Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sheila Jackson-Lee Almost Gets It Right

Unemployment payments should have a new, more accurately descriptive name. The one thing liberals cannot admit is that their policies have wrecked the United States of America. It is likely that prosperity which is felt at every strata of society will be a long time returning. The environmentalists, the animal rights activists, and most other interest groups are only interested in themselves and not the well being of the nation.

Jobs will not be created to the extent necessary to lift the lower tiers of society upward until employers can afford to hire more workers. Big government is causing big problems. The culprits are the liberals and progressives of Democrat and Republican stripes. We must face the fact that for quite awhile to come unemployment "benefits" will be nothing more than wealth transfer from the middle class to the non-working class of citizens. The rich will never be deprived of their wealth. They are needed to prop up the professional politicians who are robbing rather than serving the public.

At this point the average government worker is paid more than the average worker whose taxes pay for the government. Does this make sense? Government is divorced from the governed at this point and change is not in the air. The new term for unemployment "benefits" should realize this fact and make it clear. Perhaps the term used should be Not Employed Citizens Pay. Of course recipients will be eligible for all other benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. It is unlikely that the USA will be a shadow of its former self in the near or distant future.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What happened to Caylee Anthony?

The trial is over, a success for the defense, an the media fed outrage has started. Of course it won't last long but the mob mentality is interesting to observe. Yes, there are certainly more questions than answers, the main one being if not guilty what happened to Caylee.

The prosecution and the police have much to answer. The Anthony family appears to be a degraded one, this is especially true if the child's death was accidental. The simplest solution would have been to call 911 and report it. The situation was allowed to spiral out of control (maybe) and subject the father and brother of Casey Anthony to the most disgusting accusations. Accusations which the defense never offered any evidence nor is it expected to do so. The body or remains thereof were identified within reason. How did they get to the place of discovery? Why was an accidental death distorted by a cover up? Why the charade about searching for the child in hopes of finding her alive?

Without doubt the truth will emerge over the years, perhaps quite soon as Casey cannot be retried for the crime if there was one. There are a few lessons to be learned or relearned. Usually a family murder is committed by a family member. Police investigators are often not capable of a real investigation, particularly if the case becomes complicated. The compulsion by authorities to clear a case put someone, anyone on death row is a force not to be under estimated.

Trial should not be televised or transmitted over the radio. There is too much temptation for the actors to become just that. The emotional bias of broadcast events detracts from a real examination of evidence. There was little enough of that on offer. The public is generally incapable of resisting media manipulation; this much is obvious from the anger about the acquittal. It is also why political life in the US in agonizing.

When the next "Trial of the Century" rolls around, turn off the television.

Monday, July 04, 2011

We're All Socialists Now

It seems that the editors of Time Magazine and their Sorosian supporters are willing to give up our liberty and freedom so that they may enjoy dominating the rest of us. Today, Independence from Britain day, is the one event in our history that should be celebrated and held sacred. Without it no doubt there would have been more than two civil wars.

Liberals have no idea about the meaning of freedom or liberty. Conservatives are not willing to fight for either  principle. This brings us to our situation of confusion, self-doubt, and various hate(fear) based behaviors on a national scale.  Apparently many citizens will give up freedom for the chance of being protected by the government. These people vote away their freedom of choice. At the moment the United  States is a mini-Orwellian culture. Almost everything the government postulates as truth is in fact the opposite.  Their is very little evidence of the fourth estate, the media, doing its job. Rather these journalism school graduates are parrots for the rulers.

In the United States the citizens are not ruled they are represented; at least that was the idea. European Progressive Ideas, introduced to the US in the mid-19th century have corrupted the constitutional basis of American freedom. The tremendous influx of middle and southern Europeans during this period provided a malleable voting base for progressives. Slowly the welfare state emerged and with it freedom and liberty made their exit.

Because the constitution is denigrated, not explained to youngsters, and fake socialism embraced by the "leaders", the USA finds itself adrift in a sea of slogans without basis. The government is going to created jobs. This is impossible. Jobs are created by a free people innovating to produce goods and services other free people want and are willing to pay for. This will not happen in the USA again for quite awhile.

