Friday, October 26, 2007

Why The Democrats Accuse Bush of Dictatorship

As this year has passed the public have been treated to various instances of praise for Hugo Chavez, the soon to be dictator for life in Venezuela. Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and other liberal luminaries have sung Chavez's praises. Yet Chavez is about to receive powers that will enable him to imprison critics without charges and for an indefinite period. Recently Robert Redford , during a speech in Italy, lamented the loss of personal freedoms in the United States.

While this behavior may not seem odd to many, it is revealing if considered in the context of liberal plans for the USA. Already at "elite" colleges and universities free speech is only allowed if the choir already agrees with the preacher. The "intellectual left" does not want to do much thinking. For this reason the left calls George Bush a dictator. In reality this is behavior projection, and unwitting at that.

When or if Hillary is elected president the change will be slow be inevitable. The Democrat Party will attempt to move in the direction of Venezuela, Cuba, and Putin's Russia. This may seem far fetched to most but it is true. Be wary and observe; all the Democrat leadership's actions since taking power have been the mirror image of what they have accused George Bush.

Bush is no prize but he is at least relatively honest. There is no integrity on display by the left in the US. Emotional outrage that their ideas are not accepted by all. This is the behavior of children and that is what the citizens of the Americas are up against. All the adults are going home and leaving the kids to demolish the playroom.

In the United States today not one right has been lost. In fact several have been invented e.g. the right to privacy, the right to abortion on demand and the right to health care. Since none of these "rights" are listed in the Constitution they have been deduced as inherent because a voting group wanted them.

Many of the protections under The Bill of Rights will be lost over the next twenty years or so, depending on how fast the liberal majority feels safe in moving. The fact is that the body politic is in decline and the possibility of Civil War is not inconceivable.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's a New Pope In Town

Pope Albert I has arrived as the first pontiff of the world's newest religion: Global Warming. The Holy See is somewhere in the state of Tennessee in the USA, though Pope Albert I is frequently on the move in his Lear Jet. The Pope was elected in the normal manner, secret ballot, and was confirmed by the Nobel committee; something a little more unusual. Apparently the Nobel committee has usurped the place of the traditional College of Cardinals.

Global Warming as a creed is still developing but traces its origins to Germany in the early 1970's when the Green Party first emerged as a political force. The Green Gospel has been evolving, much as did the now archaic Christian, Judaic, and Muslim dogma proceeded centuries ago. As might be expected in the era of higher technology, that is relative to biblical times, the message and its development are gaining momentum as the former social ties to religion have frayed.

The new Pope and his followers however have revealed the banality of human nature. This new religion already has its proponents of inquisition and punishment. The rooting out of heretics is essential to the safety of the new religion. This was also the case of the old religions which frequently expressed this through the concepts of blasphemy and apostasy. Even today Islam attempts to maintain control of its adherence through the fatwa death sentence for those who raise doubts.

The call for disbarment of heretical meteorologists, college professors and any other dissident makes this comparison apt. The apparent vacuum left in the lives of those who have declared God to be dead has made it necessary to find something else to hold onto that requires faith.

The chance to rise through the episcopal ranks has reached the Hollywood elite, the heights of Eurotrash proponents, and every other opportunist who recognizes a chance to make a buck from the fears of the gullible. Every event on earth is directed by Global Warming in much the same way as the faithful were kept in check by disasters that were God's revenge for earthly sins.

Technology might advance but human nature evolution moves much more slowly. It is far easier to shrink atoms and use nano science than to get humankind to make an intellectual jump past dishonesty.

Of course the climate is changing. The moment the climate stops changing will signal the demise of the planet and most probably the solar system in which it revolves. The earth's climate is determined by numerous factors not the least of which is the heat of the sun. This temperature is currently at a high point in its normal cycle.

Beware Greeks bearing gifts is a good rule to live by when encountering Global Warming Evangelists; make no mistake that is what Pope Albert I and his acolytes are doing.