Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Global Warming Boredom

The only thing about predicting the weather is that it cannot be reliably forecast. All the hysteria about a ferocious hurricane season has turned out to be a flop. Farming in Greenland is back to normal, that is conditions that existed in the 14th century of a green and viable farmland with a temperate climate are back.

Some group is now offering a $100,000 prize for anyone who can scientifically prove that human activity and not the universe is causing "climate change". Of course there is climate change, always has been and always will be, and perhaps the increased number of living beings on the earth is having a minor impact but the simple rotation of the earth and the variations in proximity to other celestial bodies during its annual transit have a much greater and obvious one. Fluctuations in solar activity are also part of the cause of any change; the sun has been in a state of much greater radiation and heating during the past ten years. When this increase begins to decrease there will be another version of climate change: global cooling.

North Carolina, where this is being written, depends on hurricane season to make it through the summer without a devastating drought. No hurricanes means no rain, or at least not enough for gardens and farms to flourish. Like the Nile floods in Egypt the hurricanes in summer cause damage but bring renewable water resources in its place.

One can be forgiven for ignoring most of the babble from prognosticators for whom climate change is merely an opportunity to foster a political agenda. These governments and academic plodders want to pass laws to correct the life of the universe. What is really going on is an attempt to gain control over the masses; who obviously can not be trusted to live their lives wisely.

Already the results of various politically correct behaviors are having a negative effect. For example the "food police" have taken all the taste out of food. No fat means no taste. Yet obesity is a worse problem today than it was ten years ago and will continue to worsen. Most low fat foods have a large amount of sugar used to add taste or a reasonable facsimile thereof. There are many other examples of how life has changed for the worse thanks to "do-gooders".

Once the climate change gurus have their way human kind will be less free and less productive: but probably fatter.

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