Friday, September 22, 2006

How Crazy Can You Get

I was watching a news talk show yesterday, fair and balanced, and two of the usual kinds of guests were yammering away at each other; one left and one right. Although their views and opinions were quite predictable there were one or two points of interest. The leftist commentator was an American who is employed by the BBC to bash George Bush. When asked about Hugo Chavez he lit up and jumped in. Here are a few of the highlights.

Hugo Chavez is a master politician who overshadows George Bush in ability, and to top it off Chavez was legally elected while George Bush was not. Of course there was no mention of Chavez imprisoning anyone who criticizes him. Further Hugo is a humanitarian sending relief to Katrina victims while George Bush played golf. I wish he would have followed up on the relief effort but as it simply grandstanding I guess he couldn’t. Chavez is a man of peace while Bush is a man of war, notwithstanding the fact that Islamofascists attacked the USA and not Venezuela. Ahmadinejad is a scholarly leader unlike the stupid George Bush. Chavez provided heating oil to Massachusetts and New York’s Harlem; why didn’t George Bush do that? Of course when you nationalize an industry it is easy to send is its assets anywhere you want to. George Bush doesn’t control the distribution of oil or anything else.

The right wing commentator attempted to rebut these ideas and then realized his opponent was making his case for him. So he simply said “ These are the views of the Democrat Party, please keep going” Of course the BBC speaker attempted to deny that idea , to no avail.

I have said this many times watch out for those who will make you dependent on them. You will dance to their tune. In the paradises of Venezuela and Iran more people are poverty stricken with no opportunity to change their situation than in the United States. Why is this so in a society of equality?

The Democrat leadership is trying to back away from Chavez, including Jesse Jackson, because they realize he gave away too much in his speech. When you witness Danny Glover, a white man hater if there ever was one, embrace Hugo you know what’s up. Danny knows what the United States was like, he is old enough and so am I. No doubt he suffered psychically  , if not physically during the 1950’s and 1960,s but look at him now. He did overcome, he should be proud instead of hateful. He, Belafonte, and others could not have risen to the heights they have reached in any other country; certainly not Europe.

I say let them all have their say and let’s decide in November how we want our society to continue.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What They Don't Know Could Hurt Them

What Ahmadinejad and Chavez do not understand explains their behavior. These two “leaders” are unfamiliar with how representative democracy works. Under their regimes they can stay in power as long as the Mullahs, in the case of Iran, or the army, in the case of Venezuela, agree that they are functioning as expected. Dissent in Iran and Venezuela is greeted not with courtesy and consideration of the ideas but with a prison sentence absent a trial. Media outlets are closed unless they hew to the strict party line.

Is this what the left wants for the United States? Are they so frustrated that a coup of some kind is possible? Well, there won’t be a coup because citizens of the USA are too independent to stomach such a thing, but it is a fantasy cultivated by the left. They consider themselves so smart and sophisticated that only they are fit to rule. Somehow this smacks of pseudo-monarchism.  The glitterati of Hollywood think that money and notoriety must be equated with personal value; of which they would have little otherwise.

Ahmadinejad and Chavez lament the reign of President Bush but don’t seem to realize he will be gone in two years by rule of law. They will be around through many US presidents unless something untoward happens. Their speeches revealed what should have been obvious: they are completely without scruple and will use whatever trappings are necessary to manipulate the public to their ends.

What are the real goals of these two presidents for their nations? They speak of freedom and economic justice, but do they exist in Iran and Venezuela? The tired old saw of the Jews are responsible for everything is lame but is trotted out to cover the failings of an elite that is out for itself.  This is true in Hollywood where Jews are very prominent Jew bashing is a favorite sport. The Jews in Hollywood are a microcosm of the ultra left: they are afraid to rock the boat, are fearful, and therefore don’t really like themselves very much. This self-hatred is reflected in their silence. Oh they went after Mel Gibson but this was really about their anger towards him over the Passion of the Christ in which he earned hundreds of millions of dollars and they did not.

What are the real goals of the United States? Believe or not Americans prefer not to be involved in foreign adventures and only do so in the belief that it is always better to fight somewhere else. Once attacked the United States is a fearsome enemy even though at the moment it appears to be a bit of a paper tiger. The full wrath of the US has not and hopefully will not be unleashed.

The thing the liberals are hoping for, another terror attack might backfire on them. The national rage might be such that all stops will be pulled out and their will be no quitting until absolute victory is achieved. That will be difficult, painful, and costly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Devil and Hugo Chavez

The Devil spoke at the UN yesterday which must have come as a surprise to the American Left. A surprise because most, if not all, of the political left don’t believe in the Devil or God; this has been made abundantly clear by one of their main spokespersons Bill Maher. What a shock it must have been when the spiritual leader of the American Left, Hugo Chavez, used his experience to detect the Devil’s presence.

