Friday, February 02, 2007

Seeking Equilibrium

The human race is always seeking equilibrium. This means that most people want little or no change in their lives. The primary example today is the mass hysteria called Global Warming. Yesterday the UN, the world arbiter of ethics and intellect, issued a report stating that there is a 90% possiblity that global warming or climate change is caused by human activity. While this assertion won't pass the laugh test it is being taken seriously by those who prefer to live in fear rather than enjoy the short life span allotted to all.

On top of the ridiculous weeping and gnashing of teeth, Al Gore has been nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize further trivializing such institutions. The most telling aspect of the UN declaration is the "90% possibility" which means that there is still much uncertainty regarding the existence of the situation. How many people would travel aboard an airplane with only a 90% possiblity of a safe landing? Do the math. If only 90% of daily aircraft take off and landings were the case then there would be 100,000 crashes out of every 1 million operations.

The most insulting part of the entire controversy is the idea that 6 billion human beings can have a larger impact on the universe than any other consideration. The UN panel predicts another 1000 years of climate warming yet the daily weather can not be forecast with much accuracy. The local weather yesterday and today was supposed to be heavy snow and ice with freezing rain. It did flurry and rain but no ice.

Because humans don't live very long there is a tendency to think the present is the past and future. As the earth cycles around the sun it is not in a static environment. The sun gets warmer and cooler, volcanoes erupt, the earth is either closer or further away from the sun's influence, the moon exerts a pull on the earth's oceans. All of these phenomena are natural and cause change on the earth. Climate will only continue for a thousand year if the earth explodes, or is destroyed by a meteor shower or some or silly proposition. Otherwise climate change will continue forever; warming and cooling.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Time For Marches

Anyone observing the "Peace" demonstrations or rallies this weekend could only be struck by the small number of participants, the relative agedness and the same old tired leadership. Of course there were the usual rowdies who follow such events when there are no tail gate parties happening. The expected terrorist wannabes, with ski masks cloaking their identities, marching in ragged formation like some romper room Hamas members made their appearance.

It is dispiriting to see such activities promoted with so little originality; even down to spitting on a disabled soldier. These people are stuck in a time warp so vague that they have no real notion of what they are about. The old "hippies" are still protesting against Vietnam and the draft; both Democrat Party boondogles. They accuse the present government of lying to get into war when that is actually what President Johnson did with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. They want to "bring our soldiers home where they will be safe" as the spit on the soldiers who do come home. This is a famous Vietnam era tactic to shame "baby killers". Demonstrators for Peace think nothing of destroying property or injuring others in the quest for an existenial answer. Even bringing back Jane Fonda won't make life more real, but rather surreal.

Jane Fonda, a traitor of the first water, is now feeling forgiven; but she never can or will be. During the 1960's high school graduates, boys of 18, and men from 20 to 36 could be and were drafted to fill the US military's ranks. Kennedy, and Johnson thought nothing of using this tool as an instrument of policy it was natural. The early protests, while vocal were small until Dr. King lent his moral authority to the fray. At that point the civil rights and anti war forces were joined bringing all social types together. The Vietnam war like the Iraq war was fought politically with an effort to be sensitive about killing or injuring civilians. Nothing could be worse for winning a war.

So today the world is treated to spectacle of destructive, rude, poorly educated masses demonstrating their lack of manners and intellect in a pathetic effort to prove that they are alive. This is analagous to PETA protecting animals while killing them in secret.