Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Organized Religion Inherently Fascist?

In the NEWS today, among other inane actions, is the assertion on the American left that Christian Fundamentalists are Fascists. Examination of that claim barely stands up, though some irrelevant parrallels might be drawn. Fascism has become a buzz word for anyone who may oppose or disagree with the loony left, or even the not so loony left; but what is it?

Fascism was founded by Benito Mussolini in Italy during the early 20th century. Originally a Marxist, Mussolini became disenchanted with Soviet communism soon after the First World War. His party, the Fascists sometimes known as the Black Shirts, succeeded to power through the electoral process. This was the model Adolf Hitler would follow a decade later. The Italian Fascists were considered right wing because Mussolini disapproved of the Marxist model this corruption of language persists to this day. The Fascists take their name from a symbol of ancient Rome the fasces which is two bundles of wood faced by two wood axes.

The Fascists in Rome, Germany, and Spain were essentially socialists and demanded that the individual link his identity with that of the state. This is sometimes called "corporateism" from the root corporeal or body. This linkage eliminates capitalism which is a celebration of individualism making Fascism itself a rather weak version of Marxism. Fascists and Communists became deadly enemies not over ideology but for political power.

In Russia this power resulted in the deaths of some 30 million citizens starved as their farms and produce were seized to feed the workers in Stalins industrialization effort. In Germany this power resulted in the deaths of 6 million Jews, mostly Polish, and hundreds of thousands of others. Italian Fascism became the model corporate state where everything worked except the people, its national ambitions resulted in the subjugation of Eithopia in an attempt to reestablish the Roman Empire.

Spain became the battle ground for these competing states with Russia supporting the Spanish communists (ironically known as Republicans) while Germany and Italy supported Franco their dictatorial comrade in arms. Thus came about the left vs. right paradigm.

In the US today the left are still communists cum socialists whose modern heros are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton; all Marxists of the first water. So here come the attacks on their opponents using pejoratives without thinking. It is apparently a must that any Republican leader is a direct if not genetic descendant of Adolf Hitler: a misnomer if ever there was one. Flailing out with accusations does not make the accusation true or even worthy of consideration.

The latest shot is a book claiming to document the case against evangelical Christians as Fascists. This column has accused certain Muslims of Islamofascism and here is why. Fascism as a corporate or single body ideology demands that the individual give himself for the group and that the group or corporation is the highest manifestion of that particular ideology. In this regard all religions are fascist in nature as they are all socialistic in nature.

Shared values are not always those of violence and that is where the distinction and the differences part ways. The Soviet Union, Italy, Germany, and Islam assert their right to conquer those infidels that get in the way of righteousness, the Motherland, the Fatherland, or whatever symbol is needed to motivate the cannon fodder.

The American left is so morally destitute that today they cannot distingquish between Fidel and Hugo's ruinous grip on their countries from the freedoms enjoyed in the United States. It's too bad that these people have never had to fight for the freedoms they enjoy, but it is also wonderful that they had the choice.

The Problem With Lineal Thinking

Lineal thinking is a common fault among human beings. The reason is quite simple; no real thought is required. This phenomenom is manifested by sports writers, liberals, some conservatives, and it is particularly true of those who espouse "Global Warming" as truth. Lineal thinking makes upsets in sports possible, at least in terms of predictions, as forecasters invariably rely on the teams with the most "rings" as favorites. This method ignores the natural progression of gain and loss by franchises which frequently renders the number of past championships irrelevant.

In politics lineal thinking is best demonstrated by the continued endorsement of failed Marxist ideas by the political left. These people feel guilty because they have prosperity, mostly unearned, and don't want to face the"poor". The idea that every one is created equal in terms of ability and intellect is patently false and not really believed by those who spout such ideals. Equality begins and ends at the starting gate, the race will go to those who are prepared and skilled.

As for "Global Warming" the idea is so fatuous that on this morning's news shows the weather is the predominant story. The snow, in winter, is a large surprise. The polar ice packs' expansion is a mystery to liberals, but not to those who expect it every winter, and the antarctic's freezing seems to confuse the theorists. Nature is not a constant except that it is constantly changing. It is a problem for those who think things should remain the same as their lives are the only ones that count despite the preceeding milennia.

The original idea behind climate change was a hypothesis that wondered about the impact of hydroflurocarbons on the ozone. Now it is a full blown hoax with a thousand year timeline that makes it impossible to measure in the current human life span. Al Gore is a charlatan of the first water as is Jimmy Carter with George Bush coming in a close third. None of these individuals could care less about their fellow man; only their self agranddisement matters.

The lemmings that make up most of the world's population get what they voted for so no complaints are accepted here.