Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Onset Of Another Religious War

Actually religious wars have never ceased as evidenced by "terror attacks" on non-Muslim parts of the world. Thanks to oil wealth and a continued ascendancy of Wahabbism, the confidence that the Caliphate can be re-established is at an all time high. The skirmishes of the past were merely probes the large scale attack is now on.

The more interesting occurrence is the recent warning or notice by Pope Benedict XVI that the hoax of Global Warming must only be considered something else when hard incontrovertible scientific evidence can be offered in support. This is the first rebuke to Pope Al the 1st from a nearly unimpeachable source. The leader of one billion Catholics around the world has the weight to criticize and be noticed.

Because atheists, agnostics, puny liberals, and other dupes need something spiritual, they have embraced Global Warming as the cult that it is. Pope Al Gore I is it putative leader, though he must guard his title jealously. As the ideas promulgated by this group of fanatics is defined as a "consensus of the informed" it is really simply a way to have a spiritual life and feel good about oneself.

There can be no consensus in science beyond that of granting that a particular area of research has promise and should be further explored. Political and economic change should not be suggested nor implemented on the hysterical leadership of the UN or the fears of the bewildered. The outlandish claims in the face of contrary evidence are clues to the false premise being advanced.

The scene today is similar to other end of world cults in which the leadership advise abandoning all worldly goods (with the exception of the leader's) and sitting on a mountain top awaiting the end on a specified date. So too do the Global Warmites predict an end date: by the end of the century. Does this sound familiar?

The intrusion of Pope Benedict XVI will be unwelcome by Pope Al the 1st and ignored in Europe for reasons of secular ego. Around the world the result may be different. The development of this latest skirmish will be interesting to watch while the rest of the world ignores the more serious threat of Global Islamofascism.

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