Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is anything what it seems?

Today I went shooting with a friend who had not held a firearm for most of a lifetime. The shooting was quite fun, though my friend didn't like the loud reports of the weapons over .22 cal.  The day was cool the range fairly deserted, the ambiance relaxing. During the trip up and back we discussed, among other things, current events. My friend does not believe that the USA media is deliberately misleading the public regarding our government and our current financial situation. What do you think?

We live in tumultuous times with no end in sight. Money is losing its value, the destruction of civilization is predicted within two years, the United States is abdicating its place in the world, and Stalinist communism is in the ascendant. The citizens of the country are bewildered and complacent; except for those willing to fight for the old ways. The constitution of  the USA is in the balance. The current leadership cares about one thing: ultimate power.  The welfare of the nation and its inhabitants is nowhere near conscious thought.

How different are these times from any other apparent decline of civilization? Probably not much with the one exception of instant communication. Anyone can know and prepare for a dismal future. One that requires character, the will to survive, and the ability to do so.  Most people, who are able to be informed, are simply hoping for the best. Life is going on hour by hour in the most normal way possible. This despite everything comforting is changing at a pace difficult to comprehend.

The governments of the world are pretending that fiat currency has value and will continue to do so. Most likely this will end in violence and a great deal of destruction: everywhere. Urban areas will be the scene of the worst devastation simply because there is more to destroy. There are warnings now from even the most deceptive media outlets. Is the media finally getting the nerve to abandon Obama? I doubt it they have too much invested. Some media personalities are beginning to doubt their decisions but cannot see a way out. Their pathetic conscience soothing bleatings will never make amends for their treachery.

All this will be academic if the cataclysmic forecasts actually transpire. Everyone should simply hear the warning and act accordingly.