Monday, January 28, 2008

What's The Problem?

It's difficult for white citizens of the United States, particularly those born in the 1970's and later, to understand why there is a such an intractable racial divide in this nation. As a child growing up in Georgia during the 1950's one could read about lynching of black men in what seemed to remote country towns. Those same towns today are bedroom communities for Atlanta's business world. These years are not so far away historically, and just next door personally for those who lived through them.

For young people today these experiences have been trivialized by a culture that exploits rather than explores events. The so-called rap, hip-hop, and other artists express their own lives which are reflected against a contemporary background without reference to the historic basis. For this reason the perspective is shallow and tentative glorifying bad behavior that is justified by poorly understood history. The fact that murder, mayhem, drug deals, and dissipation are the predominant themes leads one to believe that this is a culture adrift and one which may be lost at sea forever.

Racial relations in the US are probably best in the southern tier of states as the races have lived together , not always peaceably, for a long time. This recent appreciation for each other is tenuous and suffering erosion by northern transplants seeking refuge from the expense and overcrowding of certain parts of the north; not to mention the weather.)

Up north race relations are worse because of the cynical outlook given by the self righteous view that the North saved the Union and freed the slaves. This is true and false at the same time. As is today political expediency accidentally resulted in a public good. If one should disagree consider that the worst racial violence occurred in Detroit, MI (1943), Los Angeles, CA (1965), Newark, NJ (1967), and Roxbury, MA (1972).

All this brings us to the Democrat Party's quest for the White House. The phony liberal sympathy and desire to end racial injustice has been revealed as just that: phony. Minorities must now realize this and seek a place in either a new party, force the Democrats to live up to their promises, or seek a place among Republicans and conservatives. The driving force of conservatism, personal responsibility and achievement, may be anathema to those used to Government programs, but is the only real hope of survival and progress minorities have.

The white or Anglo power holders will not surrender gladly, this is evidenced by John Edwards' campaign which is the height of political cynicism or else self delusion. Edwards, one of the wealthiest people in South Carolina, posits that because his background was economically disadvantaged he is uniquely qualified to speak for the poor. Nothing could be further from reality. Edwards simply wants another notch in his accomplishment record.

From the perspective of one who grew up during segregation and has been formed by it, this writer is amazed at how much change has occurred and how much more apparently must be done. If Bill Gates, Barbara Striesand, the Clintons, et al really want to give money to the "poor" let them dispose of their fortunes save enough to live on. Rich liberals do not want to donate their money but rather that of their fellow citizens. Is it possible that the John Corzines of the world could live in just one house? Does Al Gore really need a Lear Jet to get from place to place to sell his Barnumesque ideas?

The problem boils down to this: Barack Obama is a rogue negro venturing off the Democrat Plantation and the embedded racism of the Democrat party is being revealed. Just as is the closet racism in most liberals being pushed to the front for self examination.