Monday, July 23, 2007

Keith Ellison Liberal Confusion Poster Boy

The recent controversy about Keith Ellison's diatribe against President Bush missed the point completely. The fact that a Democrat, ultra-liberal, MoveOn.Org type would bash the president is not a news story or even remarkable. What is amazing about this incident is that Keith Ellison claims to be a convert to Islam. Why is that something to raise eyebrows?

The occasion of Ellison's "stinging" anti-Bush comments was a meeting of atheists to which Ellison had been invited to speak; he of course accepted. In Islam the most serious capital crime, of which there are many, is Atheism. The punishment of a revealed atheist is immediate death and is the obligation of any and all Muslims to carry out. It is bad enough to be a Muslim in a world the Allah has allowed the presence of billions of infidels to persist, but to have a believer address a group of atheists in the United States is enough to have the prophet wondering how his instructions could be so distorted.

The Koran encourages tolerance of infidels if they adhere to the instructions found in the Holy Bible. The preference is that all non-Muslims convert to Islam. The dream is that the near future will bring such mass conversions or mass killings of infidels. Keith Ellison is obviously some sort of apostate as he is willing to associate with people who constantly affront Allah and the Prophet.

This situation also illustrates the hypocrisy of American atheists in particular and atheists in general as well. The well known contretemps about Ellison being sworn in using the Koran was silly, but to atheists should have been anathema. Yet here they are having wine and cheese while Ellison condemns the US and the president. There is no problem with atheism in the Democrat party as the leadership considers any religious person naive and dangerous. Religion is just another tool in the box for the Democrats and Ellison's behavior illustrates this perfectly.

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