Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin: Her appeal

The dust has settled around the Palin nomination and one thing is clear: the Democrats are scared to death. Why should this be and how do I know? The most obvious indication of the Obama campaign's fear is their ridiculous reaction to her. This tactic by McCain has forced the left to reveal themselves, inadvertently, as political fakes.

All the concern about the underclass, handicapped, retarded, poverty ridden, and criminal classes is phony. The left only wants power and presents a compassionate front that is wholly cynical and manipulative. In the case of Sarah Palin why the outrage from the feminine left? Ostensibly the critical factor in feminism is for every woman to able to actualize her potential. The reality is that only those whose subscribe to the ultra left political view ( basically communism or some other totalitarian variant) are eligible for praise and glory. Any woman who tries in any other way is contemptible. The proof is in the press and other media forms.

McCain is the true agent of change because he has nothing to lose. Obama is simply using the word to gain everything. He is merely a tool in the hands of George Soros, Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers, Louis Farakan and others. This should be obvious from the lack of early support from the now middle of the roaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The latter have been reduced to normalcy when compared to the former.

The strident yelps of pain from the left are heart warming, they are being stabbed by their own methods and rhetoric. Even the so called main stream media are being pushed to the limit. Most members of the media are college educated in a Marxist system from which they cannot escape; and like most bigots they fear anyone or anything different from themselves.

The current media can be compared the to KKK in their rabid attacks on the Palin nomination. Even the most rational complain that they were not consulted by McCain in the vetting process. Already the Democrat State House in Alaska is preparing a false or half truth report on Palin and her handling of the trooper controversy. They have even stated that the report will be negative : an "October surprise". Which now, of course, will be no surprise at all.

The complete exposure of the illegitimacy of the left is wonderful.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

How Sick Do You Have to Be?

The difficulty in writing is usually what to leave out; there is so much to say and space must be economically used. Looking back on the past year and a half one can be forgiven for feeling a bit frustrated. The Democrats came in to drain the swamp, yet despite a nation wide drought, the Washington DC swamp is deeper than ever. How stupid is the American public? As a whole the body politic appears to be completely lost in idiocy. The old lies are current and yet the liberal bottom feeders are still fat; and getting fatter.

The United States is being held hostage to the desperate desire for revenge against George Bush a president of the soon to be past. The vitriol never stops. The acts at the behest of another George, Soros, are so foolish as to amaze upon beholding their brazenness. What sort of mirror do these people use to maintain their grip on reality?

The most ridiculous non-act was the failure to provide immunity from lawsuits to those who helped protect the nation; instead these companies are vilified as accomplices. In future there will be no incentive to help the government protect the nation. All because the Democrat party is the home of trial lawyers who are intent on getting rich at the expense of national safety.

The hidden racism that resides in the deepest recesses of society, among all races, and especially those Democrats in denial. Now Barak Obama is being revealed for the empty suit he actually is, and he will not be elected president. White folk won't vote for someone who hates them ( at least knowingly). Oh there will be those guilt ridden liberals for whom anything that gives them redemption through anguish, will indeed use their voting act as expiation for all those who don't believe they should.

Hillary, what a joke, and a very poor one at that.

John McCain is another sorry excuse for a candidate. The brilliant senator from Arizona believes that Global Warming is the fault of mankind. Now the global temperature is beginning to trend downwards the emperor is revealed in his new clothes. The only recommendation for John McCain is that he probably won't give up the fight against militant Islam; a belief system that denies the basic tenants of real Islam.

Today's protesters are pale imitations of the people they want to be: 60s political movers. There is no soul in modern political protesters. Instead they become childish terrorists unwilling to discuss or risk their ideas in an open forum. It is interesting that they despise Bush's with us or against view of the world as it is exactly the same as theirs.

