Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is a late post

This is a late post because I have been thinking about it for a while.  Now is the time for the Democrat party to come up with ideas instead of complaints.  I believe George is tired and will be extremely glad when he is no longer the president.  The Democrats have put the nation through six years of high school recriminations and it hasn’t been fun.  It is tiresome, though amusing, to constantly have to watch their antics and listen to what passes for intellect in Democrat circles.  The most prominent Democrats are the Hollywood nut cases.  These are people who earn a living pretending to be someone else.  Some will even say that they get so wrapped up in their character portrayals that they lose sight of themselves.  How did they get to be the spokespeople of the great unwashed about whom they care nothing?

In the case of the terminal management system being ceded to Dubai George is wrong.  We do not and can not trust Arabs.  Nearly all Arabs are Muslims, but nowhere near all Muslims are Arabs.  We must cast our xenophobia in terms of Arabs not Muslims. Xenophobia it is, and ironically enough it is the world loving Democrats that now postulate this theory.  As usual Al Gore is behind the curve, two weeks ago he was praising the Saudis and castigating the horrible treatment the United States has foisted upon its Arabic citizens.  In the first place the Democrat party –line is that the Saudi’s are our enemies and in the second no Arabic citizens of the United States have been treated horribly.  Poor Al I guess inventing the Internet was too much for him and he’s never recovered his strength.

Unfortunately for the Democrats they will not change their behavior, which is good for the United States, but again tiresome for its citizens.  How can they let such an opportunity pass them by?  Do they really think that Barak Obama and Bush hating are keys to success?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Friday, February 24, 2006

New York Poofery

Thank goodness for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, ever since Mad Magazine went out of business a good replacement has been missing.  Now we have the New York Senators.  The Senators are a comedy duo that is unsurpassed for their slapstick and posturing.  They are delightful in their inanity and can always be counted on to provide a great show!  While not particularly photogenic, they more than make up for this limitation by providing intellectual distractions that draw attention away from their physical ailments.

Their latest routine, Stop The Arabs At Our Ports, is a hilarious act that trumps the need for sensitivity towards others, injects a lively dose of racism, while still maintaining an anti-military, anti-Bush cacophony that drowns out reason.

Oh!  If only they and their friends could be in charge of real life.  Think of the capitalist deals that wouldn’t be made, imagine everyone “working” for the government.  All pay all play all the time, which should be their platform.  What a wonderful world it would be, why Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro could make cameo or guest appearances, just think of the ratings.

Their act of stopping the sale of P&O to DP World is amazing; its high wire suspense is without match.  Imagine, two senators will direct shareholders of two companies from two different countries about how to behave!  This is wonderful how great the USA is now and will be under their tutelage.  Theirs is an act that you must take in at the soonest opportunity.  See them now while the show is still on the road, before they hit the big time.

Remember you heard it here first.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Tiger on the loose

It’s not a good idea to twist a tiger’s tail.  This is especially true if that tiger’s name is Woods.  Yesterday at the Accenture World Match Play Championships, part one held at La Costa, Tiger Woods put on a display of golf that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.  In fact at the professional level one would have to go back to the Hagen – Jones match during the 1920s to find such a lopsided win.  Sir Walter took Bobby to the cleaners with a score of 11 and 7 over 36 holes.  Tiger’s accomplishment is even stronger.

Stephen Ames, an Australian pro and relatively new to the PGATOUR, inadvertently antagonized the world’s best golfer.  He did so by commenting that as Tiger hits the ball wildly all over the course yet still manages to score well that anything could happen and that Ames might even defeat Tiger.  You know the old saying “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and confirm it.” apparently Ames didn’t heed the warning.

Tiger Woods is the world’s consummate pissed off golfer.  If he was able to play at yesterday’s level all the time there would be no need for anyone to worry about 1st place.  Tiger took Ames apart winning 9 and 8 a total that is incredible in professional golf where the level of skill separation is comparable to the difference between a gold medal in speed skating and the last place finisher; milliseconds.

Tiger obviously had something to prove and prove it he did.  His demeanor from hole to hole showed that he was enjoying grinding Ames and also proving that his skills are among the best of all golfers ever.  To win eight straight holes from another professional is difficult to defeat one 9 and 8 is tantamount to pitching a shutout in Major League Baseball.

Tiger does run hot and cold, yesterday he was HOT!  I am looking forward to seeing him surpass Jack Nicklaus and in a shorter period.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I hope the Supreme Court Bans Partial Birth Abortion

The latest hypocrisy from California is out and about on the news shows.  The anesthesiologists who pacify the criminal before execution are refusing to do so on the grounds that their job is to save lives no take them.  What a joke!  Personally I think the execution of criminals is too good for them and that life in solitary confinement is a better punishment.  These doctors, however, are just plain liars.

Partial birth abortion, the act of bringing a baby halfway out of the womb and then crushing its skull, or sucking its brain out, is murder.  I fully expect the Supreme Court to uphold the ban on this barbaric practice.  The liberals prefer to call it “late term abortion,” its late alright; the fully developed human infant is killed just as it enters the world.  We have more sympathy for animals than we do people.

