Saturday, August 26, 2006

Safer Now

Recently there has been a spate of articles, books, and commentaries about the so-called war on terror. Apparently we are losing and just don’t know it. These commentators miss the point; it is a world wide war on terror. As usual the US media is focused almost exclusively on the United States, Iraq, and Afghanistan it’s no wonder that most Americans knowledge of the rest of the world is pitifully limited. The press mantra is “Are we safer five years later?”

The fact that there have been no successful terror attacks in the USA is indeed remarkable, almost unbelievable. There have been terror attacks elsewhere since the destruction of the World Trade Center Complex; an accomplishment in itself that is probably worth five years of reflection. Americans are a complacent lot worrying only about the banal and being hardly aware of their on country let alone the rest of the globe.

Recent studies have produced results about historical and geographical knowledge that are amazing if true. Something like 60% of high school graduates can’t locate on maps of the world countries they hear about on the news every day. They don’t seem to be hearing the message. Most colleges in the US don’t require a basic grounding in US or World History. These failures make the US an easy target and the rest of the West to the extent they emulate the US education system.

The premise that the intelligence agencies of the US are in turmoil is probably true. Undoubtedly there are turf wars within the agencies as old enemies are displaced and new ones taken on board. Cultural and political differences are preventing the increase of competence needed to infiltrate the enemy’s camp. It is unlikely that the Irish Catholic and Italian “wise-guys” of the FBI that defeated the IRA and the Mafia will be successful against the various jihadists. The CIA and FBI are having a difficult time coming to grips with the need to recruit Arabic Muslims and not just Arabic speaking agents. They must hire infiltrators from the terror breeding grounds in order to successfully defend the civilization.

This course of action presents its own dangers of course, but the risk must be run. It is difficult to defeat an enemy about whom you know almost nothing except his willingness to die to achieve his goal.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Already Too Late

If Pat Buchanan and others are correct then closing the borders with Mexico and Canada may be too little too late. Here is the perfect way for the Democrats to defeat George and his fellow Republicans. A sheriff in Arizona has been quoted as saying that artifacts from Iranian operatives have been found along the border, they include military identification cards, uniforms and other things. If this is true then we are missing a vital front in the war on terror.

Unfortunately for the Democrats they cannot take advantage of this blaring weakness in the policies of President Bush. They are hoping to turn the millions of illegal immigrants into another voting bloc similar to the one they have with African Americans. For that reason they don’t dare take on Bush about allowing thousands of potential terrorist infiltrators into the country. The news media too will ignore the story for fear that it will damage the Democrats chances in the next election.

Undoubtedly when Hamas and Hezbollah brag that they can launch suicide bombers at the hint of an attack on Iran they are serious. Their members are most likely already in place waiting for the go-ahead instructions. President Bush has failed us badly in this instance. He has failed for same reason that causes most failures: fear. His primary function is to protect the public from attack, in this case he has failed if not publicly because no attacks have happened. The absence of attacks doesn’t mean they are not being planned or that the enemy is incapable of mounting attacks. We will be attacked within the next four years.

Ahmadinejad is very serious about making shopping malls, train stations, bridges, tunnels, airports unsafe for US citizens. Revenge is one motive, and it is a motive that prevails among Middle Eastern tribal cultures. Domination is another motive. Americans believe they are safe which will lead to complacency and then explosions.

George Bush’s legacy might be the constant attacks over the next few years and his memory will haunt the Republican Party for as long as it continues. This situation will ultimately damage the Democrats too as they will be unable to cope with the problem and will remain paralyzed as their constituents are blown to smithereens.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steve Centanni

If Steve Centanni and Olaf Wigs show up as dead bodies how will the mainstream media treat the story? Centanni and his photographer were apparently abducted last week in Gaza. As he is a Fox News Channel correspondent one would think that the usual tabloid tactics would be observed. Quite the contrary there has been almost nothing reported about this story; main stream or otherwise. Is there a particular reason for this news blackout?

The answer to that question is unknowable at this point, but there is another point to consider. Fox News Network is regarded by the left as simply a house organ for the Republican and wacko right wing. This judgment is untrue and unfair but can be understood in the context of the left wing’s feeling that they should not be criticized or have unfavorable stories written about them. This feeling of information propriety is something that the left must get used to losing.

It can be imagined that should Centanni’s captors decide to kill him that there will be some joy in certain quarters of the press and populace of the USA. A typical reaction might be “Good Riddance,” or “Fox News deserves it,” or something along those lines. Hatred is rampant on both extremes of the political spectrum, but its virulence seems greater among the Howard Dean crowd. When Howard says he hates Republicans his comments are dismissed as “Well that’s just Howard.” When Anne Coulter says the reverse she is condemned as a dangerous, hateful, person.

Steve Centanni gives the impression of a hardworking, ethical journalist who happens to work for Fox News Network, why should a worker be condemned by the socialists?

Soros Again

For those readers who claim not to know much about George Soros I suggest you think about his latest comments. This multi-billionaire who has donated millions to defeat George Bush, but little to the needy, yesterday compared Dick Cheney to President Ahmadinejad of Iran. It’s sometimes necessary to exaggerate to emphasize a point, but this is more. It is the overblown rhetoric of the left damning the right and middle of US opinion. Ahmadinejad has said that Israel should be annihilated, who has Dick Cheney commended to genocide? Ahmadinejad has constantly lied to the EU about a positive response to their proposals in which they hope to derail Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. Of course Cheney has been accused of lying about a variety of things, but those accusations have never been substantiated.