How sick does one have to be to think that there is a vast resource of political health to be drawn upon by the "gray suited grafters."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Spitzer Syndrome

Any cursory survey of the Yellow Pages, local want ads, or other information resource will reveal a plethora of sex for hire businesses. Something special, remarkable; no of course not. What is remarkable is the demonstration of Democrat party confusion regarding morality. For example had Elliot Spitzer been a neo-con, despicable, Republican the reaction would be quite different. Oh yes, Spitzer will go in disgrace but it will a personal tragedy of the first water as opposed to the exposure of a hypocritical "Sheriff Of Wall Street". Will Larry Flynt berate Spitzer?

The culture of corruption that sent the Republican congress packing in 2006 has been replaced by another culture of corruption; this a Democrat one. The wonder is that the level of American political thought can be so vacuous when the nation's position in the world is considered. That human nature should automatically be counteracted by the results of any election. There are honorable, honest, dedicated members of Congress; they are junior in rank and have yet to be infected by the temptations of power. Yet the US body politic keeps voting for expectations of change and honesty; the results are always the same. This is the cliched definition of insanity.

The stress of gaining power is causing the Democrat party to reveal its true racist, homophobic, sexist, nature. Clinton and her satraps are constantly conjuring images of black thuggery and incompetence. The new governor of New York State will be light skinned black man; one whose candidacy was only weakly supported by the state party. Ironically the most diverse party is the Republican Party, unfortunately Republican leadership is too weak to make a point of this. If
Obama were a Republican he would be supported by the party if his ideas were in line with its philosophy.

As a Democrat Obama is the object of not so subtle references to his race and all the social undercurrents that go along with such acts. In the Democrat Party personal power is the object of the exercise; the good of the nation is secondary. Republicans foolishly think that most people will act in their own best interests. Perhaps singly that might work, but in a conformist, poorly educated mass there is no chance.

Elliot Spitzer is the microcosm of the Democrat Party, his arrogance and self-indulgence (sometimes called hubris) made his present situation inevitable. His fall won't be mourned which must be a lesson to Jack Murtha, Robert Byrd, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. There are others of course but the leadership is so corrupt and beholden to special interest that they have mortgaged the Party's future to George Soros and Move On. Org.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Emotional Government

How will the issue of Iraq play out now that there seems to be some real progress in the nation building process? The Presidential elections are now seven months away and the apparent nominees are John McCain and Barak Obama. At this moment most people feel that Obama is the inevitable victor; but so was Hillary Clinton just a few months ago. What factors that must be addressed to gain the White House?

Traditionally the most important things to voters is the economic situation at the time of the election. This year an artificial concern, the Iraq War, has propelled Obama to prominence;but will it continue? On the face of it John McCain has no real chance of winning the general election. He is old, he is white, he is a he; he's the wrong man at the wrong time. After all now is the chance for the US to move into the 21st century politically.

The trouble with the last statement is that the Democrat Party is only offering 19th century solutions: Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. Their Big Idea is that the people cannot be trusted to manage their lives and the Illuminati of the Democrat Party are the only group smart enough to do so. Slogans, while pithy and sometimes interesting, are not necessarily true. American citizens are so trained for instant gratification that composing a simple thought has become an agonising ordeal for most.

The extreme left wing of the Democrat Party owns the primary process , the Party leadership, and the candidates. Contrast this with the Republican Party. During the Bush Administration the Party lost its way and became a pale reflection of the Democrat Party; spending out of control, members going to prison, and an absolute failure to stand up their opponents.

The driving factor in the primary has been the Iraq War this will not continue. Its economic impact is only now being felt along with misguided government policies. The sub prime mortgage problems, started by the congressional mandate that everyone should be a homeowner and that the only thing preventing is was racism. Well that turns out to be wrong. The problem turns out to be the inability to pay back the loans, crooked mortgage companies, an ill-educated consumer public, and the failure of the US to compete world wide.

