Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Conservative Court

I guess the Liberals fear that the Supreme Court was becoming too Conservative can be put to rest.  The recent Court decision that terrorists and combatants without uniforms must be accorded the rights guaranteed under the Geneva Convention Treaty.  This is patently absurd as the treaty specifically excludes these types of combatants.  It is one more sign that the Liberals cannot be trusted with protecting the nation.  This is not surprising as they don’t subscribe to the notion of nationhood.

In a back-handed way though the decision is an opportunity, these prisoners can be held until the war’s end and can then be repatriated to their homelands.  No need for trials, they can be employed productively, they must be paid whatever money their contract with their “army” was, and they don’t have to be tried; though they can be.  This means no more controversy about holding prisoners indefinitely, without a charge.  The charge has been made by the US Supreme Court: they are prisoners of war.

The Bush Administration should simply announce that no further prisoner releases are possible as the war is continuing. Everyone can go home when it’s over.  It has even been suggested that any captured US soldiers now have a better chance of survival due to this Court action.  Their chances have now been upgraded from none to slim.

The MoveOn.Org crowd dominates the Democrat Party and as such has condemned them to absence from power.  They will continue in the minority until they get in step with the majority.  Most Americans only want to work, raise a family, and enjoy leisure time and to do so safely within normal limits.  These limits do not include encouraging terrorists to murder them.  Life being fragile needs some reasonable form of protection.  This goes way beyond the fat police, the political correctness squads, the seat-belters, and the myriad of other do gooders.  The government’s main and real job is to guarantee the life of the nation.