Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day

I served in the US Air Force from 1966 through 1970. Today is Veteran’s Day formerly known as Armistice Day which is the name I knew it by as a child. Then the day was set aside to honor the end of the First World War which didn’t actually end until 1945. In those days deep red poppies were sold as boutonni√®res to show respect for the dead of that conflict. Since 1918 there have been so many wars that the memorial day was converted to honor the living and the dead who have served the United States as members of the military.

I was drafted but enlisted before the Army could get its hands on me. I oppose any direct military draft but support some form of national service for all when they turn eighteen. The exact type of national service should be a choice. It could be military service, but it could also be hospital service, national park service, urban clean up, name it and it could be done. These people too would then be Veterans to be honored for serving their country.

Why would this be a good idea? Even though the Air Force is and was an all volunteer organization the draft forced people from all walks of life into service. This was a great leveler and gave those of us who served a sense of purpose, a maturing experience, a love of country, and an appreciation for the diversity of the citizenry of the USA. It was an experience I didn’t want but wouldn’t trade for anything.

The experience afforded me by military service is something I will never get over. Friendships made and lost in short periods. Experiences that heightened one’s awareness of the joy of life were contrasted by periods of boredom and loneliness. Excitement, fear, pride, sadness, joy, all compressed into stretches that could sometimes be measured in nano seconds and other times centuries.

All young people should have the opportunity to experience life in close quarters with friends and enemies with a job to do. Ours is a nation of 300 million souls defended by only 1,600,000 active duty personnel. A sense of purpose and true membership as a citizen is imparted when one gives of oneself for the benefit of others.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What Might Tomorrow Bring

While the new Democrat Congress will have to be careful about its agenda it appears unlikely that they will be able to control their impulses. The attempt to turn the US towards a European model based on failed welfare state socialism will result in an economic turndown. By 2008 it is likely that the US economic growth will have slowed if not stopped; a strong case for deflation as a possible outcome can be made.

The hysterical nature of liberals and ultralibs will force them to seek revenge for the perceived slights of the Bush Administration. The childish behavior they have exhibited over the past few years gives a strong indication of what is to come. The Democrat Party purports to be the party of the worker, whatever that term might mean to them, and as such has a strong Marxist bent. The wackiest, and most dangerous, are interestingly very wealthy and exploit the workers who do the menial tasks in liberal households.

Even considering Alcee Hastings for a Chairmanship proves the point that the Democrat Party has no idea of good behavior. No doubt the scandals will erupt over corruption and worse. The public will have to look to the conservative blogs, Newsmax, Rush Limbaugh, and others to find out what is really happening.

The economic downturn of 2008 will be difficult to pin on George Bush as the Democrats will control the economic levers. Senator Dorgan said yesterday that the middle and working classes are bearing the brunt of federal taxation and the Democrats will alter that situation in terms of fairness. This means higher federal income, FICA, and Social Security tax rates will soon be in effect. In actual fact more than 50% of federal income tax is paid by 5% of the population. Other tax payments come in the form of gasoline tax, excise tax, sales tax, fees, etc. When corporate taxes and penalties for successful investment take effect the result will be lower employment, and investment stagnation.

America voted and voted against its own self-interest in an attempt to rebuke George Bush for Iraq. There is an ill wind coming and it will certainly blow no good. If the Democrat leadership can not control its members and its normal impulses look for recession, more deference to foreign influence (UN), armed intervention in Sudan, high unemployment, lower net income, and a hysterical witch-hunt in the Bush Impeachment proceedings. The next two years have a strong chance of resembling a national suicide attempt for those who enjoy personal freedom, security from terrorism, disposable income, a strong nation, and all the other things that go with a good life.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Happens Next

Is there a left turn happening in the Western Hemisphere? The Castro- Chavez- Pelosi axis is gaining ground throughout the continents. This situation is a tribute to the inadequate education system in the United States and the lack of real freedom in Mexico, Central America, and South America generally. The mass communication systems available now are actually compressing time so that the weight of history is beginning to flatten any opportunity for humane change. Left wing dictatorships are coming to the fore.

