Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scooter and other things

Recently controversies have been raging over a variety of subjects, what's the point of it all? The one idea running through all the outrage being expressed is the frustration of ultra liberals that some Americans object to the liberal agenda. The idea that Scooter Libby is somehow cheating the liberals of a surrogate jailbird is just plain silly. Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger lied about their actions; one under oath, the other a federal investigator. Their punishment, suspended law license in the former case and probation for the latter. Scooter Libby was caught up in a witch hunt about a crime that never was. Is this the American Way of Justice?

Now it's back to get out of Iraq. A bigger mistake is not possible at this time. The very fact that Cindy Sheehan thinks she can intimidate Nancy Pelosi demonstrates the foolish lack of thought behind the "anti-war" movement. There is no such movement but rather a smokescreen of maniacal opposition to George Bush's presidency. Admittedly George has failed to live up to his potential and is actually closer to liberals than he is to conservatives. Should the US pull out of Iraq it would validate Bin Laden's assertion that America won't fight that the nation has no stomach for defense. Further it would lead to another Shiite controlled Islamic state, the other being Iran. Why would that be a problem? The other Islamic states are primarily Sunni based, a strong Shiite militarily powerful state would probably lead to civil war and force drilling for oil in ANWAR.

Arabs (Muslims) respect only force as that is their only experience of relating to the world. The very basis of Islam is that any non-believer is an infidel and once the opportunity to embrace Islam is refused such a person must be killed. That is the long and the short of it. This kind of thinking is unfamiliar to "Westerners" because civilization is the hallmark of peaceful people. There is a constant reminder that philosophically Islam is a religion of peace and that life is sacred. There is constant evidence that this philosophy does not apply to non-Muslims or even certain Muslims within the Islamic family. Go figure.

Ah Homeland Security, the panacea that veils the true weakness and vulnerability of the United States. After the recent effort to grant amnesty to at least 12 million illegal immigrants failed, Michael Chertoff ruefully concluded that he would have to enforce laws currently on the books. What a completely lame performance. Prior to the legislative loss the public had been informed that such actions were not feasible.

The real danger is that the current border situation has made it possible for terrorists to enter the US and simply bide their time. This is the reason for Chertoff's recent "gut attack". No attacks for more than five years is a situation that is about to change in a major way. The obvious targets are everywhere: shopping malls, office buildings, petroleum storage areas, etc. All are vulnerable because citizens of the US are being led to believe that there is no war on terrorism and even if there were one the government is all knowing and protective.

Believing politicians has always been risky but never more than today.

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