Saturday, May 13, 2006

Monitor My Phone

One reason there is so much excitement about the NSA data collection story is that most people think the world began when they were born.  Well certainly their world began but the slightest exhibition of curiosity would tell them that something happened before their birth; if only their conception.  The security agencies of the United States, and most likely other nations who could afford it, have been keeping track of communications since it became possible in the late 1940s.

I served in the US military from 1966-1970 and can assure you that we were told that all communications in the United States were monitored by the CIA.  In fact there is a famous, huge, black building in Washington DC that houses the crypto code breaking organization.  Every US military base has a similar operation.  These listening posts check for patterns of communication, word association, and order to determine if a threat is imminent.

The current uproar is ridiculous.  There is hardly any privacy left in the US and certainly not in the rest of the world.  Americans behave like na├»ve children. This very communication is being monitored if only by my ISP, hackers are able to track every keystroke made on anyone’s computer.  Credit card companies know more about their customers than do the customers themselves.

I think the Democrats have overreached on this issue.  Their outrage is false as is most of what they claim to hold dear.  It is essential that the US protect itself from its enemies, among whom the wacko Left might be included, that is the only real job of the federal government.  The hearings on this matter will be very interesting, especially those pertaining to the phone companies’ complicity.  In 1994 the Democrat controlled congress passed a law, signed by Bill Clinton, to force the communications companies to reveal customer names and numbers without a warrant.  This answer to why phone monitoring is legal might come back to haunt them.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Day Without Mexicans

I could have used a day without Mexicans yesterday.  I enjoy golf for the usual reasons, it’s fun, normally pastoral, and mostly quiet; not yesterday.  It seemed that a host of Mexican workers had descended on the course driving tractors, trucks, leaf-blowers, using rakes, and generally getting in the way rather noisily. The place I usually play is a magnificent municipal golf course maintained by a foundation and by taxes, and fees.

As we were being tormented by these intrusive workers I began to wonder just how many of them were legal immigrants and who was charged with ensuring this that they were eligible for employment.  Their presence has been slowly gaining momentum over the past two years and now they have completely displaced all the former workers who were white or African –American.  This leads me to believe that our local government is employing illegal aliens while the local politicians decry their presence.

Apparently the new taboo is the discussion of who has a green card and who doesn’t and what to do about it.  The problem must be addressed and the only way to do so is to face reality.  They are here and must be assimilated.  No multilingual curriculum, no acceptance of their culture as a primary one, they must speak English or decamp.  They must learn the history of the United States so they can become a part of the nation.  We must maintain our sense of nationalism.  It makes a difference, bring them in, welcome them, and train them.

I realize that my wimpy liberal friends will disagree because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings; well no one’s but mine. Liberals would have you believe that the United States is a monster and deserves to disappear, that democracy doesn’t work, (remember the dictatorship of the proletariat?).  The response to the recent letter from the Iranian president proves my point.

The Western portion of the United States is under siege and I don’t expect it to survive the onslaught.  We will be petitioning to have English restored at least as a second language.

A day without Mexicans, at least on the golf course, sounds really nice.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why Democrats Hate Condolezza Rice

Condolezza Rice is a brilliant person.  That is one reason why the Democrats despise her.  The other reason is that she is black.  She has left the plantation and is a runaway slave.  Blacks are not allowed to espouse any views other than those specified by their masters; in the US this means if they don’t vote Democrat they are by definition insane.  Of course the Democrats have not fulfilled their promises to those Americans of African heritage, but that doesn’t matter only what the master says counts.

So the Al Frankenheimers and Howard Deans of the world attack and disparage her and others who might strike out on their own.  The deem them traitors to their race, of course most of the power in the Democrat party is held by whites and mostly white men.  Is anything wrong with this picture?  Blacks are in trouble in their own party now that Hispanics are becoming the largest minority group in the United States.

The Democrats will continue to take blacks for granted and concentrate on the newest group of entitlement seekers.  The Republicans are too cowardly to go after the Democrats on this or, apparently, any other issue.  How the Republicans attracted Condolezza is a mystery as she is a strong, astute person who is of great value to the United States.

Recently the Democrats gave Geena Davis an award for portraying a character on television: the first woman president. During the ceremony they bemoaned the fact that the US has not elected a woman as president.  The comments ranged from no woman has been given a chance, it’s time for a woman president, etc.  Are these people stupid?  If the Democrats believe what they are saying why don’t they nominate a woman for president?  If the Republicans nominate a woman for president will the Democrats vote for her on the simple basis that it is time for a woman president?

Condolezza Rice would probably make a good president, but she most likely will not run.  If she did run as a Republican that would be a major step in the rebellion of political slaves against their masters.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories and the theorists are boring.  If often seems that there is a malicious edge to such things as much as there is an obvious desire to change history to meet the needs of the conspiracy nut.  There are conspiracies, but they don’t remain secret for very long because human beings are involved.  Ben Franklin once said that two people can keep a secret; if one of them is dead.  Conspiracy theories evolve from false premises and follow the inevitable false logic derived therefrom.

Did the CIA and the Mafia kill President Kennedy?  Did Franklin Roosevelt ignore warnings and even secretly provoke the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor?  Is the Holocaust a figment of Dwight Eisenhower’s imagination (along with about 20,000 GI’s)?  Did 9/11 serve the purpose of George Bush?  Let’s take a look at the last and probably nuttiest theory.

George Bush is constantly derided as an imbecile, a hopeless moron basically unable to tie his own shoes.  This type of rant is heard constantly especially from Democrats and Hollywood Brainiacs.  So let’s ask the question “If George is so stupid how did he fool so many people?” the answer is simple, first of all he is smarter than most of his critics and he didn’t have to fool anyone; the Saudi’s attacked the United States on 9/11/2001.  If there is a valid theory of conspiracy it begins after the attack not before.

It is a conspiracy of silence not commission.  The planes that hit the pentagon, the world trade center, and the ground in Pennsylvania were not under the control of the US.  In fact they really did exist, it is possible to make a cell phone call from 30,000 feet or more, the 18,000 degree fire did collapse the building, it came down as it went up floor by floor, the so-called secondary explosions were the plastic and metal contents of the offices exploding when seared.

The real conspiracy is the question of why the US and Saudi Arabia are still friends.  Why didn’t we retaliate against them instead of Afghanistan?  It is certain that the Pakistani’s and Saudi’s could arrest Bin Laden immediately if it suited their purposes.

Conspiracy theorists, except this one, are pretty much people with too much time and not enough intelligence to live a reasonable life.