Many South American nations are analogous to certain areas of West Virginia where coal mines have been burning for years. The so-called rebel movements are unchecked and are burning the land and people in various countries like Colombia and Peru. Their ostensible goal is to elevate the people to a Marxist heaven, of course if they don’t agree then they are sent to the Roman Catholic heaven immediately. These heirs of the Incas and Mayas are nothing more than criminals with a college education. There are no altruists in “revolutionary” movements.

The evidence that liberalism promotes sameness and inhibits individuality is clear from the attitude that a society must be risk averse. Anything done to excess is certainly going to be harmful, but the choices to indulge in excess even to the extent of personal detriment should be inalienable. Under Democrat rule choice is only allowed for abortions every other behavior is or should be codified. Wear seat belts, no smoking, no trans-fat, no fat at all, food with no taste, no drinking, etc, this is the vision of the future pushed by liberals in the US. Religious freedom for all except Christians because Christianity forms the basis of present day American Democracy; one may of course not even think of insulting a Muslim, Hindu, Jews may be insulted, as these behaviors defeat the aim of everyone feeling good about themselves.

The scene is darker down south of the border. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (while he was alive) are intent on imposing a Stalinist philosophy on the peoples of the Southern America continent. The resultant sameness will be obvious as will continued poverty alleviated only by imprisonment and execution for the crime of wanting a better life. The only bright spot is that history never stops and these things won’t last forever; but it seem like it for those suffering.

The United States thinks too much of itself as will be shown by the Democrat takeover of the Congress. It is likely that the recent events will be short lived because liberals can not help themselves in imposing behavior on others. After all in their minds they know best because the rest of the population is beneath them. A liberal’s love for his fellow man is warmed by the heart of a prison warden.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems Hire Republicans

Interesting days are ahead in the United States. The Democrat Party recruited Republican look a likes to take power in the name of the party but will they be able to control them? James Webb, though not officially elected at this time, was a long time Republican so much so that he served as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. Many of the newly elected Democrats are in fact old school conservative Democrats. They are being called moderate in an effort to keep the ultra left and Hollywood happy.

There is joy in the caves of Pakistan, the streets of Kandahar, in the Sunni triangle, and in Teheran. The word is out: the United States has no will to protect itself and is merely hoping for mercy. Of course mercy is not extended to infidels so that is that. Osama Bin Laden is regaling his confreres on how he judged the situation accurately and probably re-ran the movie Black Hawk Down, his favorite allegory.

Freedom of telecommunications is now de facto one may go back to the satellite phone without fear of detection. This is especially true if Algee Hastings is appointed to the chair of the House Intelligence committee. Speaking of allegories, Algee is an impeached Federal Judge disbarred, for taking bribes, by a Democrat controlled Congress and is now the poster boy for the Party. This is only one example of the Pelosi judgment at work.

There may not be IslamoFacist truck bombs in New York or Los Angeles but it won’t be a surprise when such explosions find there way to cable news. The American public has spoken and with very little complaint so far. The few problems that have arisen appear to be Democrat sabotage of a few voting machines. Small potatoes compared to the election of John F Kennedy by Cook County, Illinois.


The United States electorate can still be moved by the old line media. This was proved in many races yesterday in particular Florida where the Republican candidate to replace Mark Foley was defeated. This was a revenge vote in a predominately Republican district. Florida, home to 30,000 sex offenders and countless other vices, decided to put on the prude face as a way to save it. The Foley situation goes back ten years and was known in the media and by both parties for all that time.

Around the nation the Republican base gave up and stayed home. The rest of the voters swallowed the Democrat lie completely. There will be some surprises no doubt, Joe Lieberman being the most savory, but on the whole a culturally weak liberal agenda will be promulgated. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will ultimately disgrace themselves because they will not be able to resist the impulse for revenge; Pelosi in particular.

