Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Modern Day Pilgrims

One might consider today's Islamofascist immigrants, legal and illegal, as modern day pilgrims. Once they reach the shores of Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States they survey the territory with hope and dismay. All around them they see abundance and opportunity all provided for them by Allah. They also see this abundance in the possession of infidels; an insult to Allah and Islam. Beyond that these infidels are barbarians in need of conversion to Islam so that their souls might be saved.

All around these brave immigrants are examples of murder, abortion, drunkeness, incest, profanity, adultery, homosexuality, disrepect of men by women, women brazenly exposing their flesh, pornography, and the list goes on the primary offense being a lack of true faith. Is it such a surprise that these pioneers would take it upon themselves to subjugate the land and bring its inhabitants into the true faith? The methods are irrelevant because the end is so just. Why should infidels be so blessed when Allah's children are often poverty stricken? Why should true believers suffer at the hands of savages? The obvious answer is that Allah has led them to the promised land and it is their obligation to take it in hand.

This is the reason for rapid mosque and madrasa construction around the world, in particular Europe and the United States. It is the reason money is sent to the Old Country to fund new immigration and weapons for use against the savages who refuse to convert. It is the reason that Muslim women police officers in England refuse to shake hands with the male chief during a graduation ceremony as it violates the tenets of the true faith. Pioneers in the wilderness must endure considerable hardships; and today's Islamic pilgrims are no exception.

In today's world the savages have a chance to present a united front but it seems likely that the same political problems that beset the Native American population will also weaken or destroy today's natives. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries the Native Americans were unable to overcome their own internal disputes to expel the Christian invaders. So might it be in a disunited America each province embracing differing ideas of what makes the nation.

One thing is certain the Islamofacists are united, determined, and will persevere.

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CentFla said...

You are wrong on several points. The Chinese Government has caved to minority groups before. Even the Coms gave in to minorities a couple of years ago regarding College Scholarships. There are other occasions of their government deferring to minority groups.

There are 20 million Chinese Muslims. more than the Sunni and Shia population of Iraq.

It is not the year of the pig. It will be in one month.

You wrote "because Muslims consider the pig unclean no special reference or celebration is permitted in China this year." Wrong again, the "ban" only includes television ads,2933,246709,00.html

And pretty much everything after that was like the rantings of a lunatic. "It is now like that the pig will be completely displaced" (!) etc.

Finally, most Muslims agree with you that this is uneccessary and no Muslim group in China requested the move. (

You should save your rage for something that is important. If every tremor in the landscape sends you off the deep end, you're gonna need some Ambien or something. Are you a Schlussel fan?