Independence Day should be a day of contemplation; unfortunately that requires the ability to think . Thinking is a faculty that has mostly been lost among the emotional response to life problems.

I urge everyone to strive for independence. It is not an easy thing to attain, but is easily lost.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Independence Day

I just heard a news report that the liberal side of America is calling July 4th a Republican propaganda holiday. This idea shows just how far we, as a people, have fallen. It is difficult to get excited about being separated from an oppressive English government as most US citizens are happy with an oppressive US government. A large percentage of Americans can not remember freedom and liberty for all. A big portion of society thinks that human nature can be improved and that the Constitution of the United States is antiquated.  How can such people be expected to celebrate the hard won freedom they are discarding at every turn?

The United States is based on the idea that each person has God given rights to Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All these concepts have been corrupted by 19th century European anti-monarchism. The founders of the USA were the first serious anti-monarchists and realized that the tendency of those trusted to govern would be a corruption dictated by human nature. So called European thinkers denied this from the mid n 19th century on (if not sooner). They were and are wrong.

The United States is based on freedom from government. That basis appears to be disappearing. Human nature tends to laziness, and oppression. The siren song that government can cure all ills is obviously a delusion embraced by many. It is interesting that most so called activists have never had a job but live by donations from agenda driven wealthy dominators. It is amazing how self righteous these parasites are when spending other people's money.

It is time for a new independence movement which encourages a return to the idea of personal responsibility for one's life and actions. This includes the responsibility to life a moral life: no stealing, no murder, no assault, and an exhibition of courteous behavior. Alas, this seems to be a pipe dream.

Most Americans, and other populations as well, are so poorly educated that they cannot think for themselves. It is a pitiful state of affairs and one that will not get better until it gets much worse.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What to expect next

News junkies are in heaven these days, unfortunately there is little news and a lot of gossip. You folks can expect more of the same. Is it possible to be informed in today's super heated political climate? It is difficult but not impossible. One must carefully peruse news sites, blogs, television, and magazines and then use one's critical thinking capacity to decide what is true and what isn't.

The tough thing about such activities is that most people seem bereft of thinking ability. Much of what is read is simply based on emotions, wishes, and misinformation twice digested. Such is the state of affairs that many people seem to live their lives in a permanent state of rage. Why should this be the case?

Liberals are rabid because they are poorly educated and leave the thinking to their leaders. Conservatives are passionate but passive; they have good manners. It is very likely that any violence perpetrated upon society will be based on liberal tenets and performed by masked liberals pretending to be intellectual firebombers. One only has to look at the videos of any WTO conclave city.
Liberal thinking is adolescent. Anyone watching and listening to Bill Maher, Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, et al must wonder how long it will be before these folks complete their high school life. What passes for humor or thought in this group is worthy of 10th graders.

Take note that anyone that disagrees with a liberal is simply howled down. There can be no exchange of ideas or civil discourse. In fact if one wants to understand liberal thinking and therefore forecast liberal behavior simply listen to what is said and reverse it. Whatever liberals accuse conservatives of planning or doing is actually what liberals are planning or doing.

The famous accusations against Bush, name any, are now being realized under Obama. There is much less liberty in the USA now than ever in its history. It is going to get worse. Liberals feel not think. So what can we expect in the near future?

There will be more attenuation of personal liberty and revocation of rights based on the idea that the government knows best. There will be increased surveillance of dissidents on the basis of public safety. There will be less economic freedom and more economic hardship. The government cannot create real jobs.

