Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Platonism Realized: Again

Plato would have a lot to answer for should he still be living. His ideas have reached through the ages and find themselves alive and well in today's liberal antics.

Plato posited the theory that while all citizens are useful to the state only a certain few were worthy of ruling. These few, harking back to Plato's own family of dictators, were the elite of society; cultured, educated, wealthy, intellectual and above the fray when it came to physical work. If this sounds familiar it is because that is the mantra of the Democrat party today. From John Kerry , Ted Kennedy, to Hillary Clinton the idea is that the ordinary American is too stupid to be trusted with government. Only the Democrats and their lackeys are considered fit to function.

This ideology is nothing new Platonism spawned monarchies, oligarchies, communism, Nazism, fascism, and now modern liberal thought and action. Plato thought that any art that criticized the governing class should be banned on the grounds that such criticism is inherently subversive. Today's liberals feel the same way: there can be no argument with their ideas because, as superior individuals, they are naturally correct and can not be wrong.

This approach to governance is the same as Marxism et al with only minor variations. This is the reason that the loss of the Presidency in 2000 was deemed illegal; no party is allowed to exercise power except the Democrat Party. Confusion reigned as the lower classes usurped the logical, rightful rulers. In 2007 it appears that the universe is about to right itself as Hillary Clinton seems destined for the presidency.

It is well to remember that most of the failed dictatorships in the 20th century all had the word Democratic in there somewhere; The Democratic Peoples Republic of Germany as an example. The electorate should be wary of such titles which quietly delude people into thinking of a participatory government. Today's Democrats are Orwellian in their use of doublespeak demanding their right to be heard while stifling all other debate.

Plato be damned.

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