Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fox Go Home

Vicente Fox is advising the US on economic policy; this is laughable.  Mr. Fox can’t get his own economy going fast enough to keep his citizens home.  Mexico is one of the wealthiest nations in the Western Hemisphere in terms of natural resources and human capital.  It is also one of the most, if not the most, corrupt nations anywhere.  The word hypocrisy is too weak to describe the policies, laws, and attitudes of the Mexican people.  That’s correct the people because as a democracy the people are responsible for the policies and practices that govern them.

If Mexico allowed more foreign investment the stream of immigrants to the United States would dwindle to only those who really want to live here.  The best workers are leaving Mexico so why doesn’t that nation want to retain them?  It would mean that the culture of bribery, deceit, and procrastination would have to change.  Can such a thing happen?

Mexican laws against US participation in their economy are stringent and crippling.  Any American investor that behaves as he must to succeed in Mexico is most likely in violation of US anti-bribery laws and might end up in prison.  That is a risk that some take but that most won’t.  The ultra rich of Mexico and all Latin American countries do not want change.  The Patron culture has failed the nations but benefited the families of the rich.  Their biggest risk is having to pay a ransom, quite common in those societies.  The United States gets the criminals, the down trodden, the hopeful.

The USA cannot continue to absorb immigrants at the current rate.  Already the seams of tolerance are straining.  The issue is being couched as a civil rights matter; what a joke.  To compare today with the problem of whites and blacks is ludicrous.  That was a real civil rights situation and it is still being worked through.

The American left embraces Vicente Fox without criticism because they are also morally bankrupt.  Americans of the leftist persuasion are emotionally weak and insecure.  The important thing to them is to be viewed as gentle, caring people.  They are easily manipulated because most don’t really have lives of their own.  Their opinions are shaped by Newsweek and Time magazine.  If it’s in print they believe it.  It’s not far off the mark to assume that Mr. Fox will be more successful in the USA than he can ever hope or want to be in Mexico.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


There is a backlash coming concerning the problem of illegal immigration.  The Mexican illegals have raised the stakes and have begun to alienate their friends and potential allies.  This is going to force the Democrat party to make a choice, which is obvious, and reveal their true colors.  The latest gambit of the Mexican illegals is to demonstrate using language that would, if used by a white person, result in a few days in jail.

“Nigger go back to Africa” and “Pilgrims go Home” are not the kind of slogans that attract people to your cause.  Further there is resentment among those who have immigrated recently that feel they followed the rules why shouldn’t everyone else.
Black citizens are beginning to feel isolated and deserted.  The Democrat party is going to embrace the Hispanic illegals and support them because they are a larger potential voting block.  This will drive some African-Americans to the Republicans, who are probably incapable of recognizing this opportunity, and will push others out of the process completely.  The social and economic divide in the United States will widen and the political system will deteriorate further.

When a group achieves its political aims through force or intimidation they lose the inclination to compromise.  This is what is happening in the United States today.  There will be violence between blacks and Hispanics; it is already happening in Los Angeles and it will spread to the other large cities.  The cause of this is weak politicians who are only concerned about their jobs, the failure of the education system to indoctrinate students in American culture, and an economy that encourages businesses to ignore laws about hiring illegal aliens.

If it weren’t so dangerous it would be funny.  The Democrat Party is finally getting its day of reckoning.  They are so childish that they can’t see it coming.  The liberal feel good, self-hating, nation-hating, left are going to be shown for what they really are: wealthy, guilt ridden products of a left wing education system that has failed to train them to think.  They are self-obsessed and are easily manipulated.  When the mobs break down doors they don’t usually ask if you were on their side, they are only interested in where the money and car keys are.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Stuck on Stickers

I never have and never will put a bumper sticker on my car.  It is impertinent to feel that you can give people your views, in traffic, without escape, and without their asking for it.  This blog is different: a reader must be looking for what is here.  Further they can click out at anytime and / or send an anonymous comment to me.  I see all kinds of stupid bumper stickers most of which I doubt that the driver even remembers putting on the car.

I guess, because I don’t know, that people use bumper stickers to make themselves feel good.  For example I saw a white couple driving along with at least six stickers decrying racism and in fact taking the blame for racism themselves.  How stupid can you get, and how insulting?  The very presence of the bumper stickers proves that they haven’t thought through the concept of racism.  Another, very popular by the way, “Regime change starts at home.” Again proving that liberals don’t know their own history and only want to appear witty, caring, and edgy.  Since it was Bill Clinton and a Democrat congress that passed the Iraq regime change bill in 1998, they only appear dull, uninformed, childish, and boring.

Today I came across another that said “Practice Compassionate Impeachment.”  The car had the obligatory Kerry/Edwards tag on it and the car itself was a Volvo.  The driver, a late fifties aged male, apparently thought he was still beating the draft.  These people are parodies of themselves.  The world and its societies certainly have problems and they cannot be reduced to bumper sticker slogans. Solutions, such as they may be, require cooperation across the political spectrum; which is a fading dream at this point.

Terrorism is the last resort of the helpless.  Bumper stickers are a form of terrorism