Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Alfred E. Neuman Effect

The What Me Worry attitude is one that most people ignore but should probably adopt as a way of coping with their lives. The constant bombardment by various forms of media and activist groups raising awareness of problems the aren't really problems is enough to drive anyone crazy. Climate change, is it a problem? The answer is not only no but it is a normal phenom onmen that occurs to the earth as it travels around the sun hurtling through cold dark space. If the climate didn't change there would be no human beings around today to worry about what is going to happen to the weather in 500 years.

Overweight, so what? The food police excuse their behavior with the dismissive " We only want you to be healthy" as if it is really their responsibility to worry about anyone but themselves. If people want to eat themselves to death as a means of finding happiness then let them. What is more annoying to a "Just do as I say"?

Illegal immigration, why is this a problem? Let'em in a make them speak English. No bilingual society is needed. Go to Europe and find out which language is spoken where. There are no special arrangements made for tourists or immigrants. Speak my language or else.

Hyphenated citizen's; what's the point? Heritage is one thing but keep it private; no parades please. Who really cares if one person is Latvian-American and another is Irish-American? Getting a job is much more important to one's well being. Winning the lottery wouldn't hurt either.

Don Imus, another wasted chance. Freedom of speech is wonderful just let them keep talking and let them reveal how stupid they are. Rosie O'Donnell is a prime example that one needn't be intelligent to get noticed. The fans of such individuals are on the same neanderthal level as their idols, again so what? It's obvious that the average human being is actually quite a bit below average in every category that counts.

Get over it and get on with life.

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