Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Irrational Left: Confused and Feeling Abused

Following a bumper-stickered 10 year old Jeep Wrangler one might suppose it was being driven by a friend of the earth; if the publicly displayed thought can be believed. That is until the driver's window comes down and out comes a burning cigarette. The symptoms are classic.

All liberals are bleeding heart liberals at some level. Even when they claim to be conservative liberals their true colors are revealed as they explain how their view of family values, immigration, and defense of the nation. The essence of their arguments always return to objection to talk radio and their strict adherence to so-called " ancient American values". These people are in need of a new religion and have found it through Global Warming.

It is amazing how people who purport that Evolution is more than theoretically correct can reject the idea of a disinterested creator. Darwin, the original proponent of Evolution, was a devout Christian with capacity of imagination. If Evolution is correct then the idea of cyclical climate change as natural phenomenon follows logically.

Today more and more climate scientists are losing faith in the dogma promulgated by Pope Albert I. He is now calling for the abolition of opposing points of view or dissenting analysis of climate "data". This despite the fact that such data is sketchy at best and distorted at worst.

It is impossible to definitively ascribe climate change to human activity.

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