Friday, March 30, 2007

Rosie and Martin Thank God for Them

Rosie O'Donnell is the best example of stupidity being paid for stirring the pot. Unfortunately it appears that Rosie actually believes what she says. Her latest foray into the world of original ideas is that terrorists shouldn't be feared because they are mothers and fathers too. This is on top of her assertion that the United States Government is responsible for the attack on the world trade center and that the Iranian abduction of British military personnel is somehow similar to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

One might agree on a certain level that terrorists are not to be feared, a certain wariness is appropriate, but any terrorist caught in the act should be killed; mother or father notwithstanding. Fearing terrorism gives it a partial victory ignoring it or pretending terrror is without malevolence is stupid. Rosie O'Donnell and Martin Sheen are prime examples of the shallowness and downright gullibility of people who are insulated from reality by their warped egos and synchophantic lives.

Even the admission of the actual planner of the World Trade Operation and that of Bin Laden as the excutioner has fallen on deaf ears in LA LA Land. These are the people that the voters of the United States want to lead the nation what a joke. These are the same type of believers who sell all their posessions and head for the mountain top waiting for the end of the world. Climate change, conspiracy theories, tremendous rage and hatred for their fellow citizens, coupled with severe national inferiority complex are the hall marks of today's liberals.

Visit any liberal blog and you will find regurgitated opinion from the likes of Bill Maher, Al Frankenheimer, et al, expressed using profanity and hopes for the deaths of fellow human beings. All this from those who profess to only love and have no experience with hate yet they wish for the deaths of Tony Snow, Dick Cheney, and George Bush.

Their lack of substantive thought is masked, in their minds, by the shrillness of expression. Sound and fury but no light.

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