The parents of this victim, the doctors, nurses, and anyone else associated with this practice should themselves be imprisoned for life.  How, and I hope someone will tell me, can a medical person opposed to the execution of murderers, themselves commit murder and smile about it when the bill is paid?  When these hypocrites relax with a drink in their Malibu homes, gazing out at their domain feeling comfortable in the knowledge that they have gotten away with murder, they must feel great knowing how wonderful they are.

There can never be a reason to murder a baby that has been brought to full term.  Babies are frequently born prematurely and live full lives.  I am 58 years old and have a friend born 58 years ago prematurely; he is still living and has made valuable contributions to society.  What are we losing through this particular abortion technique?

I have said before that the straw man of women’s reproductive rights is a false argument.  A woman has no need of abortion to succeed in today’s world.  My advice to women and men is to behave responsibly, don’t get drunk, and have intercourse which may result in pregnancy.  Take a birth control measure.  If a woman’s success depends on control of her uterus then it is she who must control it, she must behave responsibly and insist that her male partner do the same.  If orgasm is the goal, use a rubber or use a dildo, the result is the same: no pregnancy.

I am afraid that the so called reproductive rights of women is simply a license for promiscuity and is in a fact a false premise that enables men another chance to have sex with a woman they barely know.  I promote promiscuity with responsibility and the application of common sense.  By all means have sexual intercourse as often as possible, its fun, gratifying, and an act of humanity; but be careful.

By allowing partial birth or late term abortion we get in the habit of not facing our problems, rather we learn how to take the easy way out.  This is dangerous because in certain situations the task of survival obviates the easy way out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Big Problem for Bush

Physical security is a good thing, so why take chances with the security of the ports of the USA? It will be interesting to see how President Bush gets out of the political mess he is in. The issue of UAE managing US ports is the first real blunder of his presidency, because it is offending both parties thus unifying opposition. The war in Iraq only antagonized the far left, at least at the beginning, and they have been expending political capital to their disadvantage ever since. Personally the war in Iraq while the correct action has been woefully mishandled; ease of goal accomplishment was terribly overestimated. But even that has not pushed Bush to the wall as this issue will.

I saw Chuck Schumer on Fox News yesterday and he was behaving very reasonably. If I was a born again Christian I would take this as a sign of the rapture being near. A Republican congressman has been the first to take Bush to task on this issue. Things can’t be good.

Here is another aspect of the problem: are all Muslims terrorists? This is the insulting conclusion of the opposition to the UAE’s role in this situation. Of course the answer is no, yet there are enough of them to take no chances. How will this failure to implement play on the “Arab Street”? Why should we care?

This is definitely a chink in the security armor of the Bush administration and you can be certain the media will have a field day. All of a sudden the main stream media will become Hawks and abandon their compassion for murderers in an attempt to foment rage against the administration. They will be successful, and I must say it is the President’s fault. He has even jeopardized Condoleezza Rice’s career by putting her out front in favor of this action.

I hate to say it but I think George Bush is getting tired. This is no surprise given what he has had to deal with for the last six years. Still, given Al Gore’s latest behavior we are lucky to have George. Al would most likely have UAE help Osama kill the rest of us. His pathetic pandering to the Saudis is an example of what his policies would have been.

George Bush will back down on the issue of the ports and the loss will not be so great because there is bi-partisan outrage. The next problem facing him will be anger among our Arab allies and from the left no matter who is chosen to administer the ports.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Religion Part 4 Random thoughts on the subject

Who are these religious leaders? Does the Pope really believe the doctrine, or does he just have a really great job? The Church has been the repository of pedophiles since time immemorial, where do you suppose human sacrifice came from? Was this ritual a simple propitiation of the gods, or is it possible that serial killers were able to function legitimately? The abuse of religious power, though muted today, is still with us. The gullible, the frightened, the retarded, are all potential victims of these “holy men” why does this persist?

Looking back through time provides evidence of the darker side of mankind. From ancient times religions have been hotbeds of death and destruction. There are some peaceable religions, the Maoris for example, but not very many. The Jewish and Christian scriptures are a record of mayhem, infidelity, war, incest, etc. The Word of God? Well, which God?

The only religion that actually worships only one God is the Jewish religion. Christianity has at least three; they posit this multiple personality god, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Ghost). Islam has two: Allah and Mohammed, that this is true simply review the “blasphemy” of the recent Danish cartoons. Blasphemy can only be committed against the deity. Of course the Pagan pantheon is well known, as is the ancient Egyptian and South American religious icons. So why do these jobs continue to attract people?

The answer is obvious, power is the prime motivator. It is amazing how many otherwise intelligent people allow someone else to dominate their lives. In the USA, in my town, we have “evangelical churches” with facilities that dominate the landscape, have congregations of 5,000 or more, and who discourage fraternization with others who are not members. The problem is not going away.

The Roman Church, the one I was raised in, has a long history of violent repression of contrary ideas, of sexual profligacy, of out right robbery and murder. Who needs television; truth is indeed stranger and more horrific than fiction.