Ahmadinejad is a very astute politician which compares favorably with Dick Cheney. Ahmadinejad is the lap-dog of the Ayatollah Khameni; the left thinks that George Bush is the lap-dog of Dick Cheney. Mr. Soros and his followers, or brethren should get their act together if they are to persuade the general public of their trustworthiness. Recent this column received a comment regarding statements that could not be verified. Well, the use of rhetoric is time honored; but it must have some basis in fact. The accusation was leveled that the right is constantly demonizing the left while the poor left wing victims are merely trying to get the truth out.

Joe Lieberman became a national target in a local election when Soros’ minions poured cash and volunteers on the Lamont campaign. Michael Moore has even threatened the Democrat’s darling, Hillary Clinton with the same fate. Now the left is outraged at Joe because he is running as an independent even though the party abandoned him they expect him to bow to their wish. This is hypocrisy at its lowest.

The average American could care less and doesn’t really follow events closely. This makes it possible for a few energetic voters to rule the rest of the polity. George Soros knows this and with persistence may succeed. Thank goodness he is an octogenarian.

Monday, August 21, 2006

No Peace This Time Either

There will never be peace in the Middle East until either Israel is destroyed or the Arabs and Iranians are beaten so badly that they will give up their dream of the annilation of Israel. I know my liberal friends and readers think that the turmoil in the Middle East is the fault of Israel and the United States. They are simply not listening to the Arabic rhetoric. A reader recently chastised my about implying that all Muslims are radical. Of course there are some Muslims that haven’t been radicalized as IslamoFascists, but on the question of Israel one would hard pressed to find any Arab, Iranian, or European who can take an honest look at the question.

Not one Arab nation has offered to re-settle displaced Palestinians; they herd them into “refugee camps” and deny them any way to make a life. This is a deliberate policy that accomplishes the dual goal of keeping the Palestinians at bay and keeping their unrealistic hopes alive. American leftists simply refuse to believe that the goal of all Muslims is to “free” Palestine and wipe out the Jews if possible. This has been clearly expressed by Arab leaders for nearly 60 years. At one time the US left supported Israel whole heartedly, but bleeding hearts are easily manipulated. This is something the President of Iran understands too well. After the 1967 war the left began to drift away from Israel. Why did this happen?

In the late 60’s France under De Gaulle was attempting to one up the US. They expelled all the NATO forces and remained a non combat member. LBJ was reputed to have asked De Gaulle when ordered all US forces out “…even the dead ones?” The left turned LBJ out of office, of course they got Nixon in return but who said they were bright? From that point on, from McGovern to Gore, the left has looked to Europe for leadership, for instruction in the wonders of socialism. France took the Arabs side, even though their own record in Algeria was worse than that of the US in Vietnam. France and Germany had begun developing large Muslim populations due to either guest worker programs (Germany) or colonial passports (France) and to placate them. They began developing an official policy of ignoring reality. This happened despite the fact that Israel was created in large part by Europe to get rid of their Jews.

American “intellectuals” want to be thought of as sophisticated, which is one reason why they love a British accent no matter how yobbish it might be. Sophistication is something one gains over time and is easily recognizable as a hallmark of a truly educated and well rounded person. Many US leftists are quite sophisticated but they don’t have the self confidence to believe it. Any criticism of the US stings them deeply and they attempt to dissociate themselves from the nation. That is the reason they love the UN so much, they are one Worlders. It’s a measure of their true disarray that a large number of ultra leftists protest against globalization.

The current UN “effort” is ridiculous. Resolution 1559 concerning the disarmament of Hezbollah has not been enforced. Kofi Anan is clearly on the side of terrorists and their actions. If this is not so then why not criticize them? The UN is only useful to the US in the sense that one should keep one’s friends close and one’s enemies closer. Today’s cease fire is merely preparation for tomorrow’s war. It will come as it has almost every year for the past 60 years.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dear K

Dear K
Thanks for the comments, they are very thoughtful and articulate. I also appreciate that you stop by occasionally. The problem with a blog is that the postings must be short or most people won't bother to read them. I do agree with you on certain points. I do not agree that there have been any violations of the Bill of Rights and I think it will be won on appeal. The judge was way out of line in her comments. I am more right than left though I am a registered Democrat. The party is leaving me and my ilk behind (Lieberman). The Muslims I refer too are the radical Muslims who will continue their activities no matter what. If there are moderate Muslims, which there are, let them come forward and condemn the actions of their brothers. They will not because they fear the fatwa that will be leveled against them.
Al Gore would not have struck back at Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, he would have behaved as Bill Clinton did and done nothing. This would prove our weakness and made us more vulnerable. Why we went to Iraq is beyond me. However the wacky left and even you are hyperbolic in your tenacity to tear down what needs to be preserved and built upon. My prediction is that the tactics the left is criticizing will be used by them when they return to power.
Thank you, again, for your kind remarks and interest