Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Savage Nation

After many years of listening to Talk Radio, right and left, the conclusion I have reached is that Michael Savage is the most interesting, entertaining, least pretentious of the lot. Rush Limbaugh is brilliant but beats the horse to death hour by hour attempting to fill up the time. Sean Hannity is the worst when it comes to an exchange of ideas often shouting down his callers in a vain attempt to replace substance with noise.

Neal Boorts is probably the most reasonable, even he brooks no foolishness, and will at least listen to differing views. Michael Savage is in another class altogether. He does not mince words, is politically completely incorrect and often hilarious in his repartee'.

Liberal hosts a la Alan Combs and Alan Handleman are way too earnest and obvious in their attempts to out right the right on the left. Al Franken ( what is it with Al's?) is merely pedantic and lacks a sense of humor; very strange in a comedian.

Perhaps that lack of a sense of humor, absolute on the left, is the main reason for the success of the right leaning shows when compared to the ratings for the lefties. Even Sean Hannity has a sense of humor, though it can be difficult to detect at times. The apparent success formula in Talk Radio is to realize that all human beings are pretty much ridiculous and that life spans are short.

The obvious fear on the left of the right to free speech makes it clear that they are way to concerned with living forever. Why else the calorie police, the seat belt police, et al? In the minds of leftists there can be only one way to think: their way. All other thought must be stifled. Even Al Gore recently said that with regard to Global Warming the "Fair and Balanced" approach to discussion must be abandoned. He meant it.

As proponents of the evolution theory the left is self-contradictory. If evolution is true then survival of the fittest and natural selection obviate any need for regulation of human behavior with regard to choice of food, vices such as drinking and smoking, seat belt use etc. Let the worst of us die by our own choice. The joy of living is just that: living.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The New Look of The USA

Times are about to change in the United States of America. Should the expected Hillary Clinton presidency take place and the control of congress remaining with the Democrat party the stage will be set for the the greatest political, social, and financial changes in at least the last 70 years. The transformation of the US from a "Can Do" society to a "Take Care of Me" society will be getting started. The irony is that this change will be based on a "Fairness Doctrine" that will allow the super wealthy (Democrats and Republicans) will continue to enjoy their privileges and peruisites at the expense of the rest of society. The John Edwards idea of two societies will be brought to fruition, imaginary as it is at the moment.

It is likely that Constitutional changes will be made that will eliminate most of the Rights currently enjoyed by US citizens once the corrosive effects of socialism take hold. Today's wealthy actually feel that the minimum wage job holders are grateful for their jobs and don't aspire to a better life. That this is so for some seems to prove the rule for all others.

The only hope may rest in home schoolers, parachial schools and other institutions that don't sell the brand of social schemes espoused by the NEA et al.

The hypocrisy of the left is matched only by the cowardice on the right; not to mention blissful ignorance in the middle. It is very disappointing to those who have a view of pragmatic optimism as the behavior of unthinking liberal aherents run over any reasonable arguement.