As Global Warming becomes Global Cooling the initiatives already planned to alleviate phony environmental concerns will cause further economic deterioration. Whoever is elected to the presidency is going to have a hand full of difficulties beyond the norm. Increased taxation will further stifle development as liquidity is taken out of private hands and placed in the care of government bureaucrats; proven time and again to be unworthy of such trust.

It's impossible to predict November from February but some indicators are on the horizon.
Iraq is becoming a policy success by sheer dint of effort; it was a project mismanaged and underestimated from the start. The economy will be the main problem and one that will not be honestly attacked. The recent congressional proposal to impose further taxes on oil companies is an example of populism run amok. This act will only drive gasoline prices higher; but its cathartic effect makes it worthwhile.

Government by emotion has never worked and won't now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

The United States once was a place where political debate took no prisoners. Today it seems that false decorum is the order of the day. Yesterday a controversy, rather a tempest in a teapot, broke out over Bill Cunningham using Obama's middle name during a speech boosting John McCain's candidacy. Oh the outrage! McCain, a person who is obviously courageous, disavowed the use of Obama's Hussein middle name as be pejorative. The wonder is how do his mother and father feel about that description of their name choices?

Political correctness has already robbed everyday life of much of its richness and now political campaign speech is to be impeded. In the case of McCain this is no surprise given the McCain-Feingold Act restricting Free Speech in political campaigns. The Democrats are constantly berating the Bush Administration for restrictions of freedoms and personal rights (without examples of course) yet they are the very party of government intrusion in everyday life.

Of course the Obama campaign does not want even an oblique reference to his Muslim heritage or even his past involvement and expressed gratitude for McCain's disavowal of Cunningham. Anyone who wants to lead the US must be able to take the gloves off when facing opponents or as Teddy Roosevelt pointed out "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." All the candidates promise to run a campaign based on issues, whatever that means, yet Obama's main issue seems to be the hope for change; again a rather nebulous statement.

The United States and its citizens are in for more of the same with less to enjoy. The only difference between John McCain, Barak Obama, and Hillary Clinton is their degree of Liberal tendencies; in which case McCain is the lesser of the three evils. McCain will perform the job of president best, which is to defend the nation and the constitution. The other two will move the US towards the European model at best and the Cuban model at worst. The only saving grace is that a term is four years and the do nothing congress is in place.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Sad Day For American Journalism

The charges leveled by the New York Times against John McCain regarding his relationship with a K Street lobbyist mark the current low water mark for the newspaper and American journalism. The alleged "affair" took place during the 1990s, why wasn't this brought up then? The Times refuses to allow the authors of these charges to speak with other media outlets;why?

Apparently Rush Limbaugh's so-called decline will be discounted by the publication of these allegations. Limbaugh had predicted, when the Times endorsed McCain for president, that once he gained momentum that some type of smear campaign would be launched against him by the "liberal drive-by media". Is this Times article the opening salvo? The disgusting aspect of the charges is that they are unsubstantiated and in fact made by innuendo rather than directly; something beneath the dignity and misssion of the New York Times.

Has the immaturity level of liberalism pushed the Times to the level of a high school gossip publication? How the Times expect to be taken seriously now? This the latest in a few years long decline in its integrity. The vacuity of the liberal press is made obvious by those who read, believe, and espouse its ramblings. A close examination of the Obama phenomenom makes it clear that emotion not thought is the driving force behind his candidacy. This same attitude permeates the media: make a charge and see if it sticks seems to be the guiding editorial principle.

The New York Times masthead proclaims "All The News That's Fit To Print" one should remember the Mad Magazine parody of "All The News That Fits" when considering its efficacy.

World opinion appears to be important to most Americans, why then is there no blushing when stories like the McCain allegations are published. This is not reporting, nor is it thoughtful editorial posturing. It is simply aping the National Enquirer.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


During a dinner party I met several Europeans who had become US citizens. It was clear that their cultural biases probably will never be overcome by their commitment to citizenship. During the conversations they parrotted the media biased lines about the incompetence of George Bush; almost verbatum from NBC. Remarkably their voting inclination is towards John McCain, a paradox of large proportions.

