Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When Not If

US border security is more than preventing illegal immigration of Latino workers; it is essential to the safety of the nation in its efforts to combat infiltration of Islamofascist terrorists. Once the attacks begin in earnest, which will most likely be sometime in the next two years, the New York Times will dub it an insurgency against the odious Western Oppressors. The other media will follow suit thus confusing and weakening the resolve of the citizenry to stamp out such murderers.

By casting the terrorists as legitimate attackers entitled to respect based on their oppression and the sanctity of their religion it will be politically incorrect to resist with other means than simple police activity. There will be calls for internment or deportation of Muslims which will further confuse the issue as the weight of collective guilt will make such actions impossible.

Just how much the violence will be noticed at first is a consideration. The violence in Iraq is reported and exploited by the media in an attempt to frighten the American public. In reality the United States is much more violent than Iraq certainly in ratio. Four people were shot, one killed, in Denver, CO and so on. New Orleans, Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, all have records of gang violence and simple mayhem that out do Baghdad most of the time.

Any US based terrorists will thus have to announce and take responsibility for their actions or they will be lost in the crowd.