Saturday, March 31, 2007

Conspiracy Theories and Political Damage

How to comprehend the apparent insanity of the conspiracy theories on the left, and to a limited extent on the right? The best way of course is in the context of psychiatric treatment for those that espouse such nonsense. From another view there is the clear assumption that those who spout these ideas are not only confused but imbued with the feeling that as they are superior beings, the rest of the population is simply in the dark.

Of course the real purpose of such prattlings is to do political damage to the Bush Administration and to present the Democrat or liberal ideas as reasonable. But does this actually work? The 9/11 attack came roughly nine months after Bush's inauguration; was that time enough to put such a plan in place and execute it? The basis for the theories is apparently the failure of the building materials to withstand the severe heat of the fire engendered by the fuel explosion. This from the same people who espouse radical climate change ideas; putting forth the proposition that building materials used in the 1970's should remain immutable against extreme heat in 2001. One has to wonder about the competence of such individuals.

Further should one take seriously the idea that the United States Government is at the bottom of the attack then one must look at the Clinton Administration as the culprit. This of course is ridiculous but using the logic of the theorists certainly apt. For years the public has been treated to the idea of the stupidity and incompetence of the Bush administration; it is liberal dogma that the Republicans are completely incapable of rational action or successful completion of any project. Only liberals and democrats are capable of such acts.

This being so where then can the blame lie for the 9/11 attacks if not at the hands of Al-Queada? Logically the only force able to plan and execute such a complex action was the Clinton White House. Were the documents destroyed by Sandy Berger the actual planning documents? Was Al Gore to use these attacks as a way of apologizing to the Islamofascists for the "excesses" of the United States? Arthur Schulzberger jr. made such a statement to college students at a commencement address this year. Schulzberger is the publisher and owner of the New York Times newspaper and certainly not a fan of the USA.

Those who would absolve Bin Laden, even after his admission, are simply too childish to realize the full implications of their ideas. Only their chosen representatives would have the intelligence, the time, and the motive to cause such a disaster. Liberals like to think of themselves as worldly but in fact they are incredibly naive and unaware of the rest of the world.
The Hollywood nuts can be forgiven simply enough on the basis of the heavy medication most of them are on. What Rosie and Martin must be taking would embarrass Rush Limbaugh.

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