It must be quite a struggle for a person born in one culture to take on the responsibility of adopting another. There are unconcious aspects of one's environment which are absorbed willingly but unkowingly. It is difficult for anyone to separate themselves from the prism of experience when considering a situation. For naturalized US citizens, particularly Euros, it is nearly impossible.

Europeans guage the United States from a perspective of history that they like to say is lengthy enough to make decisions that cannot be questioned. Their sense of superiority is based on overturning monarchies, destroying Christianity, adopting malicious socialism verging on communism, and with only a little help throwing out totalitarian facisim at the expense of millions of lives. To Europeans the United States is a lucky group of failed Euros forced to emigrate to escape their shortcomings. Of course this begs the question of their presence here.

Another view is that of Latinos who fear the repetition of oppressive government and so never really get integrated in society. Gang dominated social groups and neighborhood are a serious cancer within the American body politic. As Latinos are the fastest growing demographic within the US borders any failure to assimilate is bound to be dangerous. Of course Latino activists scoff at the idea of assimilation; a disturbing continuity of recent immigrants from any source.

The hope is that the third generation will be one that can only speak English.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Time for A Change

All the pundits agree that now is a great time to change direction. The wonder is which direction and what changes might be best. It is certainly true that George Bush has been a disappointment to Republicans and Democrats alike. The Democrats of course have become pyschotic about Bush while Republicans are merely worn out.

Bush has done a yeoman's job in holding back the Islamofascists, this of course may change with the Democrat ascendancy, still the public does not seem to appreciate the fact that no attacks have been successful since 2001. There are now many young people who have lived in peace and have no memory of the World Trade Center. The general public now has the belief that if good will is shown to those who would destroy Western Civilization that no harm will come.

Will Hillary or Obama really protect the nation? How can they be expected to protect against a threat they don't think exists? Is this the kind of change that will produce the best result? The main worry is that the Democrats actually believe their rhetoric and that the United States is solely to blame for the world's difficulties. Should that be the case the next four years will be difficult to say the least. Any damage will be temporary but still may take a long time to recover from or to change thinking enough to rectify.

The apparent inevitable Democrat electoral success will be ushered in on a theme of celebratory revenge against the hated Republicans. All will be able to witness some really outlandish comments and promises. Once reality sets in there will be the normal electoral remorse, too late.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

John McCain Why Not?

The better question is "How long will it be until another old white man is elected President?". The relevancy of conservative support for John McCain is a mere sideshow, it is unlikely that any Republican will be elected to the presidency until there is a woman or some minority male candidate on offer. Why should this be the case? In one sense the Clinton's have had a major impact on American society: without Bill there would be no Hillary. What this means is that a tipping point has been reached where those who want and expect the government to run their lives are ascendant.

There is a constant reminder that women are more than fifty percent of the US electorate so why hasn't a woman reached the pinnacle? That question will soon fade as Hillary takes the reins. The likelihood of another white male being elected depends entirely on how Hillary handles the job. Should she stumble and outrage or frighten the population (two distinct possibilities) the damage to the female cause will be significant. The reverse is true if her term is judged as successful.

The United States ideal of "rugged individualism" is irretrievably lost. Those desirous of a "Nanny State" are going to have their wish granted and will probably enjoy it. Since World War II the rush to socialism in the US has been gaining momentum. Three generations have been indoctrinated by government schools to expect care and feeding from the government. No one should rise above the crowd, no one should be wealthier than anyone else (except the ruling class of course), no one should be happier or more miserable than anyone else. These tenents are obvious to those who don't want to be dependent on government but to no one else.

Take the example of Katrina. Why did the population, including government, fail to save themselves? Warnings were given, but mobilization was not ordered. The entitled waited for action by the leaders; when none came they drowned. The leadership, having rejected Federal intervention, then blamed the Feds for lack of help. Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were paralysed they failed their charges, but in the tradition of liberalism no one can be blamed except the hated conservatives. The assumption being that conservatives want to eliminate all people of "color". A one dimensional picture of any human being is of course self limiting but allows venting of fear and frustration.