One good example of the weakness of American voters is the Talent-McCaskill race. In this contest the liberals simply lied their way to success. McCaskill actually accused George Bush of “leaving people to die on rooftops in New Orleans simply because they were black.” the voters of Missouri apparently are too stupid to see through such demagoguery. Through deception cloning is now legal in Missouri, as the famous Michael J. Fox ads pretended that the bill was for fetal stem cell research which it was not. Stem cell research is legal in every state, but not the use of Federal funds. That will now change.

Private medical research is ignoring fetal stem cell research in favor of adult stem cell because the latter offers more hope for success. The moral implication of fetal stem cells research is bleak and indicates a society in severe decline.

The Republican Party brought this defeat upon itself by abandoning the principles that got them elected in the first place. They became Democrats. The Republicans are going back to the wilderness and may not return for a long time.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have a Banana

Today all will be revealed. Not only election results but the real plans, hopes, and dreams of the political classes will come to the fore. Already the Democrat Party has signed up thousands of lawyers for stand by duty for action in elections that don’t go their way. The US, the shining example of democracy, has been declining towards banana republic status since the 1970’s. It is now fully ready to take over for Mexico and Venezuela. The turning point was the 2000 presidential election when the voters did the unthinkable and rejected the Democrat Party.

This of course upset the natural order of things and so could not possibly be the correct outcome. A nationally painful process began which is still reverberating through society. Then came the real disaster: the Democrats were rejected two more times. Well as the Democrats know the general electorate is too stupid to actually see through liberal policies and so could have no reason to reject them; there must be some unseen hand at work.

Karl Rove, the bane of democracy, he even spells his name Horror Movie style. There were hints of incompetence on the Democrat’s part but that can not even be considered not can the ideas that will save America be reviewed for reasonableness. No, it must be something else. The stalwarts of the party including Tim Robbins, The Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, and Barbara Streisand had their leadership questioned. This outrageous behavior on the part of the general public has been deemed unacceptable.

The very idea that voter or consumers have the right to reject entertainers based on their political views is regarded as absurd. The stresses in society are now greater than anytime since the 1850’s and no one wants to take responsibility for the situation.

The reason, to oversimplify, is that American politicians have been completely seduced by the perquisites of power. The process of erosion has been gradual since World War II as the world position of the United States has grown in influence. The proof of this assertion is made clear by the absence of John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi during the last few days of the campaign. Their unwillingness to come out on their own terms as candidates and leaders means that they assume victory and are waiting to implement their destructive policies further reducing the United States to the level of Gambia if possible.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam To Hang

What does it mean this death sentence for Saddam Hussein? The conventional wisdom has been that Saddam’s death would tone down the Sunni opposition, but will that be true? This morning after the sentence was known there was jubilation from the Shiites and Kurds and defiance by the Sunnis. The most likely outcome will be simply a passing mention in history books twenty years from now. The immediate impact will contradict conventional wisdom.

Of course the Iranians will be happy but they are making a strong effort to make Iraq a puppet state similar to the relationship of Lebanon to Syria. This of course is the unintended consequence of “bringing democracy to the Middle East.” The situation in the world both in terms of peace and economic development will be adversely effected by this result. The United States occupation will end probably within two years or less. Civil War will decimate the Sunni population and stir resentment among believers of the same ilk. There might be further ramifications such as a general Muslim war among the various sects. Given the number and quality of weapons a war like that would reduce the populations very quickly.

The real result of this death sentence is that it reveals the colonial paternalism that still resides in the West. Amnesty International has condemned the existence of the death sentence for Saddam even though this is an Iraqi law, such interference is typical. The venerable Ramsey Clark was dismissed for asserting his superiority over the court and making clear his arrogant thinking.

The wonder of the situation is that all the evangelical sects in the United States have been predicting Armageddon for years. Is it possible that they are correct at last or correct because it’s true? It is very possible that a war between Muslim nations could erupt will the West have enough sense to stay out of the conflict?

All non-Muslims must remember that jihad is something that has been going on since Mohammed founded Islam in 620 AD. The conversion by violence is not only condoned it is a valid tactic during conquest and has frequently been used as an excuse to kill all who do not convert. The same is coming today.