Only private enterprise can create jobs that are the result of wealth creation Government jobs are ancillary to real work. The government of the United States has become extortionate in its redistribution of private wealth; the net result in the long term will be national poverty. With less than 60 % of the population paying taxes it is left to the productive portion of the private economy to carry the rest of the people. This can not last. Yet liberals seem to think this is ideal.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Liberals on You Tube

Most liberal posters on you tube are clearly functionally literate but seriously undereducated and ill informed. They have no obvious skill at critical thinking and take the pap fed by their leaders as gospel. They use profanity to such an extent that vocabulary is way beyond them. Their childish behavior reflects the impossibility of maturing under today's USA education system. Their weak attempts at logic, humor, even threats of violence bear a stronger relationship to video games than any real thought. Unfortunately many so called conservative posters are in the same boat. It is almost possible to judge a poster's age by the self-expression on offer.

In the times that are coming these people will be whining for the government to feed and clothe them. The will be angry and frightened.  No doubt they will be in the streets destroying other people's property. The white ones will be craven when confronted with their worst night mare: angry black folks. Today's market turmoil is nothing to what is coming. It will all be on You Tube until the power goes out forever.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel Under Siege

The recent fight between Israel and the rest of the world is disgusting. The government of the United States now seems to be in the hands of closet jihadists. Is it possible? Bill Ayres, his wife Bernadine Dorn, and another Obama ally, Jodie Evans are in Egypt to aid in the destruction of Israel. American Jews are still asleep. They seem to be hoping that if they keep quiet they won't join their ancestors in Death Camps. They are sadly mistaken. By the end of Obama's first term the Israeli-US alliance will be in tatters. The only middle eastern nation with a truly democratic form of government will be probably be destroyed. 

The fact that President Obama is a Muslim is not germane. What is pertinent is the changing perspective of what the international interests of the United States are now. Why bother with Afghanistan? It is a loser and drains money from the US economy. The Obama administration is moving quietly away from Israel, which will turn out to be a wrong course. The Arabs and other Muslims have no love for each other and especially not for the USA. What do the domestic terrorists in the administration think they can accomplish?

It is clear from the film of the boarding of the Turkish ships that the Muslims struck first and intended to all along. The Israelis are to be faulted for not being prepared and killing more of the attackers. We must stand up against Islamic terrorists. The United Nations can be completely discounted as usual.

All thinking citizens of the USA must realize that time is short for the continuation of the republic and prepare accordingly.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is anything what it seems?

Today I went shooting with a friend who had not held a firearm for most of a lifetime. The shooting was quite fun, though my friend didn't like the loud reports of the weapons over .22 cal.  The day was cool the range fairly deserted, the ambiance relaxing. During the trip up and back we discussed, among other things, current events. My friend does not believe that the USA media is deliberately misleading the public regarding our government and our current financial situation. What do you think?

We live in tumultuous times with no end in sight. Money is losing its value, the destruction of civilization is predicted within two years, the United States is abdicating its place in the world, and Stalinist communism is in the ascendant. The citizens of the country are bewildered and complacent; except for those willing to fight for the old ways. The constitution of  the USA is in the balance. The current leadership cares about one thing: ultimate power.  The welfare of the nation and its inhabitants is nowhere near conscious thought.

How different are these times from any other apparent decline of civilization? Probably not much with the one exception of instant communication. Anyone can know and prepare for a dismal future. One that requires character, the will to survive, and the ability to do so.  Most people, who are able to be informed, are simply hoping for the best. Life is going on hour by hour in the most normal way possible. This despite everything comforting is changing at a pace difficult to comprehend.

The governments of the world are pretending that fiat currency has value and will continue to do so. Most likely this will end in violence and a great deal of destruction: everywhere. Urban areas will be the scene of the worst devastation simply because there is more to destroy. There are warnings now from even the most deceptive media outlets. Is the media finally getting the nerve to abandon Obama? I doubt it they have too much invested. Some media personalities are beginning to doubt their decisions but cannot see a way out. Their pathetic conscience soothing bleatings will never make amends for their treachery.