There is an apparent genetic or at least evolutionary need for females to seek out a male that will care for her and her offspring in terms of protection and provisions. This need is the basis of the Nanny State. No female can be expected to place herself or her children in harm's way and be considered to be in the mainstream. All so-called matchmakers use this premise, all socialist governments are rooted in this theory, no male political candidate can go against this tendency.

The goal of today's Democrat Party is to place the United States in decline so that by getting in touch with its femine side it will not offend any other countries. Bill Clinton, in his new role of Hillary surrogate, has recently stated that the US economy must be slowed to do its part in curing global warming. It is doubtful that the liberal leadership's "carbon footprint" will be reduced as they are fighting the good fight to subdue the rest of the population.

To be successful in future elections Republicans must, and most likely will, adapt to the situation of providing what the public wants rather than providing the leadership the public needs. For the past 15 years the Republicans in Washington have become lap dogs of the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton will be elected for a few reasons : 1) novelty, 2)Party Leadership has it planned, 3)white male Democrats will not vote for Obama, 4)Latino leadership will not support Obama, 5) white women are transferring their desires to Hillary's success.

The only hope, and it's a slim one, is that Conservatives will allow themselves to be disconnected from the Nanny State and begin a resistance movement and endure all the hardships that will entail. Perhaps such action will stir the dormant natural urges of their fellow citizens who will begin to long for freedom and liberty even though such urges will be frightening.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Democrats (neo-comms) a shoo in

The Neo-Comms, formerly known as the Democrat Party are going to increase their power in congress and win the White House; no matter which candidate wins the election. John McCain has always been a closet Democrat and a destroyer of individual rights. Hillary and Obama are not in the closet, they are telling the citizens what is going to happen. Neo-Comms are the New Communists and they are determined to make the United States pay for its economic and social success. The desired outcome is to have all the poor and middle class citizens working for the government while the wealthy continue to enjoy their privileges.

Every time you hear Howard Dean or a surrogate speak about how the "hard right" is taking away the rights of Americans remember that the Democrats are merely projecting their intended behavior on others to distract attention. The United States under the NeoComms will be a place that involves a tremendous amount of government intervention in every day life. This will be accepted because the majority of Americans are already so poorly educated and so well indoctrinated that the concept of liberty and freedom is essentially lost or at best misunderstood.

While the surge in Iraq has had a very positive impact on the violence and chance for victory a closer look might tell a different story. The Islamofacists are biding their time. The attacks on US and Iraqi forces are mere pin-pricks at the moment because our enemies know that the NeoComms will not resist once they take power. There is a good chance that military and anti-terror measures will be reduced. The simple fact is that liberals in America do not believe that their is a threat from Muslim extremists; and if there is it is only one of revenge. The revenge motive is assumed to be limited in scope and that after only a few thousand more Americans are killed by terrorists the whole situation will be satisfied and come to an end.

The central fact that is missed by liberals and other deniers is that the Wahabbists goal is simply complete conversion to Islam or death. Take it or leave it, they don't care.

The excitement over the budget deficit is misplaced and misleading. In 1961 the budget deficit was 286 billion dollars; forty-seven years later it is expected to rise to 350 billion dollars; making the actual deficit about 150 billion in 1960 dollars. What's the problem?

The essentially feudal outlook of the Democrat leadership should be a warning to their followers; it already is to right thinking citizens. The wealthy will have their privileges, the rest of the population will have their minimum safety guaranteed against any risk or danger in exchange for compliance and conformity. The Mark Cubans, Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, et al will not give up anything much compared to everyone else. Suppose a person had accumulated a savings of 100000 dollars; the NeoComms are proposing a "one-time" social security bailout tax that will confiscate 15% of those savings to give to those who had not saved. The natural conclusion is don't save for the future.