Perhaps we don’t know all we could about Hugo, maybe he apprenticed at Ghost Busters; he was able to detect the smell of sulfur at the UN something apparently the smoke detectors failed to find. Hugo, that defender of Venezuelan democracy and human rights went on a Mussolini-like rant denouncing the United States. This is a good thing for conservatism in the USA and the left will rejoice in their naiveté thinking that because UN delegates responded with a standing ovation so will the American citizenry.

When Hugo called for the destruction of the United States by the end of this century he was displaying the hallmarks of statesmanship for which he is best known. Cindy must have been having another nocturnal event when she heard it. Michael is now planning his next documentary “Barbara’s Baby” loosely based on a 1960’s film with a similar name.

The uber left is now preparing for the occupation of the former United States by Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. They just can’t wait. Finally they will be able to follow the humane example of these nations: close media outlets that criticize them, imprison writers they don’t like, impose behavioral patterns on the unwilling, mandatory gymnasium memberships, national body mass standards which are violated at one’s peril.

Oh Happy Day!! Michael Moore as Minister of Culture (he might have some body mass adjustment to perform); Cindy Sheehan as Minister of the Peace Department; Teddy Kennedy as Attorney General; with others yet unnamed. Of course the top spots will be reserved for the God fearing Muslims who did not have to be convinced by the sword. There might be some friction with Hugo and Ahmineajad, the one being a “Christian” and the other a Muslim, but perhaps the Pope can bring them together.

The United States government should exercise the power of eminent domain to condemn the UN building in New York, buy it for fair market value, raze it, and build some kind of housing area for the poor. At the very least the United States should reduce its annual contribution of UN funding by half to start, further reductions as time goes on. It is a certainty that UN delegates would much prefer to be in the land of God than in the land of the Devil. Teheran, Damascus, Beirut, Caracas, Havana all come to mind as Gardens of Eden where diplomacy can be conducted in a leisurely manner. All bribery and theft can pass unnoticed in such places; of course good restaurants and alcohol might be in short supply. Those are small enough inconveniences to bear when doing the world’s work.

Isolationism Forced on US

More than an ocean separates us. The us is the USA and our European roots. Citizens of the United States are viewed by many of their European cousins as losers. It is a common attitude among Europeans that Americans of European descent are the descendants of those who could not succeed or survive in the societies which they left. It’s not so much the escape from religious and political persecution but more the fact that economically they were failures.

This world view complicates the current situation with Iran and the Iranian leadership (rulers) is skillfully exploiting European fears. The socialistic nature of European economies makes them vulnerable to any suggestion of hard choices which might have negative consequences. With unemployment rates at 10% or higher there is little incentive for these nations to make it worse by endorsing economic sanctions against Iran for the mere reason of preventing another nuclear nation.

Centuries of war, famine, rapacious monarchies, and finally two world wars have exhausted the European spirit. As a whole they feel that it is better to be “Red than Dead.” Of course that old saw refers to Soviet domination but its essence still works.

The Bush Administration has a problem if they think sanctions are going to be put in place anytime soon. First there is the credibility problem with regard to Iraq. This despite the fact that every major intelligence agency in every nation was convinced that WMD existed in Iraq; they are probably in Syria and perhaps Iran at the moment. Second the level of trade between Europe and Iran dwarfs any such activity with between the US and Iran. The Europeans have too much to lose. Couple this with their growing Muslim population and the resulting de facto isolation of the United States. This will complicate US domestic politics in the future.

The Democrat Party will feel the pinch when they return to control of the government. They will seek a rapprochement with Europe and Islam by acquiescing to most demands and will then lose the power they have lusted after for the last few years. Accommodation is impossible as long Islam promises only paradise in the future. The desire of the liberal –ultra liberal types to be integrated into the “sophisticated Euro society” will never happen as acceptance has always been an illusion.

Being rescued twice by the United States has made European feel a bit inadequate and angry. They strike back through false superiority and getting a perverse pleasure from thwarting US aims even when the danger to themselves is obvious.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Violent Islam How Can This Be

American Muslim reaction to the Pope’s speech and the violence that followed has been amusing. I recommend today’s Wall Street Journal commentary by Bret Stephens for an interesting exposition of the ideas expressed by Benedict. In the USA Muslim leaders have distanced themselves from the violent reaction to the published account of the speech, but have still insisted that the remarks were “unfortunate.”