All this will be academic if the cataclysmic forecasts actually transpire. Everyone should simply hear the warning and act accordingly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye Prosperity and Privacy

The Democrats have done it again; this might be the final nail in the coffin of what was once a proud nation. The Financial Reform Act, better called Government Theft Allowance, passed with three RINO votes. From now on the stock market will struggle and private citizens will be subject to governmental surveillance on an unprecedented level. Those liberal progressives hoping that their  political affiliation will save them are sadly mistaken. They are the useful idiots for this administration and its backers. Whatever is said must be interpreted as the exact opposite if its meaning is to be made clear. How did George Orwell know this would happen in this particular fashion?

The poorly educated, emotionally immature American public has been duped and is duping itself continually. President Obama new goal is to become President for Life. Will this happen? Believe it or not it is a 50/50 proposition. His party and supporters will probably go along simply to bask in power: they will have none of their own.

The Financial Reform Act will be used to subvert so called ordinary Americans. ( Presumably this makes the ruling class extraordinary Americans.) The next thing to watch for is the confiscation of guns without which further consolidation of power is impossible.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The USA goes crazy

The United States of America is entering a phase that would have unimaginable only 10 years ago. The government of the USA is working against its own people; this is happening because most citizens don't want what is on offer. We are being told that we must accept a lower standard of living because other countries have it worse than we do. That is not our problem.  If a country is in chaos, or economic deprivation the reason may usually be laid a the feet of that country's government. For decades we have sent trillions of dollars to Africa with no positive results. Why should we expect different results.  The USA is being run by do gooders at best and totalitarian dictators at worst. It is doubtful that most Americans will accept a lower standard of living willingly. How will union members feel when they have to give up their boats, jet-skis, vacations, high pay and benefits.

The citizens of the US are deprived of real news sources or dispassionate analysis of the situation facing them. Today is the most dishonest period in our history. Which is saying a lot. The US has survived corruption and self interest in the past. It may not be able to do so this time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Mess

The good ole USA is becoming just that: a fond memory. Welcome to the Orwellian world of Barack Obama. Should you want to find out what this means, simply wake up in the morning, or turn on the television, radio, tweeter, facebook or MySpace. If you don't find these things disconcerting you are not paying attention. It is important to advance and use technology, despite the comments of President Obama to the contrary.

Simply watching our government in action is amazing. George Bush has not occupied the White House for more thatn 15 months, his ghost is still walking the land. Apparently his status of moron has been upgraded to genius. How can this be?  Obama is one of the only, if not the only presidents to blame his predecessor for everything from a successful sunrise to a blown out oil rig.

Obama is one of the most prolific liars since Josef Goebbels.  One must take the opposite view of his statements to determine the actual meaning of them. This is called Newspeak and is Orwellian in nature and result

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Nobel Adoration

Today the Nobel Prize went in the toilet and can no longer be considered as anything more than an Oscar. This is revolting. What has Obama done to earn such a formerly prestigious award. The United States is more divided than ever, Afghanistan is going to be returned to Taliban oppression, Venezuela will be the model for future development of the USA.

This cheapening of such an award is evidence of the mindless nature of liberalism. Even the commentators view that this action is an effort to snub George Bush is ridiculous. This award further compares Obama to Carter: unfavorably. Obama's ego will be so inflated now it will be difficult to believe.

Normally the Nobel Prize is reserved for accomplishment. Now it is apparently to be used as an affirmation of a political view. The prize has become irrelevant today.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's Time to Start Watching

As Dylan noted more than 40 years ago the times they are a changin. That comment on the times was merely a footnote to the re-start of change that was postponed by World War II, and which might only be halted by World War III. The change being discussed is that occurring in the USA.

Many Obama voters are disillusioned by the policies they have caused to be pursued by their chosen President and his lackeys. This feeling is unjustified. Barack Obama spelled out, perhaps not in detail, his plans for the political life of this country. The press and television knew it but chose to look the other way. The electorate was so caught up in celebrity and the so called historic moment that it went to sleep basking in self righteous egolation ( a term invented today to describe self worth enhanced by the delusion of a sefless act worthy of praise).

That the culture of the United States is critically ill is not news. The nation has literally having a nervous breakdown. The behavioral standards are so blurry that the average citizen has no idea about how to react to events. Sexual perversions are only for the "lower classes", national security is an alien concept, corruption at all levels of government is so rampant that the public apathetically accepts it as normal.