The NeoComms will force a person to purchase medical insurance or else have their wages garnished to make the payments. No choice only acceptance of medicore medical care.

A citizenery deserves the government it elects. Maybe there will be another chance to change.

Monday, January 28, 2008

What's The Problem?

It's difficult for white citizens of the United States, particularly those born in the 1970's and later, to understand why there is a such an intractable racial divide in this nation. As a child growing up in Georgia during the 1950's one could read about lynching of black men in what seemed to remote country towns. Those same towns today are bedroom communities for Atlanta's business world. These years are not so far away historically, and just next door personally for those who lived through them.

For young people today these experiences have been trivialized by a culture that exploits rather than explores events. The so-called rap, hip-hop, and other artists express their own lives which are reflected against a contemporary background without reference to the historic basis. For this reason the perspective is shallow and tentative glorifying bad behavior that is justified by poorly understood history. The fact that murder, mayhem, drug deals, and dissipation are the predominant themes leads one to believe that this is a culture adrift and one which may be lost at sea forever.

Racial relations in the US are probably best in the southern tier of states as the races have lived together , not always peaceably, for a long time. This recent appreciation for each other is tenuous and suffering erosion by northern transplants seeking refuge from the expense and overcrowding of certain parts of the north; not to mention the weather.)

Up north race relations are worse because of the cynical outlook given by the self righteous view that the North saved the Union and freed the slaves. This is true and false at the same time. As is today political expediency accidentally resulted in a public good. If one should disagree consider that the worst racial violence occurred in Detroit, MI (1943), Los Angeles, CA (1965), Newark, NJ (1967), and Roxbury, MA (1972).

All this brings us to the Democrat Party's quest for the White House. The phony liberal sympathy and desire to end racial injustice has been revealed as just that: phony. Minorities must now realize this and seek a place in either a new party, force the Democrats to live up to their promises, or seek a place among Republicans and conservatives. The driving force of conservatism, personal responsibility and achievement, may be anathema to those used to Government programs, but is the only real hope of survival and progress minorities have.

The white or Anglo power holders will not surrender gladly, this is evidenced by John Edwards' campaign which is the height of political cynicism or else self delusion. Edwards, one of the wealthiest people in South Carolina, posits that because his background was economically disadvantaged he is uniquely qualified to speak for the poor. Nothing could be further from reality. Edwards simply wants another notch in his accomplishment record.

From the perspective of one who grew up during segregation and has been formed by it, this writer is amazed at how much change has occurred and how much more apparently must be done. If Bill Gates, Barbara Striesand, the Clintons, et al really want to give money to the "poor" let them dispose of their fortunes save enough to live on. Rich liberals do not want to donate their money but rather that of their fellow citizens. Is it possible that the John Corzines of the world could live in just one house? Does Al Gore really need a Lear Jet to get from place to place to sell his Barnumesque ideas?

The problem boils down to this: Barack Obama is a rogue negro venturing off the Democrat Plantation and the embedded racism of the Democrat party is being revealed. Just as is the closet racism in most liberals being pushed to the front for self examination.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Uncivil War

Recent developments in the Democrat party have revealed the true nature of the powerful and the rank and file. The Race Card, as played by the Clintons, has shown that racial prejudice is alive and well among those in the liberal ranks. While almost any negative prejudicial tendencies are ingrained from youthful exposure it is possible to overcome these feelings rationally. Most people simply repress these feelings and under stress or a sense of safety, will revert to their natural instincts.

Thus the white, or majority, will always revert to their natural position of fearing those socially and financially inferior to them. Fear often turns to hatred or at least dislike and is the justification for action. The wealthy often behave as if their resources entitle them to unearned respect and deference. The not in my backyard syndrome in Cape Cod is a good example. The wealthy "Greens" want environmental protection, but no windmills off their scenic shores.

