes for interesting debate.  The culture is slowly changing for the worse.  More and more the citizenry thinks the government should rule their lives, the sense of responsibility is waning, and the victim mentality is growing.  The childish concern for what other nations might think of the US is gaining ground.  The left’s promise of Utopia is becoming more attractive.  A warning example should be seen in the fate of New Orleans.  The Democrat Party has ruled the city and the state of Louisiana for more than one hundred years.  It is crime-ridden and poverty stricken.  The gap between the haves and the have-nots is remarkable.  Government corruption is legendary.

Why should one suppose that the extension of this style of government will benefit the nation?

Happy Birthday USA!  All nations who have been saved from oppression, bolstered economically should join the celebration.