Those elected to govern within the limits of the constitution are now separate from the general citizenry. This separation is so distinct that the only ambition of today's politicians is the acquisition of power. The intended use of this power is to enslave their fellows to an extent unimaginable even forty years ago. The erosion of liberty and freedom is accelerating yet the general public sits watching their country go to hell on television.

Why does this matter? A large segment of the population will eventually rebel once the out of control government policies hit home. At this point the elected elite is basing the model of governance on the Venezuelan scheme of Hugo Chavez: something that was unthinkable only fifteen years ago.

Americans, as a whole, are ridiculous and infantile. This assessment is true even at the highest levels. There is almost no honesty in public discussion. There is certainly very little thinking going on. Apologists for abortion claim the only intellectual honest description of its political aspects is that of choice. What are the choices? It is not merely life or death (though that would seem adequate) it is the choice to become pregnant and then use the law for birth control. There are rare exceptions to that choice aspect such a rape or incest. It is possible to have sexual relations without pregnancy; so what's the problem? Abortion is legal and is being paid for with tax dollar. That payment is the objectionable part of the issue. Personally abortion is murder, but as it is legal at the moment the participants should pay for the procedure themselves.

This one issue demonstrates why the nanny state is ascendant. Other examples are the slavish acceptance of the idea that climate change is bad or abnormal; that everyone is entitled to medical insurance; that immigration laws should not be enforced .

President Obama, from a long historical perspective, will be viewed as a self inflicted disaster far beyond Jimmy Carter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now "That We're Here Where Are We?

Here we are a little over three months into the reign of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. One of his idols, Abraham Lincoln (if Obama lore is to be believed) presided over a civil war that resulted in the preservation of said Union of States. It seems possible, if not likely, that Obama will preside over its dissolution. Of course the Marxists whose ambitions seem to becoming to fruition will disavow such an idea, there is enough disagreement in the country to make it feasible.

President Barack Obama is a liar, an excellent one, but one nevertheless. In these pages the point has been made over the years that what the liberal-fascists had been accusing the Bush Administration of doing was merely a projection of their own intentions. This observation is now being borne out. Dissent is now characterized as "Right wing Extremism". The Constitution of the United States is in the process of becoming a political fossil. Its very reason for existing, a codification of rules which if observed will assure the freedom and liberty of the individual within the group. The idea of individual rights is considered passe' among the intelligentsia; only their rights count.

The United States is moving into the realm of antiquated 19th century political ideas; that the state and its administrators now better how to regulate mankind's lives. As has been noted Plato has a lot to answer for as his ideas have been adopted and perverted into the political life plan of Marxo-Fascism. This idea is an old one and saw its greatest manifestations in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany; both now defunct. There is no intelligent life within the borders of the United States.

The masturbatory fantasies of the ultra extreme left are so turgid as to leave the rest of humanity out of the picture; the orgasmic shudder is the implementation of subjugation of the population. The tremendous expenditure of America's productivity has so weakened the nation that dissolution may be the only salvation of even a little of the original founding principles. Citizens of the United States are never to be subject to any government, rather the government is subject to the will of the people. No more.

The Marxo-Fascists actually believe that they will be able to maintain a place in the world while draining the nation's wealth and indenturing its people to the interests of foreign nations. China comes to mind. Since beginning these articles references to the sleeping dragon have warned of the rise of the Chinese Superpower. Oh, the American left hates the idea of the Superpower status of the United States. Fear not those days will soon be past. China, however, will never hesitate to use its power.

Perhaps China is our only hope as they will oppose Islam on a purely political basis. The Chinese will have no qualms in destroying any movement that attempts to modify or damage the power of the Communist Party.

President Obama is reducing the United States to a classroom experiment in feel good politics. It is to be hoped that the voters, who may have exercised that privilege for the last time, are satisfied with the cult of personality so common to true totalitarian societies.