The Democrat party has long demonized conservatives and Republicans as racial bigots, among other things, yet has done little to get the slaves off the political plantation. Certainly there are "house niggers" to quote Harry Belafonte: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come to mind. Not one Democrat president has appointed any minority to a position of power comparable to those appointed by Ronald Reagan, and "W". The effrontery of Barack Obama is breathtaking, not to conservatives, to the Democrat elite. Even the black power structure is frightened; their fear is that by playing out of turn Obama has jeopardized the pitiful gains made to date.

Turn on any PBS late night program where prominent minority spokespeople are lamenting the fate of Latino and Black members of society. Their claims for reparations, more money for education, fewer incarcerations, etc. belie the achievements of the Democrat party which has been in control of the United States, almost without interruption, since 1960. Why is there still racial discord? Simply put it is the cynicism of liberals who would use these people as issues only and blather on while preserving there power. The message to minorities is that if they keep voting and waiting eventually the Democrats will act on their behalf.

First Global Warming must be solved, energy independence gained, US military disbanded, socialized medicine implemented, and perhaps taxpayer funded auto and home owners insurance provided.

The wacko left, symbolized by the billionaires Soros, Buffet, and Gates; abetted by their Hollywood surrogates, will not be satisfied until every spark of liberty and independent thought is extingquished from regular life as it has been from academia.

When the Castro-Chavez doctrines are made one with the United States then life will be acceptable to modern day US liberal progressives.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Times Wish List

Recently the New York Times lamented that they, the editors, hardly recognized the United States anymore. Perhaps this is acknowledgement of the dementia that has afflicted that venerable publication for many years. The editors expressed the hope that finally the American people could rectify the horrible mistake they made during the 2004 election by keeping a person of low character in office; namely George Bush. These citizens of the world went on to catalog the errors and atrocities committed in the name of the USA by the military and other governmental departments.

The list while not inclusive was not so different from acts that take place in every administration and during any war. Revenge killings after battle have been with mankind and will remain until the end of time. The recent debate over torture fails to recognize the "foulest" technique of water boarding is hardly new. In fact it was used by the US Army during the early 20th century to help suppress a rebellion in the Philippines.

Is the recent result in Iowa a response to the pleadings of the New York Times? If so the editors must disappointed. Barack Obama will not be elected. There are a few reasons for this but mainly because he is black. There are not enough unprejudiced Democrats to make that work, many simply will not vote or will crossover. Obama is simply too naive the be trusted with the country's welfare.

John Edwards is certainly not a highly principled individual he is a trial lawyer and embodies the worst of that ilk. As a single term senator from North Carolina he could not be re-elected mainly because the voters got to know him. Should he be elected to the presidency corruption on a grand scale would result.

Hillary Clinton's third place finish is a mild rebuke to the Clintonistas but will it carryover? Mrs. Clinton is without doubt the most dangerous politicians in the United States. Her plan to replace capitalism with some form of socialism, preferably a Stalinist model, may be thwarted by Blue Dog Democrats but she will still try if elected. Certainly her husband is no model of decency as demanded by the New York Times.

On the Republican side is the other Clinton known as Mike Huckabee. There is no public so gullible that a huckster cannot be elected. What the nation needs at this point is conservative leadership and Huckabee is not able to provide it. The only positive sign from him is his endorsement of the Fair Tax; a position he will abandon promptly after taking office.

Mr. Romney appears presidential but must be seen in the light of his cooperation with the Massachusetts's legislature. His health care plan is worse for the poor than before its passage. How can the government force its people to spend money they don't have for something they might not use? Appearances are often deceiving as in the case of Romney.

The appears to be scant resources of leadership in the USA. Perhaps this has always been the case with surprises emerging after the fact. In today's world events move too fast to chance a lackluster President. The nation needs leadership not pandering. Most of today's politicians simply want to keep their jobs and their perks. The rest of the population continues to watch and complain but not act.