These actions will no doubt be interpreted by liberals as an example of the moderate nature of American Muslims. Islam is a faith that has no borders or nationality. Muslims in the United States subscribe to the same set of beliefs as any other Muslim. They all believe in jihad, fatwa’s, Sharia law, death to infidels and apostates, and that there can be no criticism of Islam or its leaders. This closed ended approach means that no cultural progress can be made. American Muslims are merely playing possum, waiting for the promised time when Islam will reign supreme throughout the world.

Islam, as a word, means peace in the Arabic language and dialects. Still one would be wise to observe the actions rather than the words of believers. Islamic demagogues have seized on the Pope’s speech to fuel the fires of hatred and fear. The West would do well to remember that in Islam this life is of no importance only the promise of Paradise, with its accompanying treats, counts. A martyr’s death is the ultimate prize.

India and China already know what to expect from Islam and are two of the main impediments to the Islamofascists goals. Why don’t the terror groups strike China? The reason is quite simple: in China if you cause problems you are executed forthwith. That will be the fate of any Islamic terror attempt. Indian Hindus and Muslims are constantly at each other’s throats with massacres a regular affair. Only in Europe, Canada, and the United States do we hope against hope that the liberal interpretation of life will prevail.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Carolina Panthers Maybe Next Year

Super Bowl bound? Not likely for the Carolina Panthers; they will be lucky to win six games this year. It’s time for Jake Delhomme to retire he just hasn’t got it anymore. For the past two weeks he has looked more like a bad high school quarterback than a leader and NFL quarterback.

The TV announcers were making excuses for the team, the offensive line hasn’t played together much, they get down on themselves, etc. These men are professional football players not children. They play for pay if they can’t deliver anything more than the last two anemic performances then they should drop out of the league. Carolina fans will desert them and deservedly so.

What kind of coaching leads a player like Chris Gamble to throw the game away? Is he on the take from gamblers? The team is sloppy and poorly coached even though John Fox has a good record and excellent credentials. The only bright spot is the defense and even then only a couple of players really stand out.

This team has lost two games to teams that will not do much all year either; the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams look good against mediocrity but don’t stand a chance against well coached, motivated, professional football players. The reach for league parity and expansion team has diluted the talent pool to the extent that no one team can dominate for a period of years.

American professional football is a joke. Bring on soccer (world football)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Benedict XVI Correct for a Change

Based on the behavior of Muslims around the world, the pope’s use of a Byzantine Emperor’s assessment of Islam was correct. By quoting a statement by a virtual contemporary of The Prophet Pope Benedict struck a nerve. Today it was announced that a Roman Catholic Nun had been murdered by Muslims in revenge for the statement. The emperor apparently said that by converting non-Muslims by the sword Mohammed had launched a religion that encouraged inhumane behavior, brutal, and inimical to civilized life.

The reaction in the Muslim world is completely predictable. In these pages it has been said time after time that if one is not a Muslims and refuses to become one, then one’s death is not only justified but is compulsory. Muslims must kill any infidel they come across. This applies to “moderate” or “radical” Muslims. There is not a dimes worth of difference between them. Essentially a moderate Muslim is also an infidel. The Quran is very clear on this matter. Convert or Die. A living infidel is an insult to Allah, even though Allah is the creator of all. Actually that attitude is an insult to Allah and by definition any religion that purports to think for God is blasphemous.

Islam developed as a reaction to what Mohammed considered a debauched Arab society. His values were basically middle class, in the vein of American Fundamentalist middle class nut jobs. Religion should be a way of developing the spiritual side of humanity, helping them make peace with the ultimate outcome of life: death. Some religions have dogma that defines it; others opt for belief in striving for the best of humanity. Corruption of religion comes when priests, mullahs, imams, preachers, etc, take charge. Then it becomes a simple case of one group dominating another.

The Roman Catholic Church took a lesson from the organization of the Roman Empire and improved the model. Today’s corporations a generally based on this model as are military and to a lesser degree political parties. The hierarchy demands obeisance from the bottom up. It is human nature to dominate, one reason why communism will never truly work, and when attempts to dominate are resisted the simple way out is usually taken. Kill one’s enemies quickly and thoroughly.

The Roman Catholic Church, and the Protestant Christians later, could have qualified for the same criticism that Benedict offered of Islam. The normal human impulse to live and prosper finally undid organized Christianity in Europe; it will eventually do so in the United States and elsewhere. Islam will meet the same fate and become an artifact.

Prosperity is the downfall of religion that controls. This is the reason that cults strictly control the information available to their slaves. They also control access to money or any other things that might lead the “faithful” astray. Once that Muslim world in general enjoys prosperity and the opportunity for individual fulfillment the power of the Ayatollahs, Imams, and religious police will fade.

Benedict was correct in his use of the quotation but the timing could have been left to another Pope who was analyzing the past.